How to Come Up with Quality Blog Post Ideas

  April 26, 2022 blogging tips đź•‘ 3 minutes read
Rice fields, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


Do you want to see blog post idea creativity in action?


I am updating old pages and blog posts these days.


After coming across this old page written and submitted by a guest blogger who did not desire to be mentioned I did a few things:


  • I stripped all business links
  • I removed non-relevant content
  • I beefed up the post
  • I updated the page


Using what you already have seems like a smart idea to nab blog post ideas. If you want to take things up a notch just use what other bloggers created for you to genuinely leverage your presence online.


Are you struggling to come up with topics for posts on your blog? You’re far from the only one – the creative process can be difficult for even those of us with years of experience writing. However, by establishing certain strategies, coming up with quality blog posts can become a less onerous task.


Below, I’ll share a few tricks which work well.


1: Get specific as possible


Are you thinking about drafting posts based on a general premise (like top five things to do in Bangkok)? Guess what: every other travel blogger in the universe has done a post with this exact title already.


Instead, you’ll want to dive deep into a niche which you can speak about with an authoritative voice. Into food? Talk about the five best places to get tom yum soup in Silom (downtown BKK). Consider yourself a nightlife enthusiast? Uncover the hottest upscale night spots on Sukhumvit Road. Love off the beaten track gems? Get lost in the sois of Bangkok and write a post about attractions nobody knows about yet.


Do this, and in time, you’ll develop a buzz around your blog for bringing a unique voice to the conversation.


2: Mine current events for ideas


Often, events going on in the news can be tied into the niche you write about. For example, if you were writing about Bangkok/Thailand when King Rama IX passed away, writing posts on how to show respect for the fallen monarch would have been a great way to create useful content for your demographic.


Pay attention to the headlines, think about how it applies to your niche, and get writing!


Be discerning as you mine headlines. Fear-based news items should be avoided for the negative folks who may gravitate to your blog based on the topic. For example, if a polarizing politician – aren’t they all? – does something emotionally-charged simply let go the topic to explore something:


  • uplifting
  • inspiring
  • helpful for humanity


Relate the topic to your blogging niche.


Nab blog post ideas based on the seemingly endless flow of current events migrating toward you on a daily basis.


3: Poll your audience


As bloggers, we exist to serve the needs of our readers, not to dictate to them what they should like or find interesting. As of 2022, mind reading devices have not been invented – until then, ask your audience what they want to hear about on your blog.


Do this through your social media channels, and you’ll be fed with a flow of ideas which will keep you writing content for months on end.


Poll. Listen. Create a blog post idea watch list based on reader feedback.


4: Come with ten ideas per day


At the end of the day, you’re the creator drafting these posts. To keep the quality blog ideas coming, you’ll want to strengthen your idea muscle on a daily basis. A concept coined by author James Altucher, it involves you writing down ten ideas per day on any topic. It doesn’t matter how bad or unrealistic they are – what matters is that you use your grey matter to come up with solutions to problems.


Do this everyday for six months and you’ll find it much easier to come up with ideas for blog posts.




Ideas seized tend to multiply quickly.


I immediately record and write blog posts the moment any idea flows to me.


Seizing and using ideas allows more ideas to flow into my mind seamlessly.


Follow these simple tips to become a prolific blogger.

  1. Cathy Slater says:
    at 3:27 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable blog post:) We simply need to understand the taste of our readers before going for article topic selection. I agree with all your mentioned points:)

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