How to Build a Rabidly Loyal Blogging Community

August 20, 2018

how to build a blogging community


Julie Syl Kalungi is a blogger networking icon.


She has built a rabidly loyal blogging community. The right way. Heck; the only way, if you want to blog from a compassionate, fun-loving, genuine energy.


How to Build a Blogging Community


Julie clues you in on how to do it, forming friendships through the art of 1 to 1, genuine engagements. Most bloggers muck it up, focusing on numbers. Smart bloggers focus on chatting up and helping human beings through a wide range of platforms online.


Your blog, social media sites, forums and blog comment fields are a few spots for bonding 1 to 1 with folks. Community building occurs one friendship at a time. One chat at a time. One thank you, or hi, or question answered, at a time.


Of course, many bloggers try to manipulate numbers to get what they want, blogging-wise. Or focus on getting numbers, by doing things with numbers in mind. If you give most of your attention to numbers, you ain’t giving your attention to people, and folks don’t care much for bloggers who don’t give them attention.


1 to 1 is how it’s done. Repeat that mantra again and again. Don’t make the rookie or struggling veteran mistake of focusing on numbers, believing loyal followings are borne of huge numbers, manipulating people and using systems to spit out huge readerships via a plug and play mentality.


I explain in this video.


How to Build a Rabidly Loyal Blogging Community


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