How Do You Choose What to Let Go and Keep with Your Blog?

February 11, 2019
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You know when a day flies by and you ponder….what happened? This is me. For the prior 4 days.


Since I left the apartment in Oman on February 7th until now, I feel out of the loop blogging-wise. Time? A blur. Our travel time and acclimation to the house sit here in Turkey soaked up most of my energy the prior days. I learned a good lesson too; some blogging stuff stayed, and some needed to go, to keep me afloat during this short stretch.


Forget about blog design; a different story. I mean blogging activities. What do you deep six and what do you keep? Even clear thinking bloggers struggle a bit in this regard. I feel pretty clear but the prior days, found myself clinging to the way I did them in Oman. As Kelli reminds us, everything is energy. Energy counts most. Rather than fret, even as oodles of inspiration flowed through my dome, I put in a few hours of work, doing what stayed, and letting go, what needed to go.


Do a Blogging Activities Review


Take a deep breath now. What do you do, blogging-wise? How do you spend your blogging day? List blogging activities. See why you do what you do.


Example; for the past few days of minimal work, I wrote blog posts and commented genuinely on a handful of blogs. I have fun helping people through writing. I enjoy connecting with bloggers through commenting. So….I did what felt fun and let go all else.


Peep activities I let go the prior 4 days:


  • recording multiple videos daily
  • uploading videos to Instagram and YouTube and Facebook daily
  • engaging on social media


I let go what needed to go because time restraints dictated my release. BUT….even as I proceed here in Turkey, time in my pocket, I cannot do as much stuff I have fun doing because I spend more time doing house sitting stuff, including walking dogs for hours daily. I let go what needs to let go to make room for the:


  • most fun
  • most freeing
  • most beneficial – me and readers – activities


Did this feel comfy? Not entirely. Letting go feels uncomfortable sometimes. I have so much fun doing videos that it feels unpleasant not to be doing as many videos. But life dictates what stays and what goes, blogging-wise. Nothing bases itself on my doing anyway. All about that being, or, energy.


Be Less Concerned with Design and More Focused on Energized Activities


Guaranteed; some of you believed this was a design themed post. Nope.  Design plays a little role in blogging success but how you vibe and what you do play the ultimate role. All is energy. Blogging is an energy game. Focus on a few core activities you enjoy; create helpful content and build strong friendships by helping bloggers and expecting nothing in return.


How you vibe means everything. Blog from energies of love and fun. Not fear and tension. Love and fun knows what to keep, and knows what to let go.


Love and fun knows what to keep, and knows what to let go.Click To Tweet


Fear and tension panic about what to keep and what to let go.


You know what I will keep doing? Goading you to follow awesome bloggers like Vishwajeet Kumar Mike Allton Mapping Megan and Monna Ellithorpe. Each blogger creates helpful content and engages freely. Help them. Increase your blogging success.


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