How Do You Observe Blogging Feedback?

  February 10, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
Sunset Lake Nimham, Carmel, New York

Sunset Lake Nimham, Carmel, New York


The best lesson I learned from highly successful bloggers was to field blogging feedback and figure out what works for you and your readers.


The worst lesson I learned from folks who worked jobs – and never ran businesses – was to feel:


  • defensive
  • embarrassed
  • ashamed
  • angry


in reaction to receiving blogging feedback.


Admittedly, I struggled horribly for years blogging-wise because I did a poor job of handling blogging feedback. I played small to avoid receiving negative reviews. Plus I fought a few critics here and there. One negative review put me in a blogging tailspin; immediately, the ego wanted to pull back from helping people and succeeding because gaining exposure meant receiving more negative reviews. Negative reviews felt far too painful for me to process, during those days.


I do not blame myself for reacting to negative reviews in such fashion. But I own how my mind projected these types of negative reactions based on what authority figures taught me as I grew up. People conditioned me to believe clear, confident people were highly opinionated, less desirable people at best and utter jerks at worst. I seemed influenced to do anything possible to avoid receiving negative criticism in response to anything I said, thought or did.


As you can imagine, attempting to blog successfully while being guided by this type of programming did not work out too well for me. Before I started receiving glowing reviews on my blogging course – click the link to see the positive reviews leading off the post – I fielded my fair share of criticism. My mind reverted to my childhood conditioning; anyone offering a negative take on me and what I shared was a jerkoff, clown or outright asshole who deserved not another second of my time, attention and energy. Unfortunately though, reacting to negative reviews in such wild fashion robbed me of more traffic, profits, business and exposure. Some critics pointed out blogging flaws I needed to correct. Other critics simply revealed my tender inner weaknesses to me, manifest as an abject lack of confidence.


To see where I was criticism-wise, I sat with feelings arising after reading a very old Instagram message a few weeks ago. I rarely check messages on the platform. Someone messaged me about buying one of my audio books and sharing how the producer quality was quite horrible. I chuckled, smiled and agreed 100%. I hate most of my audio books because I did not get clear on them in my mind while hiring producers, resulting in low quality offerings. Plus those folks pay me peanuts. Anyway, I trashed any mention to audio books of mine here on Blogging From Paradise and point you instead toward my far higher quality courses and eBooks.


Negative Reactions


Bloggers reacting negatively to feedback resist fears triggered by the feedback. Entrepreneurs generally become skilled at:


  • receiving feedback
  • listening closely to feedback
  • assessing whether feedback helps them and their readers….or not


At least, successful entrepreneurs do a good job fielding feedback. Less successful business owners do not process feedback as well. Some take a it’s my way or the highway approach, riding that interstate directly to the poorhouse. Other entrepreneurs fight critics as if feedback is a personal vendetta. Employees often resist being employees for fear of receiving and processing inevitable feedback guaranteed to flow their way.




I do not blame anyone for fearing:


  • criticism
  • kind feedback
  • opinions bandied about concerning their work


but business and life in general depends on interacting with human beings. Humans yield opinions. Less tactful humans offer blunt feedback regarding your work. Scared, unhappy humans offer scathing criticism regarding your work if the work triggers deep fears in their mind.


Either you develop the skill of gracefully fielding blogging feedback or go into a cyber shell and quit, not unlike a scared turtle hiding its head and limbs as perceived danger approaches. Perhaps hiding limbs benefits turtles. However, bloggers employing a similar approach never drive steady traffic and profits for all growth occurs outside of your comfort zone.


I despised reading my first few 1 star reviews. How dare these jerks skewer my work?! But careful analysis of my mind revealed how the unhappy individuals helped me. Each negative reviewer triggered fears in my mind. I needed to face, feel and release each fear to grow traffic and profits. Thank goodness critics eviscerated me early during my blogging career. Growth meets bloggers comfortable with receiving feedback. Stagnation meets bloggers resistant to fielding blogging feedback.


Be open to blogging criticism. Hug feedback. Listen to opinions lobbed your way from:


  • loyal readers
  • utter strangers
  • anyone who offers feedback concerning your blogging campaign


Some lie due to fears clouding their common sense. I recall someone whining about how my 83 page, in-depth blogging eBook reviewed favorably by 95% of happy customers was just me talking about walking dogs on the beach. But she lied because some fear in her mind blinded her from the hundreds of practical, usable blogging tips I shared spanning 15,000 words. She did not tell the truth. I rejected her feedback.


Jimbaran, Bali


But someone told me my blog design back in the day was shit. He told the truth. I felt the sting but also nodded in agreement. My developer performed the first upgrade of my blog design – for my old blog – and we hit the ground running from there. I felt good about my blog design for the first time as a blogger. Feedback put me on a successful trajectory because I listened to honesty versus taking the crass feedback personally.


Facing blogging resistance does not need to stop you. Feeling heaviness actually tends to lift you higher, above the blogging obstacle.




Be open to receiving blogging feedback.


But be discerning in trusting blogging feedback.


What feels best for you and your readers? What frees all of you? What allows you to best serve your readership while you enjoy the ride?


Allow your intuition to guide you. Simply trust your gut to free yourself and your readers by following freeing blogging feedback and letting go all else.

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