How Should You Handle a Dramatic Shift Between Your Blogging Business and Core Values?

  January 19, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Mount Cook, New Zealand.

Mount Cook, New Zealand.


Lisa Sicard published one of my guest posts on her blog a few moments ago:


What Will You Do If Your Small Business Begins To Deviate From Your Core Values?


I wrote the guest post because I noticed a shift on sites like Twitter and Facebook over the past few years. Perhaps the folks running each site always clung to such values, but over the last year specifically, sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube began strictly censoring any content not fitting within their narrative. I have zero issues with site owners setting their own rules. I closed comments on Blogging From Paradise to silence spammers, myself. But Facebook, Twitter and YouTube claiming to build platforms based on the free speech of every user than banning and censoring users completely erodes the credibility of each platform.


Every single reason listed for banning free speech reeks of the stink of fear (dangerous to democracy, inciting riots, etc,) and completely invalidates the reasons in and of themselves. Why? Using fear as an excuse to ban freedom of speech proves users never had freedom of speech in the first place. Preventing others from speaking because you fear what others say proves you and your platform are lying or that you are covering up some freedom-consuming truth. Allowing free speech for everyone proves that you and your platform are telling the truth. Using fear to silence 1 person or many people proves you fear the user and users will uncover the truth you so desperately hide, so preventing freedom of speech is the allegedly safest, simplest, quickest way to avoid being outed and to avoid all people using the platforms becoming aware that *they* are in charge.


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I also noted how Twitter, Facebook and YouTube boast a small collection of loving, caring users but each platform is firmly built on the foundation of:


  • fear
  • manipulation
  • division
  • separation
  • greed
  • desperation
  • scarcity
  • poverty


I formerly built my blogging business a bit too much on fear, scarcity and poverty but have since largely moved out of each energetic space to build my blogging business on love, abundance and prosperity. Naturally, I chose to:


  • delete Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from my phone
  • publish videos sparingly to YouTube
  • spend no more than 10 minutes daily – collectively – logging in to FB and Twitter; solely to scan DMs and Messenger, to reply to comments or @replies and to share my content
  • spend 95% of my professional time, attention and energy on my self-hosted blog and on the self-hosted blogs of my buddies, for we own our online real estate, blog from love, abundance and prosperity and we build our businesses based on these high energy, peaceful, harmonious values


Imagine being a social media consultant. Social media evolves from being free speech platforms to censored platforms, progressively, during your career. Fear, division, poverty, scarcity and separation rears its ugly head, again and again. But you value love, harmony, abundance and free speech over fear, division, poverty, scarcity and separation. What should you do? 100% of the time, follow your values to different business-building channels. Scale down your client base to allow some income to flow to you through social media consulting but:


  • pick a different niche to work based on your passions, talents and skills
  • write and self-publish eBooks based on this niche
  • create courses based on the niche
  • become an Amazon Associate; earn twice through your eBooks and sell other products through Amazon resonant with your niche and values
  • become a coach in that niche
  • become a consultant in that niche


Guys; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will never return to allegedly free speech platforms. Users will continue to leave each platform because fear and censorship repel. Mark Z and Jack D can do as they please; both pay the hosting bills respectively on Facebook and Twitter. But if their values deviate from your blogging business values, keep each site open for a communication channel if you wish but spend 95% of your attention and energy creating and connecting through a decent chunk of the 500 million blogs online.


Be true to your values. Sleep well at night. As an added bonus, accelerate your blogging business success as you migrate from fear toward love, abundance and harmony, the highest vibing emotions in the Universe.




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