How to Dissolve Blogging Obstacles

  March 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Cannon at Nizwa Fort in Oman.


Blogging obstacles can be so annoying. Overwhelming, even. But with practice you can dissolve those suckers.


On arriving to our house sit in Nizwa, Oman a few years ago our Chromebooks did not catch the internet signal. Antenna issue. Common to Chromebooks. Some trouble shooting and 2 computer purchases later, we got back online. Blogging obstacle solved.






I explain how to dissolve blogging obstacles in the video below:


How to Dissolve Blogging Obstacles


I edged into a little blogging resistance earlier today. My blog appeared to have some issues. But the obstacle dissolved as quickly as it arose because I notified my web developer then let it go. Letting go obstacles to skilled parties allows obstacles to be solved. In other cases, facing fears in your mind reveals instant solutions. For example, I suffered from a lack of blog traffic for quite a while during my early blogging years. Facing, feeling and releasing fears related to this obstacle goaded me to ramp up my blog post frequency.


Publishing frequent posts on Blogging From Paradise boosted my traffic fast. But I had to wade into fears in my mind to experience the traffic surge. I found the solution beyond fear. Similarly, facing control-freak related fears allowed me to outsource various blogging elements of my campaign to let solutions manifest without my silly meddling and ego interference.


Remember Why


The video topic for conquering blogging obstacles: remember why you chose to blog.


Following each tip above occurs organically if you recall the fun, freeing reason why you began blogging. Feeling the urge to be free dissolves fears fueling obstacles. Feeling the love of having fun with your blogging campaign obliterates fears creating the illusion of obstacles. Everything changes the moment you cling to a fun, freeing blogging driver. All changes as you change your inner world.


Be Humble


Blogging humbles you. This gig never spares the rod. If you have not been humbled either you have zero success or have been blessed with an enlightened mind. For virtually all of us, the ego calls way too many blogging shots. Obstacles arise to reveal ego-mistakes for solving. Facing, feeling and releasing fear is the direct way to dissolve the ego into humble love, generous service and an attitude of adopting a teamwork approach to blogging.


Blogging teamwork involves:


  • building your blogger friend network through a genuine outreach campaign
  • growing strong bonds with your readers by reading and replying to comments, engaging readers via email and chatting with readers on social media
  • outsourcing various aspects of your blogging campaign


Teams obliterate blogging obstacles fast. Blogging lone wolves slam into the same obstacles again and again. Blogging lone wolves spend precious chunks of time and energy by trying to solve obstacles solo. Face fear. Tap into teamwork. Overcome obstacles.


Train Your Mind


Train your mind to see how all blogging obstacles are in mind. Even if obstacles appear to be out there the sole root of all resistance is in your mind.


Take this approach to let go the victim mentality. Nothing happens to you. Everything happens for you. All blogging obstacles reflect fear in your mind back to you. Journey within. Go farther back into your mind. Dig deep. Forgive fear-based ideas. Unwind limiting beliefs. Let go fear to allow in prospering solutions to all blogging obstacles.


As a final note; let go bloggers who obsess, cling to and moan about blogging obstacles. The next Google shake-out will reveal this crowd quickly.


Go within. Turn obstacles into opportunities for growth.

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