How to Blog Despite Chaotic Offline Situations

  October 15, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
Rooster, Bali, Indonesia

Rooster, Bali, Indonesia



“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” ~ Mike Tyson


I have faced some offline chaos over the years.








But I keep blogging.


I am no robot; I have feelings. But following a few strategies helps me deal with the feelings so I keep on blogging.


For example, digging deep into my mind over the prior few months – I mean WAY back – revealed a deep, pulsating set of terrors crippling various aspects of my blogging campaign. In the moment, nothing feels quite as overwhelming as seeing certain fears hamstringing your blog in specific areas for 15 years. Factor in our nomadic lifestyle and you have a recipe for some serious chaos. Blogging has been highly difficult for me recently. I edge forward, but barely, at times.


Guys; I know life gets so damn tough sometimes. Personal problems. Professional problems. Fights with your spouse. Fights with your family. Issues with the kids. Money issues.


I am not immune from chaos since I am a human being. But I’ll share how you can step away from the chaos to keep blogging through virtually any situation.


Follow these tips to blog despite being in chaotic situations.


1: Step Away from the Chaos


If shit is getting way too hectic, take a break from the chaos.


Work from the library. Get a hotel room for a few days.


Ask your mom to watch the kids. Get a babysitter.


Although we sometimes need to deal with chaos head on, sometimes we need to put our ego aside and outsource shit.


Of course, a parent will face a crisis with their children. But if you haven’t been able to blog for weeks due to day to day, child rearing, put your ego to the side and ask a relative to babysit. Hire a babysitter. Outsource some responsibilities to make room for blogging responsibilities.


MAKE time to step away from chaos. If you choose to immerse yourself in chaos seemingly 24-7, 365, you suffer from hero syndrome or savior syndrome. The ego creates both mental illnesses based on the idea that YOU are the ONLY person on earth out of 7 billion people who can:


  • handle
  • shoulder
  • control


this particular situation. This is madness. Let go. Surrender. At least for a few hours, stepping out of chaos gives you energy enough to best see the situation clearly. Give yourself time to process deep fears fueling guilt and/or grief related to the circumstances. Feeling fear moves the fear along. Moving fear along allows you to feel better about the circumstances, even amid the circumstances.


2: Step Into the Chaos But Honor the 24 Hour Rule


Every human being has 24 hours today to work with.


If you are experiencing intense offline chaos, set aside 1-2 hours for cathartic blogging. Write a post. Share your experience and relate to blogging. Step into the chaos – some stuff cannot be outsourced – but make a blanket decision to use 1-2 of the 24 hours you have to write a blog posts.


Sure it’ll feel uncomfortable. Welcome to the life of being an established, full time blogger.


No matter what’s happening in your life, you likely have at least 1-2 hours to set aside for blogging, unless you’re a billionaire, or CEO, or work in emergency services, or the medical field.


Be real. Get real. Be honest. All but the most worldly powerful people have some spare time; even emergency services types get time off. I have yet to see someone in the field work 72 hour shifts back to back to back to back. Everyone has some deep to devote to blogging no matter what. Give yourself time to sleep, relax and blog to keep blogging through challenging moments.


3: Expand Your Awareness through Meditation or Deep Yin Yoga


If someone gets really angry at me – I don’t do the fighting thing as I just listen and speak – I am aware that their anger is fear-pain, and why in the fuck would I want to scream at or fight a person who is in a state of fear-pain?


Developing this level of awareness is uncomfortable at first because you likely cling to a bunch of fear-pain, which goads you to react and fight in chaotic situations.


Meditating and/or doing deep yin yoga expands your awareness, helping you observe your feelings in rough situations so you do not react to your feelings.


I do 80 minutes of deep yin yoga daily. Fabulous practice for expanding your awareness and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.


When you become aware of the feelings arising during drama, chaos or trauma, you feel these feelings and release the feelings, clearing your mind and helping you get back to blogging during tough times.


Engage in internal rituals to become increasingly aware of feelings. Today felt like a fun day to me largely. I made a bunch of friends on Facebook. However, a few fear-filled folks projected fear onto me. I felt OK about a few encounters but felt a little fear, defensive and flippant vibes triggered within my mind. Why? I spent ample time daily expanding my awareness through various practices designed to strengthen my mind. Being aware let me feel the fears versus burying the energies into distractions and other delusions.


4: Give Yourself Some Time to Process


After the death of a loved one, a divorce or some really traumatic situation, blogging can offer you a cathartic purge. Or maybe you need a few days or week to process your emotions before diving back into blogging.


Give yourself some time to feel whatever you feel in response to some chaotic event. I am not a machine. I do not feel like blogging much while experiencing some difficult offline situation. But by giving myself time to feel and clear emotions I gracefully move forward.


Be with your human-ness. Feel the feelings. Be patient. Clear the feelings. Move forward.


Wrap Up


No set rules exist for blogging in really rough circumstances.


But if you want to keep blogging no matter what, these tips will keep you on the straight and narrow, even when your offline life falls into turmoil.


Your Turn


How do you blog despite chaotic offline situations?


What tips can you add to this list?

Would you like to share your thoughts?

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