How Do You Get People to Write Articles for Your New Blog?

  August 5, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Yangon, Myanmar


(Updated 8/5/2022)


As a new blogger it may seem like an impossible task to get people to write articles for your blog. Where can you figure out how to find writers for your new blog? You may feel like you were on the outside looking in. Nobody knows you. Nobody trusts you. How do you get people to write for you?


Getting people to write article for your new blog may seem impossible. However, sticking to the blogging fundamentals makes your blog attractive to fellow bloggers who will readily write articles for your online real estate.


Before we dive in, let’s establish a definition for a new blog: new blogs generally have existed for 1-6 months.


Keep this time frame in mind but also know that virtually no new blog draws guest bloggers during the first few days or weeks of its existence. Good things require:


  • generous service
  • patience
  • persistence
  • time


Be Generous Patient and Persistent


Being Generous, patient and persistent inspires people to write posts for your blog. Bloggers write guest posts for respected blogs. Gaining respect takes practice, generous service and time. No bloggers land guest posts on day one or even week one of their blogging career because nobody becomes that skilled in one day or one week. But if you patiently and persistently follow these tips, you will build bonds with people who happily write guest posts for your blog.


Develop a winning blogging mindset as a newbie blogger. Think like a pro to be the calm, confident blogger who becomes a pro. Attract guest bloggers through your patient mind and generous actions.


Being generous means giving away the farm for a bit because gaining skills, credibility and exposure involves publishing detailed blog posts. Writing and publishing detailed content means giving away your best work for free. Get used to doing this for a bit before your blog becomes in-demand real estate.


Eventually, aspiring pro bloggers offer premium products and services to profit through their work but every pro continues to publish in-depth content to build on their credibility.


Learn How to Blog from Pros


Learn how to blog from top professionals.  Blogging courses, blogging eBooks and all manner of coaching exist for you to seize and use.  Read blog posts, take notes and study those notes. Make your blog desirable by learning how to blog successfully from successful bloggers.


Most new bloggers try to blog based on their own inexperienced advice. This is a mistake. People will not want to write for your blog if you do not have know how to blog. You figure out how to blog by learning how to blog from top professionals.


Istanbul, Turkey.


Learn from the best how to blog the right way. Blogging the right way draws respected guest bloggers to your blog. Hungry guest bloggers freely write and submit articles for your cyber real estate.


Resist any urge to learn how to blog from amateur bloggers. New bloggers usually make the common error of networking only with fellow beginner bloggers. How can you learn how to succeed if you mimic bloggers who do not know how to succeed?


Learn only from the best to figure out what makes blogs appealing to guest bloggers.


Practice Writing Daily to Improve Your Skills


Practice writing 500 to 1000 words everyday in a Word document, offline. Gain confidence and clarity in your blogging or writing voice. Give fellow bloggers a reason to want to guest post on your blog. I always scan a few blog posts before submitting a guest post to anybody.


I write for skilled, committed bloggers. Newbies can be skilled if you practice writing daily offline in a Word document. Put in the time. Make your blog post worthy. Attract more guests posters for your blog by honing your blogging skills.


Practice writing to publish a respected blog. Respected bloggers attract credible guest bloggers, like bees to honey. Most bloggers struggle to get folks to write articles for their blogs because most rarely practice writing. Bloggers need to publish trusted content to attract trusted guest bloggers. Build your blogging real estate into something special. Position yourself to draw in an army of loyal guest bloggers eager to publish content on your blog.


Anthony Gaenzle practiced writing diligently to run a first class blog. His impressive guest blogger tribe desired to align with his trusted blog, stellar brand and thriving business in part because he practiced writing generously for a long time.


Network Generously


This is the secret tip. This is the tip most bloggers ignore to their peril. Network generously by commenting genuinely on blogs, by promoting bloggers on your blog and by promoting bloggers on social media. Make friends. Blogging friends tend to guest post for their blogging buddies. But you need to network persistently and don’t ask for anything or expect anything for your kind acts. Being detached makes you attractive to bloggers who want to place a guest post on your blog.


El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


Network for the long haul. Good things require time and generous service. Connected bloggers helped pros sans expectations for a long time. Adopt the long game approach. Build your stable of guest bloggers by networking generously for years.


Networking attracts guest bloggers both organically and directly. Some bloggers who you meet online want to guest blog for you. Other bloggers expose your blog and guest blogging opportunities via a retweet, Facebook Share or perhaps courtesy of a backlink mention on their blog.


Keep at your blogger outreach campaign. Guest bloggers seek out connected bloggers who run reputable blogs.


Publish a Guest Posting Page with Clear Guidelines


Write and publish a guest posting page with clear guidelines. Let fellow bloggers know that you are open to guest posts. Maintain clarity and attract guests posters by putting out a loud, clear signal with your guest posting page.


I removed my guest blogging page because guest blogging is permanently closed on Blogging From Paradise. But my formerly clear guidelines allowed good matches to begin guest blogging for me and everyone else to pursue other opportunities consistent with their skillset, desires and intent.




Be realistic guys. Take your time. Generously helping people and publishing quality content by improving your writing skills takes time and persistent effort on your part. Give yourself a few weeks, then months to land your first guest poster. Anybody who follows these simple tips for a while will attract people to write articles for their blogs but you need to see the journey through. Be patient. Be persistent.


Get people to write articles for your new blog by giving them a reason to write for your blog. Remember that you need to build up your online real estate to make it attractive enough for guest posters to seek it out.

  1. Vishwajeet Kumar says:
    at 12:13 am

    Hello Ryan,

    Great Post. Practice makes you a perfect writer and improves your writing skills. I like networking with other bloggers and it’s a great way to increase your networking. Thanks for sharing these excellent tips.


  2. Jeangam Kahmei says:
    at 2:35 am

    Hello Ryan,

    Yes, I do feel that being a newbie. I guess every newbie feels the same.

    2 P’s are required to be a successful blogger, Patience and persistent and generosity. Without expecting anything as it says ‘expectations always hurts’.

    Your online real estate is growing insanely.

    Best Regards,
    Jeangam kahmei

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:34 am

      Wow that is a good one; expectation always hurts. Thanks buddy, just trying to be generous and I guess things are growing pretty nicely.

  3. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 7:23 pm

    Great post, Ryan. The piece about the guest posting page was a big one for me. I had a good deal of bloggers submitting content already, but the quality of the submissions increased significantly once I laid out the guidelines. Thanks for the mention!

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