How to Build a Blogging Business Online with Alonzo Pichardo and Ryan Biddulph

January 3, 2018

how to build a successful blogging business


Do you feel a bit confused with the flood of blogging information out there?


I have been in your shoes. I was actually in your shoes for many years. But even if you are not struggling with your blogging business and feel pretty clear on your direction it helps to revisit the blogging fundamentals from time to time, right?


My friend and rocking mentor Alonzo Pichardo and I created a series of videos on YouTube to help you become successful online.


As a test, Alonzo uploaded one show to Sound Cloud as we considered doing a podcast going forward.


We received a massive thumbs up.


As of this writing, the Sound Cloud episode for how to build a blogging business online has received 21,100 plays in just 11 days.


Just to give you an idea of contrast, I saw mega star and all around awesome dude Pat Flynn receive 9,400 plays on an Ask Pat episode from 2 years ago.


We are onto something exciting! Something super duper exciting.


If you want to learn how to build a blogging business the right way click the play button and enjoy:



Your Turn


What blogging business building lessons resonated with you?


What tips can you share for building a successful business online?


Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. After you grab a few eBooks and audio books on the way out.


Business Building Products


I hand-picked a few eBooks and audibooks that can help you build a thriving blogging business. I even included a Blogging From Paradise paperback as a keepsake. Or if you want to retire to a life of island hopping.


If you need help with your blog shop here:


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  1. Good deal Israel. Keep learning my friend and getting clearer on your direction. You’re getting there!

  2. I was trained to become a successful online entrepreneur with over 100 lessons of online entrepreneur certification courses completed in two weeks. A lot of blogging information was revealed in the course too, though there were tasks to complete to execute every level of the certification course.

    The training included strategies for creating and building out a WordPress website as well as setting up a multi-million dollar brand. I was trained to own and manage a virtual real estate through the online entrepreneurial training program and it’s been so amazing.

    Upon stumbling at this site, I could clearly see areas where I was making mistakes and have been trying to work on this.

  3. Bingo Dexter! For readers and for Google. Readers love the link to authority sites, boosting your trust factor. Google loves that you are hanging out in respected link neighborhoods. Win-win all around.

  4. Dexter Roona Says:

    Yeah I agree there is a ton of blogging information out there, likewise with SEO. That is why it is so important to link to authorities when you post to qualify what you write about. If you’re saying something then also pointing to an authority saying something very similar it authenticates what you’re saying not just to your readers but also Google itself.

  5. Yessir; doing the Associate’s thing now 😉 We had a quiet night at a friend’s house. How about yourself D?

  6. DNN Says:

    I see you have the Amazon widget on your blog now. Good stuff, buddy. Keep up the good work. What did you do for new year’s day? 🙂