How Do You Turn a Blog into a Business?

  March 18, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Kapiti Coast, New Zealand


Blogs are ready-made business-building vehicles.


But turning a blog into a business requires you to make a series of freeing but uncomfortable decisions.


Making these choices feels a bit rough in moments. On one hand, you see great opportunities for profit and freedom. But with the shift you need to face, feel and release money fears plaguing most bloggers. I personally felt a bit uncomfortable monetizing my blog over 15 years ago. I had to make that leap to get comfortable with receiving money so I could grow an actual blogging business.


First off; just because you turn a blog into a business does not mean that you turn a profit fast. Money flows your way after you offer generous service from a detached, relaxed, trusting energy. Money will flow to you and you can build a business through your blog but realize that it takes time, generous effort and trust to prosper.


Follow these steps to grow a business out of your blog.


1: Publish Valuable Blog Content


Publish helpful, free content persistently to turn your blog into a business.


Helpful, free content inspires readers to trust you. Trusting readers buy your stuff or hire you.


Be patient in generously publishing free content through your blog because it takes time and steady service to increase your exposure, skills and credibility to the point of profiting financially.


Solve reader problems. Be helpful. Publish at least one post weekly to pop up on the radar screen of readers.


Being helpful positions you to profit through your blog.


Helpful bloggers inspire reader trust. Imagine if you needed some solution to your problems. Finding a helpful blog post through a Google query influences you to trust the blogger who published the post. Trusting the blogger goads you to:


  • hire the blogger
  • invest in a blogging manual self-published by the blogger
  • click advertisements embedded on the blogger’s blog


Help people for free to help people for pay. Grow a thriving business by publishing detailed content that solves reader problems.


2: Monetize through Active and Passive Channels


Consider adding active income channels like freelance writing or coaching to boost cash flow but toss in passive streams like affiliate marketing and self-publishing eBooks to free yourself from a set schedule.


Diversifying your income model stabilizes your business for the natural progression from active to passive channels.


Most bloggers make this jump because earning money while sleeping and playing seems like a good fit for internet entrepreneurs. Plus no earnings ceiling exists for passive income models while active models, although prospering, involve trading time for money.


Free yourself. Progressively add passive income channels to your blog. Build a business that you can step away from to enjoy the internet lifestyle.


Income channels are receiving channels for the value you share via free content in most regards. Trusting readers see the value inherent in the premium eBook or course but tend to trust you deeply based on detailed content that you publish to your blog. Adding passive income channels to your blog allows you to grow a balanced blogging business poised to grow exponentially over the long haul.


3: Increase Your Money Emotional Intelligence


Admittedly, this may be the most difficult tip to follow for business builders. Most bloggers do a poor job turning blogs into businesses because few humans grow up thinking, feeling and acting like an entrepreneur.


Few think like entrepreneurs because few feel comfortable and clear on receiving large sums of money for business service rendered. Bloggers have so many fears around money that it feels impossible, at times, to navigate the minefield of limiting beliefs that poverty conscious society impresses on us.


But you need to increase your emotional intelligence concerning money to:


  • face, feel and release these fears
  • feel abundant
  • turn your blog into a business


Business people think, feel and act abundantly to position themselves to make money.


Face money fears. Root out your poverty consciousness. Let go a belief in scarcity. The world needs you to be broke for the world to exist. Of course, the world teaches you to be broke to maintain its existence.


Step out of the world into freedom. Face fears in your mind related to money. Begin to blog abundantly.


Think, feel and act like a prospering blogger.


Be this person to increase your emotional intelligence concerning money and to build a thriving business through your blog.


Do Not Give Up


I know how tough this journey feels sometimes. Remember; I have been in your shoes.


Take a deep breath. Hold your fun, freeing intent to do the uncomfortable things we all need to do to turn your blog into a prospering business.


This process takes time, generous service, patience, trust and a willingness to feel discomfort but the sacrifices are well worth the rewards of being a professional blogger.

  1. Tanish Shrivastava says:
    at 12:08 am

    It is always a great challenge to make money from blogging, without exploiting and giving false advice to your readers. I do think we should watch out for our readers. They make us successful after all.

    Also, I’m really thankful that we’ve got an experienced blogger like you to share this knowledge to us.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:58 am

      Thank you for reading and sharing Tanish. Looking out for readers gives us a framework for building a strong community.

  2. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 4:15 am

    Hi Ryan, I agree that having several different streams will help you not only when times are good but when times are bad. If you lose an account you can still stay in business if you have other means of making money. And when you lose one, it gives you time to devote to another way of making money, and possibly more passively. It takes time and cannot be done overnight as some claim. Blogging takes time and turning it into a business takes more time. Great tips Ryan! I’d add to have “thick skin” as well. You have to move on and adapt today more than ever before.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:57 am

      Having thick skin is beyond important Lisa. Great add my friend. Bloggers need to keep moving forward without taking things personally or attaching to any person, place, website or event.