How to Conquer the Fear of Wasting Time with Your Blog

  May 31, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Bahla Fort, Oman.


(Updated 5/31/2021)


Every blogger who ever breathed fears wasting time with their blogs at one time or another.


I scanned email, replied to a few folks on Facebook and Twitter, did some yoga, meditated and read ACIM for a few moments this morning. Time-check; 8:01 AM. We still have a hike to do here in Panama. Work seems beckoning. I feel a tiny surge of fear; do I have enough time to update and publish this blog post? Did I waste time this morning? Do I waste my time by writing and updating this blog post?


I wanted to quit blogging a few times during my long journey because I feared I was wasting my time, putting in effort, doing the right things, but seeing zero blogging growth. Eventually, I took a few steps that help you on your blogging journey, if you fear you are wasting your time blogging, appearing to be in the blogging doldrums.


Follow these tips to conquer the fear of wasting time with your blog.


1: Face Embrace and Feel the Fear


No way in hell can you get over something that is still IN you. Fear exits on feeling fear. Fear sticks around if you resist it, bury it, push it away and do other stupid stuff, guaranteeing blogging struggles and failure.


Face, embrace and feel the fear of wasting your time blogging. Grieve the 4 months you diligently worked, only to see 0 opt-ins during the time frame. Get pissed about making $0.08 this month despite working 10 hour days. Honestly hug the fear, cry it out if need be, and proceed from a loving, fun, relaxed, chill energy. Find a quiet room. Drop your shoulders. Breathe deeply. Feel fear.


El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


Feel fear to clear fear. Clear fear to blog more from love. Blogging from love – mostly – ensures that you do not fear wasting time with your blog. As an added bonus, loving, generous, successful bloggers who blog the right way – like Peter Beckenham – move into your experience. Shining examples like he influence you to face fear to keep blogging from love, abundance and trust.


2: Trust Heart Centered Pros


Alonzo Pichardo and I have repeatedly said: if you help people generously, patiently and persistently, success will come. Do not panic! Do not bail! Learn blogging from generous pros, create content and build connections by promoting other bloggers and asking for nothing in return. Trust us; we serve as living proof that you are NOT wasting your time if you help people, practice writing and befriend bloggers by serving them.


Develop the habit of trusting yourself and trusting the blogging process. Observe how trusting yourself in various aspects of life benefited you in the past. Apply that same trust to blogging. Believe in yourself Be your own biggest cheerleader. Blogging feels challenging enough; not trusting pros, your inner guide and the blogging process adds layers of difficulty to blogging. Trust. Believe. Know that success is yours by paying close attention to established pros who succeeded by trusting in themselves and in the blogging process.


3: See Your Foundation


I visited Bahla Fort in Oman a few years ago; see the featured image for this post. Imagine how long it took to build the foundation for this massive, jaw-dropping fort? Did builders panic after spending months building the foundation? Nope. Takes time to create a rock-solid, granite-like base for such an impressive structure. Ditto for blogging.


Note the rock solid foundation you build for your blog in both your content store and loyal, growing friend network. Focus on the foundation, not finances. Do not judge your efforts on results, but on sticking to the process, on following the fundamentals of creating and connecting.


Good things require generous service and time. Every helpful, problem solving blog post is like laying a portion of concrete for your blogging foundation. Do not fear laying a foundation by publishing a helpful blog post; fear NOT laying a foundation by NOT publishing a helpful blog post. Did you ever think of blogging in this fashion? Fear not putting in the work to succeed BUT fear NOT putting in the work to guarantee failure.


Pedro Okoro has laid the foundation for a thriving blogging campaign for years. Note how he continues to build on his foundation as increased success finds him; he just left a generous comment on my blog yesterday. Observe how pros stick to the fundamentals for a long time. Follow their lead.


4: Honor Seasons


Bone dry conditions exist in the desert for most of the year, until the rains begin. We learned this living in Oman and Qatar for a few months. Deluges create massive flooding, unleashing a torrent of epic proportions, during the rainy season. Seasons. Just like your blog seasons. Droughts serve as temporary periods, followed by a slow but steady flood of traffics and profits.


Here in El Valle de Anton, we entered the rainy season of a cloud forest last week. Most days are cloudy with showers and the odd, heavy thunderstorm. But high winds and sunnier, drier conditions dominate El Valle during the high season.


Blogging seasons exist. Put in generous service during the growing season. Make money blogging during the harvesting season. Growing precedes harvesting. Harvesting never precedes growing. No blogger who understands that harvesting (making money) occurs AFTER growing (creating and connecting) ever believes that the creating and connecting is a waste of time, a total loss, an absolute failure. Respect blogging seasons. No one ever wastes their blogging time by growing what leads to a rich harvest….in the proper season, of course.


5: Fall More Deeply in Love with Blogging and Your Niche


Pros focus on the process and see traffic and profits as bonuses or extras. Blog because you love blogging about your niche. Make the work, the reward. You never fear wasting your time because you love what you do and care little of what you get from what you do.


Getting handles itself. Traffic and profits take care of themselves. But each preceding statement unfolds if you fall deeply in love with helping people through your blog to the point of giving virtually no thought, no manipulation and no control to the getting-traffic-money part of the process. Focus on giving. Love giving. Getting takes care of itself.


Allow giving to drive you; not getting.


See why I advise you to follow your passion? Blogging success is inevitable for passionate bloggers and blogging success remains elusive for fear-filled, desperate, greedy bloggers driven by profits or outcomes.


Guys; do not panic and give up. Fun, freedom and success await you. Follow your passion, embrace rough patches and see the journey through. 100% worth it.


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  1. Pedro Okoro says:
    at 2:45 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    You hit the nail on the head here! Fear cripples.

    And great tips all round on how to overcome the debilitating fear of wasting time. But my pick of the bunch is #4 – Honor the Seasons. I love the analogy with the seasons. That’s because the principle of life is the principle of the seed. In every area of life, we sow and reap.

    And you’ve put it so brilliantly. There’s seed time (when the pro bloggers put in all the hardwork) and harvest time when the pro bloggers reap a bountiful harvest, many smiling to the banks! Simply amazing!!

    Thanks for sharing buddy. And thank you so much for the mention!

    This is too good to keep to myself. Off to tweet about it!



    By the way, I just picked up one of your titles from Amazon U.K. kindle: “How to Land Guest Posts on Authority Blogs.” Can’t wait to devour it 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:30 pm

      Pedro you are awesome buddy. Thanks heaps for buying the eBook and for sharing your insight. The seasons idea genuinely grounds us and stabilizes us when we feel like quitting. Have a great week.

    at 3:37 am

    Thanks bud for the mention …keep up the awesome work .

  3. Julie says:
    at 12:27 am

    Thanks for this post. I am still in the, “should I do this?” stage and am totally freaking out and full of fear — fear of wasting my time and having nothing to show for it. I really needed to hear this. Thanks!

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