11 Tips for Becoming a Full Time Travel Blogger

  March 11, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read

how to become a full time travel blogger


(Updated 3/11/2022)


You may think becoming a full time travel blogger feels impossible.


You can do it! I believe in you. I see and feel your success.


The first step to become a full time travel blogger is to identify the reason why you want to do it.


This is the reason that goads you to knife through obstacles. Knowing why inspires you to be patient and persistent because your love of freedom will override fears related to blogging.


The process to go from blogging newbie to seasoned pro feels scary at times. But following simple tips from bloggers who have been in your shoes calms your nerves. If pros conquered similar obstacles to thrive you can too. The key is to follow simple tips patiently without:


  • freaking out
  • panicking
  • quitting a proven blogging strategy


Not bailing on a proven blogging system based on creating helpful content and bonding with your readers makes the difference. Going pro becomes a certainty if you stick with travel blogging through the ups and downs we all face.


I mainly share blogging tips through this blog but published a steady collection of travel blogging themed posts over the years. Learning from top travel bloggers how to succeed in this challenging but rewarding niche inspired me to help a new generation of travel bloggers go pro.


Me, my V-tapir and astounding Nature at play in Koh Lanta, Thailand.


Let’ dive into the tips to help you live your dreams through travel blogging.


1: Know Why


Why do you wan to become a full time travel blogger? Write the reason on a piece of paper. Carry the paper with your everywhere.


Tie the reason to something fun and freeing. Choose ideas that make you feel alive.


Imagine your most freeing dreams. Visualize your ideal life. Play around with your emotions. Have fun with the process.


Even if you want to chill in your hometown for some of the year it’d feel amazing to make your own schedule, to be your own boss and to be the shot caller in your life.


Choosing a freeing driver inspires you into the thoughts, feelings and actions that help you succeed no matter what obstacles you face. You become an unstoppable ray of positive mojo and love that obliterates anything in your way.


Follow this step guys; it’s the way to become failure proof and it also sets the foundation for a successful travel blogging campaign.


2: Make Sure You Love Traveling *And* Blogging


Prepare yourself to become an entrepreneur.


Being a full time travel blogger takes work, time, energy and passion.


Some bloggers fall in love with the travel aspect of blogging but shy away from the blogging aspect of…..blogging. You choose to be a small business owner the split second you buy your domain and hosting.


Does this feel scary? It is scary sometimes but fellow travel bloggers offer you support, guidance and wisdom on your journey to smooth out your rough patches.


George Town Penang Malaysia

George Town Penang Malaysia


All tools, systems and strategies are in place to help you succeed with your venture. Just be ready to have fun, to enjoy the journey and to put in the work to thrive.


3: Follow a Few Top Travel Bloggers


Mapping Megan, Wandering Earl and The HoliDaze are 3 top travel blogs to follow.


Pay close attention to how pro travel bloggers blog. Pros know how to succeed, cluing you in to branding, how to monetize your blog and how to create content. Toss in tips for connecting with top bloggers and brands and you’ve a goldmine of knowledge flowing from these pros.


4: Be a Student


Study notes from top travel bloggers. Buy their eBooks. Invest in their courses. Hire them for coaching. Feast on their free content.


Students tend to become skilled, pro travel bloggers.


Be open-minded. Humble yourself. Learn how to succeed by putting your ego to the side. Willing learners go far in the travel blogging niche.


5: Buy Your Domain and Hosting


Buy your domain and hosting to set up a WordPress dot org blog.


From branding to monetizing potential to owning the freaking thing, this is a no brainer.


Pick a domain resonant with the theme of your travel blog. Who do you want to speak to? Think of your ideal reader. Make your domain name speak to your ideal reader’s heart.


6: Write 1000 Words Daily in a Word Document


Practice your writing. Become a skilled travel writer aka travel blogger.


Trash the document when done.


Write to gain confidence.  Be credible by communicating with readers through the written word.


7: Publish Helpful Posts from the Perspective of a Traveler


Publish helpful posts geared towards travelers who wish to enjoy locations worldwide.


Top 10 lists, in-depth guides or colorful travel tales suffice, depending on the core message of your brand.


Be helpful. Put yourself into a traveler’s shoes. Flesh out key points. Craft beneficial guides.


Thamel Kathmandu Nepal


Or if you go with the colorful travel tale route – like my blog, on occasion – add details to paint a vivid picture. My readers enjoy living vicariously through me; I take them on this sometimes wild and entertaining traveling journey.


8: Bond with Top Travel Bloggers


Comment genuinely on top travel blogs. Share their content on social media. Link to top travel bloggers on your blog.


Be a friend to become a friend.


Bonds form. Top travel bloggers endorse you, promote you, hire you, buy your stuff and spread your word. Top pros boost your success through their generosity.




I share one simple tip to follow to thrive as a travel blogger here:


1 Simple Tip for Travel Blogging Success


9: Add Income Streams Gradually


Add income streams slowly but surely to increase blogging profits.


Pick one income stream that resonates with you but avoid doing sponsored posts or advertising streams as a newbie; you need to grow your audience and establish your name for a bit to prosper through these streams.


Some ideas; write and self-publish travel guide eBooks on Amazon, convert eBooks to audio book on Audible, iTunes and Amazon, write and self-publish eBooks on Selz and Gumroad, offer freelance writing or blog coaching services, become a travel consultant, prosper as an Amazon Associate or through other affiliate marketing channels.


The possibilities are limitless.  Progressively add income channels to help readers while you help yourself.


10: Branding 101


Buy a premium theme or hire a developer design a custom theme.


Convey a clear, simple, powerful message through all you do on your blog.


Stand out from the crowd with smart branding.


11: Have Fun!


Some travel bloggers freak out a bit too often. Sure things get difficult sometimes. You need to face and embrace fears. Be human. Sit with these feelings. Embrace. Release. But if you do not enjoy travel blogging most of the time you missed the point.


Travel blogging is supposed to be fun.


Southern Alps, New Zealand.


Fun-loving bloggers worry less about outcomes and focus their generous energies on helping folks. Trusting in the process and helping people are two fundamentals for going pro.


Enjoy the ride. Wherever this travel blogging journey takes you.




Blogging about your travels as you circle the globe is a freeing way to live.


Follow these tips to lay a granite-like foundation for your blogging campaign.


Embrace the highs and lows of travel blogging.


Live your dreams as you bring the world together through your inspired travel experiences.


Your Turn


Which is your favorite tip?


What tips can you add to the list?

  1. Vishwajeet Kumar says:
    at 1:08 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    I once wanted to be a travel blogger but somehow I have started internet marketing blog because I think I can contribute here a lot and help others with my knowledge and experience. You are really an awesome example of a travel blogger. You know how to live a digital nomad life. Being a student is very important to become a successful blogger as it makes you always hungry for lots of information and tips. Thanks for sharing these great tips here. Hope you have a great day 🙂

    With Regards,

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:36 pm

      Students learn and then can teach, right Vishwajeet? You are doing the same thing in the IM niche buddy.

  2. Yoda the Grunt says:
    at 2:45 pm

    Completely agree with point 11. Fun is key, I don’t run a travel blog, but blog about the animals I love. It keeps it fresh and enjoyable which is why I’ll never quit. I think if you don’t have fun with your blog maybe its time to find another topic.

  3. Dereco Cherry says:
    at 10:47 pm

    These are some awesome tips Ryan, all of these tips were super helpful. I really liked where you said be a student. This one thing has helped me so much in my blogging journey. I’m constantly searching for additional knowledge when it comes to blogging and marketing. Another tip I liked was the write 1000 words per day then trash it. Makes sense, practice makes perfect, right? Appreciate you sharing this article.

  4. Moss Clement says:
    at 4:59 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Is there anything more to add to the tips in this article? No! You said it all. It is common logic yo say that to become a pro at what you so, you must learn from pros who are already in the game. That is where being a student and follow other travel bloggers come in.
    You have to learn the ropes in order to have success. Following others in your niche will help you set yourself up remarkably.

    And what is more, creating compelling content. This is a must, as it will help you gain more targeted audience to your blog. More targeted audience means more traffic, engagement, and more ROI.

    Thanks Ryan.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:05 pm

      Compelling content keeps engagement rolling along Moss, and engagement builds rocking travel blogs. Thanks bro!

  5. Cori Ramos says:
    at 8:10 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    You’ve shared some great advice here, not only for travel bloggers but bloggers in any niche really. For me, the top three are have fun, love to travel and know why is tied for 2nd and third, be a student.

    I wish I didn’t have a fear of flying. I’m missing out on all the wonders of the world but thank goodness for travel bloggers like you who take us along for the ride and teach us something at the same time. I still remember that big rooster! 🙂

    Thanks for always giving such great advice Ryan! Hope you’re having a great week. 🙂


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:22 pm

      Flying is pretty easy Cori. Like taking a train most of the time. With 5-10 flights under your belt, you release the fear 😉 Definitely worth conquering that one buddy as traveling is amazing! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. Anil Agarwal says:
    at 8:26 am

    Point #2 is vital and that’s the key behind every travel blogger who’s successful like you Ryan. Most people want to travel around the world but hate what they do (blogging or freelancing or whatsoever). If you find fun and passion in blogging and getting paid gigs, you can literally travel around the world.

    Having passionate towards both travelling and blogging is the only way you can become a successful blogger. That’s really a great tip!

    Another important tip that you shared here is writing thousand words every single day. It’s easier said than done especially when you are just starting out. Writing is not at all easy and most people find it really hard and that’s why you need to find fun in writing that the only way you can turn out more articles just like you Ryan.

    Thanks for the write up.

  7. Shubham Varshney says:
    at 1:18 pm

    This is really for me, from the very first word to the last it is written for me only. Good to know that still, there is a long journey which will take me closer to my dream. Thanks for sharing this post.

    at 8:41 am

    Hi Ryan,

    You are really an awesome example of a travel blogger. This one thing has helped me so much in my blogging journey. Thanks for sharing this post.

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