How to Land Interviews on Popular Podcasts (Amazon eBook)

February 17, 2017 3 thoughts
Kelli snapped a gem recently at The Corniche in Doha, Qatar.


Why did I write this eBook? (and convert to audio book?)


I landed some sweet gigs on top podcasts like Yann Ilunga’s 360 Entrepreneur Podcast, Loz James’ Content Champion Podcast and a few other highly-rated, popular shows.


I want your blog and online business to get the attention it deserves.


But you may be mired with limiting beliefs concerning your worthiness, like:


  • are you good enough to land interviews on top podcasts?
  • is your blog good enough to catch the prying eyes of top hosts?
  • how in the heck do you even go about landing an interview on a highly-rated, popular podcast?


I wrote How to Land Interviews on Top Podcasts to dissolve your doubts, to melt your limiting beliefs and to give you a concrete set of tips to help you get featured on top shows.


How My eBook Can Help You


  • cut through the all too common mental blocks bloggers tend to cling to regarding worthiness and landing spots on popular podcasts
  • learn how to be The Hunted versus being The Hunter (stop chasing down interviews; start allowing big dawg podcasters to come to you)
  • see how easily you can land features without straining, stressing, striving, stalking and hustling to get interviews
  • market yourself effectively to become hyper attractive to successful podcast hosts
  • create a vision board with one of my lovely covers, which I personally snapped in Bali (eBook) and Phuket (audio book)


This task seems daunting at first.


Even when you land an interview on a top podcast you may peep past guests and say to yourself:


“Holy Shit! This guy interviewed Jay Baer, John Lee Dumas, Kim Garst and Pat Flynn, and he wants to interview lil’ old me!?!”


This eBook can help you knife through that feeling. So what once feels shocking and surprising becomes no big deal, just a way to have fun and inspire folks.


Doing Fun Stuff in Doha


Kelli and I are still chilling in Doha, Qatar. The wealthiest country on earth.


I’m writing these words from a 5 bedroom mansion inside a walled compound. Guard gate, pool, gym, sauna, landscapers, maid visits once weekly, the whole 9 yards.


How do we pay rent? By watching 4 cats. We are house sitting. Bananas, right? No, I said watching cats. Not chimpanzees.


Anyway, landing interviews on top podcasts helped me engineer this fun, freeing life. So I could live my dreams. And so you can live your dreams too, following my lead.


I love turning around, taking what I’ve learned, and jam-packing all the inner world and practical tips into my 124 eBooks on Amazon to help you live your wildest dreams too.


I learn. I experience. I write. I package.


This eBook is one such package (no don’t go there). Especially if you want to step up to the mic and give yourself, your blog and your brand a bunch more shine by expanding your presence exponentially.


The eBook


Download the eBook here:


How to Land Interviews on Popular Podcasts



For audio book fans:




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