How to Build a Successful Blog While Working Full Time

August 22, 2018
How to Build a Successful Blog While Working Full Time
Kawthaung, Myanmar


Goodness it’s tough to build a successful online business while working full time.


15 years ago I traded in stocks and forex while working full time as a security guard. I recall pulling out Investor’s Business Daily at 10 PM, 6 hours into my 4-12 shift, when the last trucks rolled out for the day.


I had modest success with trading but learned how to build a successful blog while spending full time hours circling the globe as a full time digital nomad.


How to Build a Successful Blog While Working Full Time


If you love freedom you can build a successful blog part time, despite working full time.


The journey feels fun, freeing and sometimes overwhelming.


Welcome to paying your pro blogging tuition my blogging sweetrobbins!


Let’s dive in.


1: Blog Mainly for Fun (Not Profits)


You make time for:


  • what feels fun
  • what you feel passionate about
  • that which makes you feel alive


Pick a blogging niche you feel passionate about to build your free time around:


  • family
  • energy management
  • exercise
  • blogging
  • entertainment


In that order. Family first. Do 30-60 minutes of energy management (see below). Do 1-2 hours of part time blogging daily. Non-negotiable. Either do it and succeed, or skip and fail, my sweetlings. Toss in some entertainment.


If you skip this step, you are dead, blogging-wise. If you follow it, I will eventually see you in a tropical paradise, both of us being pro bloggers.


2: Tell Family It’s Blogging Time


Right now, my 2 year old niece is napping. But if she woke, I’d lock myself in the room to alert her:


“Uncle Ryan is working.”


Of course she would probably not listen. But full time dads and moms, alert spouses and kids to blogging work time, close the door and get your ass in front of a laptop.


Treat part time blogging like a full time venture. Even though it is a hobby now, a passionate side gig, blogging is a skill one develops by going into quiet, by studying, and by practicing, daily.


Follow this tip to ensure you respect your time so folks around you respect your time. Give blogging time and space daily. Blogging gives ya love back after you set aside time to give blogging love every single day.


3: Invest Money in a Course or eBook


Part time bloggers become full time bloggers through leveraging.


If you work a full time job, make the 1-2 hours of blogging work daily, work for you.


Invest money in a course or eBook to:


  • cut years off of your blogging learning and success curve
  • get a blogging blueprint to refer to during busy, hectic, chaotic times (as a full time employee experiences)
  • make your blogging time count (avoiding failing strategies, to focus on successful strategies)


My blogging eBook:



can be a great starting point, my full time employee, part time blogging sweetlings.


4: Follow a Daily Energy Management Ritual


As a full time employee, mind-ego spews out excuses from time to time. Sure you are busy. Time is tight. Family demands time, or friends, or you crave watching Netflix tonight over writing your next post.


Follow an energy management ritual daily to unearth, to face, to feel and to release these fear-based excuses, to dive into proven blogging techniques every day, patiently and persistently.


Ideas for you:


  • meditate
  • do deep yin yoga
  • exercise
  • prayer
  • EFT tapping


I prefer 1 hour of deep yin yoga and 1 hour of exercise daily.


As a full time employee you NEED TO FOLLOW THIS STEP more than any other step (save #1). This is the step that goads you to build your free time around growing a successful blog, versus making excuses.


Spend 30-60 minutes minimum on energy work every day.


5: Leverage Time by Focusing on Creating and Connecting


Save your time.


Cut out all impatient, horse shit, HACK strategies, my blogging sweetrobbins.


Spend virtually all your blogging time:


  • creating helpful content through blog posts, videos and podcasts
  • connecting with fellow bloggers through genuine commenting, promoting other bloggers on your blog and promoting other bloggers on social media


This step is critical for full time employees because making every minute count….is paramount. Create and connect to lay a rock solid foundation for a successful blogging career. Especially since you blog part time, you’ve no time and energy to waste on dingbatish shortcuts that cripple so many aspiring bloggers.


Create helpful content. Aim for 2-3 blog posts weekly, solving reader problems. Build friendships by helping bloggers without asking for anything in return. Creators and connectors are the most successful bloggers on earth. Join the ranks, full time employees, by doing what works.


6: Monetize through Affiliate Marketing and Passive Income Products


Full time employees are busy bees. Meaning you’ve little time to run around setting up client appointments, devoting hours to help 1 person, etc.


Leverage your time. Monetize through affiliate marketing and passive income products.


Earn money around the clock by skipping the service-based blogging business, avoiding freelancing and coaching. Profit through affiliate marketing (Amazon Associates is one idea) and by patiently creating your own courses and eBooks.


7: Work 5-7 Days Weekly


Guys; most full time employees do a piss poor job here. Why would you succeed unless you work 1-2 or more hours daily on your blog, for 5-7 days weekly?


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Readers do not care about your 40 hours of full time work. Folks just want solutions to their problems. Meaning you better create helpful content and build strong bonds, to improve your visibility and to lay the foundation for a successful blogging career.


Patiently spend months, then years, following these tips, and you will build a successful blog.


Wrapping It Up


You can do it!


Full time employees become full time bloggers regularly guys.


Roll up your sleeves, dive in, follow these tips and I’ll see ya’s in paradise.

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