How Do You Influence Your Readers to Trust You?

  November 5, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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Trust is the #1 blogging currency.


Bloggers who influence readers to trust them position themselves to become professional bloggers.


People trust you. People follow your blog. People buy from you. People hire you. Success flows through trust. Trusting bloggers goads you to know, life and follow bloggers.


Everything we do as humans tends to mirror trust back to us. We trust something or someone and move in that general direction.


On the flip side, if you do not trust someone you avoid that person like the plague. Humans run or even sprint away from bloggers who do not instill trust in the individuals. Observe failing bloggers. Failure bloggers fail to influence readers to:


  • know
  • like
  • trust




However, bloggers can develop the skill of influencing readers to trust them and their content. Developing this skill takes practice but first you need to be aware of how to instill trust in your readership.


How do you get readers to trust you?


Tell the Truth


Tell the truth to gain trust. Follow this simple, easy way to inspire readers to trust you. Telling the truth is the ultimate credibility builder. Readers follow truthful bloggers. Truthful bloggers gain trust quite easily.  Remember though; gaining trust does take some time if you want to do it the right way. Even though you gain trust easily you still need to be patient to influence readers from a positive vibe.


Time plus generous service equals blogging trust.


Time plus generous service equals blogging trust. #blogging Click To Tweet


Help people for free for a long time. Gradually, readers begin to trust you and your content. As trust builds so does influence. Exposure grows too.


Foolish Bloggers


Fools lie to readers because once you lose trust – and you will lose trust by lying to readers – you literally lose everything. Traffic, profits and everything vanishes the moment you lie to your readers. Lying does not necessarily mean saying something outrageous.


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Lying can be making an income claim you personally did not achieve, but do not claim.


Example; imagine creating the title “How to Make $10,000 Monthly through Blogging” if you have never made $10K monthly through blogging. The split second you teach something specific and clear you better have achieved that something or you immediately lose credibility. People click title-promises believing the blogger personally attained that feat.


Be honest with yourself and your readers. If you did not earn 10 G’s per month you learned how to earn 10 G’s per month from some pro blogger. Include the name of the pro blogger in the title to be honest. Give the blogger credit for attaining that feat. Give yourself credit for being honest. Gain trust. More importantly, do not lose trust.


How could you know how to make 10 G’s if you never made 10 Gs yourself from your personal experience? Even if you relay advice from pros who net $10 K monthly it is lying unless you literally reference the pros in the blog post title and in the blog post itself. But even at that, making a claim then directing us to another blogger and their achievements as the source of the actual claim leaves much to be desired. Why? I would just click through to the blogger who actually makes 10 G’s a month because he did it and you relayed it. Simply share your personal experiences to be genuine. People follow your blog to learn from you via your intimately shared personal experiences. Be less specific with blogging outcomes and more transparent in sharing your genuine blogging journey.


Tell the truth. Do not lie. Be genuine to make the greatest blogging impact and to gain reader trust.


Invest in Resources


Check out and invest in blogging resources to learn how to gain trust from bloggers who teach you how to gain trust. Learn from pros how to gain credibility to gain blogging credibility yourself. Investing in blogging resources gives you all the information you need to acquire to instill trust in your blogging community.


Emit a Professional Image


Buy your domain and hosting. Buy a premium theme. Create helpful content. Build genuine bonds with fellow bloggers. Every time you convey a professional, high energy image, you earn a little more trust.


Be professional to emit a pro image and to gain reader trust.


Invest money in:


  • a domain and hosting
  • a premium theme


to be seen as being credible. Own your blog to be professional. Invest in a clean-looking, premium theme to convey a professional image.


Be like a pro and act like a pro. Be taken seriously and gain trust by conveying a serious, professional image for your blog.


Readers will head for the hills fast unless you give them a clear, concise reason for people to trust you.


Give them that reason to inspire your readers to trust you.


Invest in a credible image to lay a solid foundation for gaining reader trust.


Trust Yourself


Trust yourself to observe your self-trust mirrored back to you through your readership.


Bloggers who doubt self never earn much trust because readers reflect self-doubts back to them. Would you trust someone who does not even believe in themselves? Bloggers need to trust in themselves before others trust in them.




Follow these tips to influence your readers to know, like and trust you.


Develop the skill of gaining trust to increase your credibility and to accelerate your blogging success.

  1. John Ravi says:
    at 3:31 am

    Hi Ryan,

    I completely agree with your thoughts. As a reader, I have been coming across several posts that share tips on making money and the tips are just not helpful. These websites not only break the trust of readers but hurt their credibility as well. I would never want to read a post from the same author who has lied in his or her previous posts. Also, I think it’s important for writers to only share information they are sure about. It helps in gaining the trust of readers.

    Let me know your thoughts on this.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:11 am

      Agreed 100% John. Being genuine in all we do as bloggers allows readers to feel our honest intent. From there, we gradually build trust. Everything begins with trusting yourself enough to simply tell the truth in all you do through blogging, focusing heavily on the blogging process and little on outcomes. The money-making crowd tends to erode trust because they are less than honest mainly because they fear losing money and allow that fear to color their blog, their judgment and to stretch the truth in less than dubious ways. I found it easier to be honest and to keep my credibility intact; I also slept better at night, too.

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