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how to get backlinks as a new blogger

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“Backlinks” are one of the top 3 strong SEO ranking factors.  Of course we have content and Rankbrain which are the other two giant factors.


But the truth is that getting those inbound links is tough for many bloggers. So this post is meant to share with you the exact steps I use to attract those links and eventually boost my search ranking.


1 – I create link-worthy blog posts


I used to be a very bad blogger. But with time, I have worked hard to come to a point where my blog posts are actually linked to without me having to ask for it.


Link magneting articles are blog posts that resonate with my readers and help them solve problems. These are not necessary long blog posts. They are just long enough to cover the topics I write on.


Another thing I do to make sure I create linkable content is to not write for myself. I write for my readers. To know what they want I do a couple of very simple things:


  • I use a heatmap tool. This allows me see the menus and other areas on my blog that get really clicked
  • I run polls periodically, asking content-oriented questions to my readers.
  • Sometimes I send mails openly asking my subscribers to suggest topics
  • I pay attention to the comment section of my blog. Trust me there are lots of blog posts ideas hidden in comments


2 – I create and maintain healthy relationships with bloggers


Bloggers are wonderful helpful people who understand the value in helping each other.  But this comes often as a result of healthy relationships.


It’s one thing to network with each other and another to be in a happy relationship.  Networking with like-minded bloggers triggers promotions from every angle. Your friends share your posts, comment your articles, link to your articles from their blogs, etc.


I have said a couple of times that you can’t succeed in blogging as an Island.


3 – I comment on other blogs


Blog commenting is as old as blogging. Dropping an approved comment on a relevant blog is a simple means to grab an additional backlink. Whether the comment links are dofollow/nofollow or whether they carry any SEO importance is another topic.


But briefly, comment links have not completely been devalued. If you don’t get the backlink benefit from comments, at least you should comment for relationship building as we know this has an influence on you gaining more backlinks.


4 – I guest post on other blogs


Guest posting is the most common content marketing and SEO link building strategy. But this activity has to be done with a lot of caution. Submitting articles on low quality (Low Trust Flow) blogs exposes you to Google penalties.


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Before I take my time to create content for other blogs, I make sure these are blogs with clean SEO profile, with a chance to add value to my entire SEO value.


Note that building backlinks is just one of the reasons I guest post. A stronger motivation behind my guest posting exercise is relationship building. I submit high quality articles to my friends’ blogs, often not because of the link juice but because we have to keep the relationship moving.


Things I don’t do to build backlinks


Now,I just shared with you 4 things I do to build links and boost my SEO. Here are a couple of practices I don’t do and may never get involved to get those highly demanded backlinks:


1 – I don’t buy backlinks from Fiverr


I know of folks who buy backlinks as they try to boost their search results. There are several ways to this and one  which is the baddest is to buy backlink packages from Fiverr and related micro job boards. This is the worst thing you are ever going to do for your online business.


Don’t even rely on those attractive sales copies. Most of those crappy links will end up bringing you down and  killing your SEO campaigns.


I have a post on whether or not you should buy backlinks. This was submitted buy a guest author and I think it’s worth checking.


2 – I don’t work with unidentified link building services


There are many link building services out there and many of these are a pure waste of time and money. Dealing with SEO link building agencies is one thing I caution with a huge dose of energy.


Note however that some of these SEO companies are genuine and can deliver powerful results through verifiable guest posting services. Recently, I have been working with my friend, Sunil Gupta who runs this guest posting service and I feel comfortable with his service.


If Ryan Biddulph creates a link building agency, I certainly will  buy from him because I know and trust the authenticity of his online image.


Some other link building ideas


Some ideas have been browsing my brains but I’m just still being undecided:


  1. Do a guest posting link exchange with fellow bloggers ie link to their articles on my guest posts while they link to mine on their relevant guest posts too.
  2. Get them a monetary reward to link to my articles from their guest posts on chosen high DA blogs.


These two seem to me like manipulating search ranking, something Google fights against.


In any case, I will keep being natural as this has proven to be the most effective white hat method.


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