How to Blog: 20 Tips to Be a Positive and Successful Blogger

  April 25, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 11 minutes read

From my 3 month trip to New Zealand.


I woke up today in exotic Northern Thailand. We will get to how to blog in a moment; or is this lead in the secret, to how to blog?


After a brisk 1 hour walk through the wilderness I returned home to take a nap. After the nap I enjoyed freshly-sliced mango. Mango in Thailand is epic. Beyond epic, really. I figure it is the best fruit on earth. Imagine a mix of sweet and tart. Heavier on the sweet.


How to Blog


I began writing a guest post on Blogging Tips but did not feel it. So I watched Netflix for a bit. X Men movie.


On taking another nap I nabbed the idea for this blog post.


Does that morning sound neat to you? Being positive helps you see positive results in your life. Focus on success to see success. Blogging becomes easier and easier as you shift your focus solely on success. See the positive. Count your wins. Feel good about wins. See more blogging wins.


What a simple process. Quite easy too.


Tropical birds chirp. I scan the backyard now. Banana, papaya and passion fruit tease me. Rain kicks in; I cannot wait to pick and enjoy this fresh fruit in the Land of Smiles.


1: Keep Your Blog Positive


Write only positive posts to attract positive readers who positively pay you to blog.


My blogging income increased the split second I saw a positive person reading my blog, only. Meaning, the moment I decided only to blog for positive people. My struggles dissolved because I gave no energy to struggles. Positive vibes grow in your experience if you write:


  • uplifting posts
  • inspired posts
  • posts designed to hit the mark for a big ticket, prospering, positive audience


Focus on the positive on your blog and in your life. This is how to blog.


2: Speak Success on Your Blog


Blog success. Speak success on your blog.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows.


From my 2 month trip to Oman.


Note the first few paragraphs: I attract successful, globe trotting bloggers because I give my energy to me living my dreams, sharing my success. Thus I become successful.


Blog about your success. Blog about successful bloggers. Focus on success. Observe success expanding in your experience.


3: Count Your Blogging Wins Today


I can count 50 blogging wins from yesterday and a good 6 blogging wins today including:


  • generating this blog post idea
  • SEO-optimizing this post
  • writing this post
  • publishing this post
  • having a sweet sounding domain name
  • experiencing a peaceful walk through a serene Thai village this morning; through blogging.


Wins keep on coming by focusing your attention on wins. What an easy tip to follow.


Count your wins. After all; blogging is more than just writing posts.


See everything as a blogging win because all things brought you to now. Plus you read this post; learning from a guy whose life is a movie is a win, and a major league win at that.


4: Visualize Your Dreams


See your most brilliant dreams daily. As within, so without.


Proceed according to your vision. Listen to nudges. Act from a chill, relaxed energy.




While relaxing in bed for the 4th time – in addition to naps – I continued my money magnet visualization. I saw myself attracting oodles of money and felt its freedom.


Instantly, an idea hit my mind: write a post helping bloggers be positive and successful. Give no thought to word count or reining yourself in. Write it.


I recall Steve Pavlina seeing massive success by writing longer form posts with a whole and complete vibe inspiring the writing. Feeling the same way today, I run with it. Or I will calmly walk with a similar idea, letting the post ride.


Everything flowed to me because I visualized myself prospering. Visualize your dreams to make the dreams real in mind. Making dreams real in mind makes dreams real on the physical plane.


5: Tell Your Story


I have lived in:


  • Fiji
  • Bali
  • Costa Rica
  • New Zealand
  • Cyprus
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Nicaragua
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • Thailand
  • Peru
  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • NYC
  • Laos
  • Cambodia


for months at a time.


Sharing my travel experiences and blogging experiences makes me 1 in 7 billion people. Nobody can touch me because I share me and no 2 people or life stories are alike.


Share your story. Succeed. Nobody can touch you because your story makes you stand out from all bloggers.


6: Connect with Top Bloggers in Your Niche


Go right to the top.


Learn from the best. Gain inspiration from the best. Buy the best. Become the best.


This is another really easy tip to follow.


7: Create Inspiring Content


Inspire with your content.


Note how this post feels uplifting, and inspiring. Said posts drive traffic and profits to my blog. In addition to oodles of positive people.


Tokay gecko from one of my many trips to Thailand.


Write something to make people smile. Create something to make people dream. Succeed. Profit.


Address topics your readers love. Success finds creative, inspiring bloggers.


8: Let the Content Do What It Does


Alonzo Pichardo coined the above phrase.


Allow content to do what it does. Meaning publish posts and relax. Chill out. Create from a posturing, clear, knowing, successful energy, being aware that your content will take off on its own, organically.




If you spin a top the top spins for a few minutes on its own. Envision your content spinning on its own, generating traffic and profits on its own. Relax. Allow it to do what it does over hours and days.


I had sweet success with Google recently, trusting this idea. I SEO-optimize a post, publish it, spend literally 45 seconds sharing to a few social sites, then the post pops up on page 1 of Google, driving passive traffic and profits to my blog.


See what I mean?




Let your content do the leg work.




9: Manage Your Energy


Whether through visualizing – seen above – shifting focus, exercising, meditating, praying, or doing deep yin yoga, manage your energy to be positive and successful.


I feel better and see more success by managing my energy. Ditto for you.


I see the positive in virtually every moment because I manage my energy to vibe high enough to see the positive.


Follow some ritual to vibe high. Manage your energy to prosper.


10: Think of Metrics Like this


I used to want 1 million visitors daily to my blog.


Now I know; having 1 visitor daily who buys all my stuff, who promotes me, who endorses me and who spends 4 hours on my blog helps me live my dreams.


Focus on fanatics – aka fans – over millions……and wouldn’t you know? Those loving, loyal fans help you eventually reach millions. Furthermore, these friends make blogging super fun.




Pro blogger David Boozer came across my blog and:


  • bought all of my blogging tips eBooks
  • bought my blogging course
  • hired me to coach him
  • endorsed me and promoted me so much that no fewer than 20 people specifically emailed me letting me know David sent them, including big dawg network marketer and web designer Alonzo Pichardo, who noted how David just kept talking about me, and AP needed to find out more


how to blog

From earlier this morning in Thailand.


If someone enjoys your blog as much as David and Alonzo enjoy my blog, that could be the only person who visits your blog daily, and you will be hyper successful. Of course, think abundance. My blog registers 44,000 visitors per month because I think, feel and act abundantly. Know that aligning with folks who see your brilliance makes this journey more fun, more positive and more successful.


11: Get Enough Sleep


Do you honestly believe a human being can write a post as good and dazzling and as eye popping as this on 2 hours of sleep?


I sleep my ass off. 8 to 9 hours daily, sometimes more with naps.


Feeling completely relaxed, recharged, and unburdened, my success-conscious, positive, clear energy keeps feeding me ideas as I write this post from a relaxed, chill vibe.


Sleep. A bunch. Highly successful bloggers get tons of sleep.


12: Spend Many Hours Having Fun Offline Daily


I took a break from this post to watch Netflix for a few hours.


Playing offline helps me be positive and succeed online.


Pull back. Take a break. Play sports. Exercise. Go to the movies. Spend time with your family. Also, don’t forget to nap.


Having a life helps you emit a calm, peaceful, confident vibe, irresistible to success.


Schedule hours of break time daily. I blog a bit then break a bit. Netflix, YouTube, HBO Online, whatever. Plus I do my deep yin yoga, exercise daily and do plenty of travel stuff to enjoy my globe trotting.


Break. Be light, refreshed and recharged.


13: Open Multiple Streams of Income


Full time bloggers profit through multiple streams of income.


Prosper. Tap into abundance through multiple channels.


I currently work these income streams:


  • blogging course
  • other blogging course
  • manuals
  • paid tweets
  • sponsored posts
  • advertising opportunities


Multiple streams of income increase blogging profits.  Imagine an audio book fan who finds your eBooks. After passing on the eBook this crowd delights at your audio books and buys 10. Or maybe course fans find your coaching page but crave passive learning. After digging around on your blog these folks find and buy your blogging audio course.


14: Sell Your Dreams


Sell your dreams.


Be generous. Be open.


I post smiling selfies from tropical paradises all over the globe, to all blog posts. Nature pics. RB pics. I sell my dream to add a positive light to the blog-o-sphere. Furthermore, doing so increases my blogging success.


People crave success and seek dream-living folks. I become more successful as more of these folks buy my stuff, hire me, follow me and promote me.


Sell your dreams freely. Be clear on sharing your dream life through your blog. Readers dig inspiration. Offer readers a serving of positive vibes. Sell your dreams. Let people know they can live your dream life, too.


15: Surround Yourself with Positive Bloggers


I only network with top, positive bloggers.


Where your energy goes, grows.


From my trip to New Zealand.


I give my energy to positive bloggers. Positive bloggers give their good vibes to me. Both parties become more positive and successful because where your energy goes, grows.


Befriend uplifting, generous, heart-centered, success conscious bloggers. Learn how to blog from positive folks. Accelerate your blogging success.


16: Invest Money in Blogging Resources


Do what works. Learn from pros. Cut years off of your learning curve.


Invest money in blogging resources. Circulate money; money invested on a blogging course returns to you multiplied by 10 or more. Invest money to make a bunch more money and to save yourself year’s worth of headaches.


Invest money in courses created by pro bloggers you follow diligently. Go right to the top. Learn from the best.


17: Embrace this Truth


Blogging gets easier and easier if you use your mind power. While blogging gets harder and harder if you ignore mind power and try solely to blog on the physical plane. Tap into your mind power to see how to blog effectively.




I used my mind power to focus on my dreams before writing this post. Ideas to write the post trickled to me. Also, the ideas flowed in peacefully and relaxed, like a lazy babbling brook. Feels good.


I acted on the ideas from a relaxed, detached energy to create and publish this post. Publishing this post is an easy way to drive traffic and profits because said sensational post should rank well on Google and gain serious organic steam among my blogging tribes and loyal reader base.


Blog the easy way. Focus your mind on success. Imagine your dreams. Create and connect by listening to ideas flowing to your after you focus on success. Guaranteed; as you act on the ideas from a chill vibe, blogging success flows to you more and more easily.


18: Surround Yourself Only with Positive Influences Offline


Offline buddies and family need be positive to remain in your life.


Only surround yourself with the most positive, uplifting, enthusiastic humans offline. During certain times I literally shut every offline human being out of my life. My dreams and vibe mean that much to me. I proceeded to surround myself only with positive people offline to raise my vibe and to increase my success.


Pick fam and friends who are super positive and super supportive of your blogging dreams. Completely release everybody else, or minimize time spent with these folks to minutes or hours monthly, if that.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to positive people offline to accelerate your blogging success.


19: Embrace Live Video


Integrate live video into your blogging campaign.


Live video ain’t going nowhere.


Dude putting in work during my trip to Myanmar.


People enjoy watching live video via mobile. Give readers something to enjoy. Above all, entertain your readership.


I have broadcast thousands of live videos here. Kick back, relax and enjoy.


Live videos teach, inspire, entertain and inform. Plus you get to share your positive vibe through an inviting platform.


20: Understand This; It’s Your Energy Not a Tool or Technique


As a new blogger, beginning with a scared, excited, desperate energy, no way in hell you can write a post like this. Your energy screams fear and newbie posts mirror back fear by being low quality offerings.


Tools or techniques do not make the blogger. Bloggers who choose to vibe from an abundant, success conscious, prospering vibe calmly use tools and techniques to mine stunning success.


Emit a calm, peaceful vibe as you use proven techniques and tools to help people and to succeed. Furthermore, doing energy work makes the blogging journey easier and easier.


Top bloggers often unconsciously emit an abundant, successful vibe while following simple strategies and using premium tools. The vibe brings success.


You Are Succeeding Now


You succeed now with your blog. Thus, you actually know how to blog already. Because you just read this blog post.


Focus on your current success. Revel in it. Celebrate your wins.


More stunning blogging success is on the way.


I guarantee it.

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