How Much Time Do You Spend Specifically on Social Media Versus Blogging?

  January 10, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
South Pacific Ocean, Fiji.

South Pacific Ocean, Fiji.


Do you never seem to have enough time to blog?


How much time do you spend working social media daily?


How much time do you spend blogging daily?


Most bloggers profess to having no time to blog. But the same bloggers spend 1-3 hours on Facebook daily. In reality, you have those 1-3 hours to write and publish a blog post, to work on a longer post for publishing later in the week or for reading and commenting genuinely on blogs. Fear appears to scare you. Fear appears to goad you to backburner blogging for sneaky subconscious beliefs. Face the fear. Feel the fear. Release the fear. Blog. Make social media second. Make blogging the priority. Bloggers blog.


Baby Rattle


Do you whine like a lil’ blogging baby who lost its rattle anytime you complain about having no time to blog? But how do you have no time to blog if you spend 3 hours scanning Facebook and Twitter daily? How do you have no time to blog if you easily could spend those 3 hours daily writing and publishing a hefty-sized, resource-style blog post? How about taking 60 of those minutes daily to write and publish a less in-depth but helpful blog post that drives blogging traffic and profits?


How much time do you spend on social media versus opening your WordPress backoffice, writing and publishing a blog post on a daily basis? Some bloggers treat their WordPress backoffice like Superman facing Kryptonite. But the same bloggers spend 1-2 hours on Facebook and Twitter daily. Do you own Facebook and Twitter? Or do you own your blog? Why not spend most time on a site that you own versus spending time on a site where you are a cyber squatter?


I deleted Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from my phone recently. I will spend 5-10 minutes daily scanning:


  • comments
  • DMs and Messages


and sharing my latest blog posts and guest posts on each network, save IG, via my laptop. That’s it. I deleted each and curtailed social time to 10-30 minutes daily because I am a blogger who blogs. I spend hours daily:


  • writing and publishing blog posts
  • writing and publishing guest posts
  • reading and commenting genuinely on blogs


Bloggers do those specific blogging things daily for extended periods of time.


Note how the top pro bloggers barely spend time engaging on social media. Why? Pro bloggers do specific blogging things. Social media marketing may play a small part in your pro blogging campaign. Spend a few moments connecting with readers through Facebook and Twitter. Remember; you are as aspiring professional blogger, not an aspiring professional social media marketer.


Social media is not the enemy but your attachment to social media is the problem.


Social media is not the enemy but your attachment to social media is the problem.Click To Tweet


Put social media in its place. Spend a few moments on FB and Twitter daily to scan messages and DMs, to reply to comments and to share content to each network. RT other bloggers. Engage people. Move on swiftly and firmly to spend the bulk of your day writing and publishing blog posts and guest posts, reading top blogs in your niche and commenting genuinely on top blogs in your niche.


Bloggers do that stuff. Bloggers blog.


Bloggers spend most of their time on blogs, whether their blog, or, on buddy blogs. Blog if you are a blogger to position yourself to become a professional blogger. But see yourself in the light of truth by timing how much you generously create and connect through your blog and through buddy blogs, on a daily basis.


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The honest answer may surprise you. Bloggers often claim to have no time to blog. But at the end of the day, the zero time you spent blogging becomes dwarfed by the 2 hours you spent on Facebook and Twitter. Oddly enough, bloggers claim to be sucked in by Twitter and Facebook but neither site employs vacuum technology to draw you in like a black hole. Here’s what happens; you give attention and energy to what you value.


Social media primarily uses fear to divide, distract and to manipulate you into spending increasing time on social media. Living predominantly from a fear motivator, valuing division and distraction, you give most online time to social media. Not valuing fun, freedom and liberation, having no dream vision for your life, you claim to have little to no time to blog but that is not true. You do not value freedom-blogging so you do not blog.


I value freedom. I value blogging. So I published 4,010 blog posts on Blogging From Paradise since 2014. I do not value distraction and division. I live predominantly from love. So naturally, I do not value social media.


Time your social media activities. Time your blogging activities. Daily. Start timing the split second you wake to scan Facebook and Twitter on your phone.


Practical Tip


Be a rubber band man or rubber band woman.


Affix a rubber band to your wrist. Snap the rubber band the moment you log in to Twitter or Facebook. The moment you snap the rubber band begin timing your social media usage on your phone. Trigger a stop watch.


As you work Twitter or Facebook simply stare at the stop watch. Live in the light of truth. Begin to internally realize that you choose in your mind to spend the stop watch time on Facebook and Twitter. Internally realize that you choose NOT to spend time on your blog any time you spend time on social media.


How to Stay Connected Online in a Volatile Social Media World


Open your WordPress backoffice. Snap the rubber band. Trigger your timer. Observe how much time you spend in your backoffice on WordPress. Do you click the “add post” button? Or do you fear clicking the button? Do you fear writing and publishing a blog post? How quickly do you exit your WordPress backoffice? Click the stop watch the moment you exit your WordPress backoffice. Snap the rubber band to remind you.


Follow this simple but enlightening practice to tangibly see and feel how much time you spend on social media versus blogging. Humble yourself. You choose that time. Time does not choose you. Social media does not choose you. Blogging does not choose you. Everything happens in your mind.


Shut It Off


I shut my phone off at night and do not turn it on again until after I:


  • meditate
  • take an icy cold shower
  • do Kriya yoga


on waking.


Turn your phone off for hours daily. Is your phone the source of success? Is the phone the source of freedom? Is the phone a source of happiness? A phone is just a thing. A phone is 1 of billions to billions of channels for helping people and making friends. Shut if off. Observe the other channels. Observe your fear-based attachment to phones and social media. Attach to phones and social media less and blogging and service more.


Shut off your phone. Observe your mind and its fears.


Bloggers Blog


Bloggers blog.


Bloggers spend some time daily:


  • writing and publishing a blog post for the day
  • writing and adding to a blog post to be published at a later day
  • reading and commenting genuinely on blogs from the same niche


Social media engagement comes after doing something on your blog or commenting genuinely on blogs aligned with your niche. Bloggers blog. First and foremost, blog. After doing some blogging, hop over to Twitter and Facebook for a little bit. Be a blogger. Do not be a a social media marketer. Never be a social media scanner. Do not make social media a priority because you are a blogger. Make blogging a priority.


After blogging for a decent chunk of time daily hop over to social media sites to work social media a little bit daily. Social media networking has its place but as a secondary activity to blogging.




Blog in some way, shape or form daily with most of your time and energy.


After doing some form of blogging simply spend a bit of time on social media to build friendships.


Make blogging a priority to become a successful blogger.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows.


Your Turn


How much time do you spend on social media daily?


How much time do you spend actually blogging daily?


Do you need to change the ratio between the two activities?


Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  1. Richard Vall says:
    at 9:53 am

    Blogging vs social networking is a genuine puzzle for me. When I started my blog, I thought it was worth spending lots of time on social networks. But now, I agree that it’s not worth doing that unless you are a celebrity (Elon Musk, etc.). The social networks of ordinary people don’t attract too much attention.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:38 am

      Figuring out the same thing here too, Richard. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 12:01 pm

    Hi Ryan, I’m spending more time on my blogs and commenting on others too.

    Much less time on social media these days. I have been off FB for over a year except for my page and pages I manage. I still use Twitter and Instagram but less time on both as well. I like GAB but don’t spend too much time there either. I did get rid of most phone notifications as well so I’m not a slave to them anymore. Freedom is precious and we have to protect it Ryan.
    It’s nicer to get to know others on their blogs and emails and even an occasional phone call 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:55 pm

      Right Lisa? The less time I spend on social media the more time I spend making friends with fellow humans through blogging, blog commenting, chatting on live broadcasts and the like.

  3. Affan Khan says:
    at 12:30 pm

    Absolutely amazing wakeup call to all the bloggers out there.
    Ryan sir, I loved the way you explored this idea and backed it up with personal experiences and inspiring words.
    At last, Bloggers BLOG!!!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:59 pm

      Affan thank you!