How Do You Handle Blogging Disruptions?

  September 18, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Cusco, Peru


Work with what you have.


I made this my blogging mantra a decade ago the moment I began traveling the world. Poor internet connections and other factors forced me to handle blogging disruptions. I received an opportunity to observe my mind in moments of alleged chaos.


I am writing this post offline because the poor connection speed consistent with rural New Jersey forced me to write offline. Practice, experience and openness taught me to peacefully write offline, enjoy offline activities unrelated to blogging or to sleep because no human can will a slow or non-connection to be fast, or connected. Mad minds complain about blogging hiccups because ego wants life to flow how ego prefers life to flow. But observing ego reveals life flows peacefully if you hone skills honoring the changeless, calm, serene, true you.


If the internet craps out just write offline. Or hike. Or sleep. Go shopping. My wife and I will shop after I finish this post. I will publish the post when the internet connection restores itself.


Spending time in rural or even remote areas conditioned me to work with what I had. I have a laptop and Word; writing posts makes sense anytime connections crap out. Jogging, shopping, sleeping or even re-thinking blogging campaigns makes sense because working with available resources instills peace of mind. Complaining about unavailable resources promotes chaos of mind. Worrying about something unavailable now instills anxiety of mind. Trust that the unavailable will be available again. Seamlessly coast through worldly change by accessing the changeless part of your mind.


Other common disruptions include vanishing clients, Google algorithm changes, Facebook algorithm changes, or any change appearing to unfold outside of your mind or free will.


If the circumstance changes just go within to cultivate changelessness in the mind. Take a deep breath. Relax. For each alleged disruption, bloggers seize 5, 10 or 20 solutions to any change, quickly. I have no idea when the internet will be restored. The farm owner uses cellular service for the internet because having someone dig a cable connection from the country road a half-mile up a long, winding driveway would cost a fortune. Cellular service in rural areas tends to be spotty at any time but especially on weekends, with increased usage. The disconnection bothers me not because I grabbed a quick solution to write this post offline.


If the internet behaves in spotty fashion today, I will publish this post tomorrow or whenever a strong connection takes hold. In between now and then I can write and prep 1, 2 or 5 guest posts. Or maybe I can do yoga. Perhaps I can read by the barn. Or I can play catch with the dog. You and I have much to enjoy if blogging online goes away temporarily. Develop the mindset altering skill of feeling changeless within as appearances change in the without. Face fear-attachments in mind head on. Do not blame change for your fear, anger, worry and overall agitation. Blame your mind. Own your emotions. Even if temporary agitation invades your mind the fears dissipate into suitable solutions.


As a rule, failing bloggers rarely engage in mind training because fear recruits failure and a general poor job of handling blogging disruptions. Complaining, worrying or waiting around powerlessly precede blogging struggles short term and failure long term. Sit with fear in mind versus projecting blame, complaining or acting helpless the moment disruptions arise.


Search within your mind. Find fears fueling the strong appearance of disruptions. Feel fears to release these emotions. Dig deeper to find the changeless nature of your mind. Peace lies here. Instant solutions lie here too. Whatever you fear losing returns in some way, shape or form. A poor or non connection evolves into a connection. Migrating clients morph into other prospering opportunities. Google shake-outs force you to write higher quality content guaranteed to increase targeted traffic and profits over the long haul.


Every alleged disruption of my blogging career led me to a decision to choose inner peace and changelessness.


Does that sound so bad?




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How Do You Handle Blogging Disruptions?



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