How Do You Keep Blog Followers?

  September 8, 2020 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
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Buena Vista, Costa Rica.


Keeping blog followers seems challenging.


In an ever-changing world you may fear losing readers to:


  • pro bloggers from your niche
  • different online interests
  • the world in general


Following a few simple tips turns lukewarm followers into loyal readers.


However, building a loyal blog following takes time and generous service.


Long term blog followers organically flock to genuine bloggers who do simple things for 1000’s of hours.


Quit doing simple things generously for 1000’s of hours and long term followers never stick. But if you ride out your fears and stick to the basics you will grow a large, loyal blog following.


Do not desperately attach to any single follower. New or struggling bloggers attract, 1, 2 or 3 followers then DEEPLY FEAR losing the individual or individuals. Being desperate scares off readers before these individuals grow to know, like and trust your blog.


Face, feel and release fears concerning followers to focus on enjoying the process of helping people versus attaching to outcomes or people. Trust yourself. Trust the blogging process.


Follow these tips to keep blog followers.


1: Listen to Followers to Solve their Problems


Readers follow blogs persistently if bloggers solve their particular problems persistently.


Listen to reader problems. Ask readers to share their problems. Inspire them to live their specific dreams.


Email them. Ask them questions on social media. Observe their comments closely. Observe their social media chats closely.


Create and publish content specifically tailored to solve their intimate problems. Readers will keep following your blog.


Do you have zero blog readers now? Do your readers seem shy? Pay close attention to reader problems – and topics covered – on top blogs in your niche.


If these people suffer through problems then your readers – or future readers – have the same problems. Human beings with the same interests usually have similar problems.


2: Blog About One Topic


Nothing forces readers to stop following your blog like changing blogging topics.


Followers gravitate toward consistency.


Readers follow specialists for the long haul.


Readers stop following bloggers who cover too many topics because changing topics confuses readers.


Stay on one topic. Cover the topic inside-out. Give readers a good reason to become loyal, long term followers.


Experts attract loyalty. Jack of all trades types lose loyalty. How can you increase loyalty if you change topics frequently?


The world trusts specialists. The world does not trust generalists.


Specialize to build a large, loyal blog following.


Do one thing well to keep blog followers.


3: Publish Content Frequently


Find your blog post frequency flow. Stick to it. Encourage readers to follow your blog long term.


Blog readers have some expectation that following a blog guarantees a new blog post weekly or bi-weekly, in most cases.


Publishing monthly can work but most readers tend to stop following these blogs because SO MUCH happens in 30 days.


Do most human beings want 12 blog post updates for the next year of their life? Likely, nope.


Exception; publishing super in-depth posts requiring days or even weeks of reading, study and review can allow for monthly publish dates. But  bloggers who publish this type of eye-popping content are rare birds.


Aim for weekly publish dates to keep readers engaged, informed and willing to follow your blog for the long haul.


4: Do NOT Give in to Fear


Compassionately listening to reader problems, publishing content solving their problems, staying on one topic and publishing frequently guarantees that long term followers gravitate to your blog.


But fear arises in mind as you follow this process. Do not give in to your fears or else you make common, bone-headed mistakes leading to publishing whatever comes to your mind, topic-hopping and publishing infrequently. You will never be able to keep blog followers if you do these things.


Face, feel and release fears. Proceed to follow the 3 simple steps above.


Loyal followers commit to you if you commit to blogging generously, intelligently and deliberately. Stick to the basics. Attract your blog following.




Be loyal to your readers to attract loyal blog followers.


See the journey through to build a strong blogging community.