How to Choose Your Blog Niche: Beware this Common Error

August 25, 2018

How to Choose Your Blog Niche: Beware this Common Error


Do not necessarily choose your blog niche based on what you are good at.


Here’s why: you may hate it!


I am good at being an inside sales rep for a software reseller. Hated it. I am also a skilled pier guard. Gig for 4 years of my life. Not a passion of mine though. Maybe I did not hate being a pier guard but watching trucks flow in and out of a shipping terminal nightly did not make me feel alive; nor did it keep me awake at night with passion, vim and vigor.


How to Choose Your Blog Niche: Beware this Common Error


Blogging sweetlings of mine;  well-meaning bloggers advise you to pick a blogging niche based on your current skill set. What if you do not feel incredibly passionate about your skills? How about hating your job but being good at it? This is why choosing a niche based on experience alone is online suicide.




…..choosing a blog niche based on your passion gives you the energy, the fire and the drive to have oodles of fun learning blogging, practicing blogging and creating and connecting your way to blogging success.


Pick a niche you feel passionate about. Blog mainly for fun. This is how to choose your blog niche intelligently.


I explain in the video.


Why Picking a Blogging Niche Based on Current Skills May Go Bad


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