How to Combat Blogging Loneliness

August 18, 2018
Istanbul Turkey
Istanbul Turkey


Single bloggers.


Pro couples bloggers.


Or maybe you’ve a big network of loyal friends online but zero friends offline.


Maybe you’re a travel blogger who feels isolated halfway around the world.


Bloggers are prone to loneliness. I even feel lonely here and there, although this is rare because I follow the tips below.


Your Enemy


The #1 cause of blogging loneliness is your chief enemy: your comfort zone.


All lonely bloggers who I’ve connected with rarely if ever leave their comfort zones, preferring to be lonely and comfortable versus leaving their comfortable online circles or their comfortable home to get out, to meet people, to befriend people, to make friends and to leave their blanket loneliness in the past.


I used to be super shy, and quite lonely, both pre-blogging and during my struggling blogging years. I eventually decided that the pain and misery of being shy, feeling lonely and struggling was not worth feeling comfortable. Social butterfly now but it took an uncomfortable decision to be this way.


Papa Biddulph


My dad has basically been a widower over the past 2 years as my mom has been in hospice in a static state, unable to speak or function.  My mom is here in body and will always be here in spirit but KB has largely been flying solo since Christmas-time, a few years ago, from a marriage perspective.


The guy is rarely or ever lonely because all he does is get out of the house, meet folks, build on old friendships and he is also becoming more social online.


My mom noted how he was painfully shy as a younger man but chose to become social and has lived a rich, fascinating life all because he decided to talk to people, to meet people, to befriend folks and to leave shyness and loneliness behind.


How to Combat Blogging Loneliness


I mention my dad because he has played a massive role in me being the guy I am today, plus I know many phenomenal bloggers who are widows or widowers, who share how loneliness feels so heavy and draining at times.


To all of you awesome bloggers; we are here for you. Reach out to bloggers, to humanity, and you will rarely if ever be lonely again.



1: Get Your Ass Offline for Exercise


Exercising lifts your energy and your mood, giving your clarity, confidence and the social push you need to meet new folks, to make friends and to raise above the lonely plane.


I exercise 1 hour daily. Walk, or jog. Plays a pretty big role in me being social online and offline.


Get off the laptop. Drop your phone. Walk. Around the neighborhood. At the park. Wherever. Exercise to get your energy moving, to feel better and to combat loneliness.


2: Be Social on Social Media


Being social on social media by:


  • messaging folks
  • commenting on updates
  • sharing folk’s content
  • responding to comments on your profile


is an easy way to remind yourself; you are always surrounded by love and humanity, and never need to be lonely, but ya gotta reach out to leave loneliness behind.


I spend much time offline but if I am on social media, I am social. Otherwise, social is a waste of time.


Be social on social. Connect. Have fun. Make friends.


3: Meet People Offline and Make Friends Offline


Guys, I know we bloggers sometimes love our comfort zones. But staying in comfort zones ensures loneliness ensues.


Here’s why: human beings waiting to be your friends so you’ve a big network of loyal, loving friends around you, well, these folks sit outside of your comfort zone.


Every friend I made online and offline required me to reach out. Reaching out meaning leaving my comfort zone to connect with someone through a quick chat or longer meeting.


Even though you may feel introverted you can still make friends online and offline. All it takes is:


  • a blog comment
  • a smile
  • a retweet
  • a Facebook Share
  • a Facebook comment


Alonzo Pichardo and I connected over old school hip hop on Facebook. A little comment or two and we began to bond. Now we’re great friends all because 2 folks decided to connect over a comment.


Don’t be afraid guys. We are waiting for you. No need to be lonely with 7 billion people surrounding you online and offline.


4: Take a Trip


Moving into a new setting helps me release feelings of loneliness.


No need to fly 9,000 miles to New Zealand like me for your trip. Trip to the next town. Hop a train or bus. Dive into a new, stimulating environment to see you are surrounded by beautiful nature and loving humanity.


5: Meditate or Do Deep Yin Yoga


Both practices expand your awareness.


Expanding awareness shows you: loneliness is a feeling, or emotion. You are not the feeling of loneliness. You are awareness attending to the feeling of loneliness.


I dig both practices my little blogging sweetlings because being aware of the emotion labelled “loneliness” helped me feel it, release it, and connect to the truth; we are surrounded with billions of humans. You are never lonely if you dive into the fears:


  • rejection
  • criticism


and freaking meet human beings! Online and offline.


Do your deep yin. Or meditate. Open up to the feeling of loneliness, and open up to humanity, to combat lonely emotions as said emotions arise.


Wrap Up


Meet people. Bond. Connect.


Wade through fears to leave the lonely life of a blogger behind….for good.


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