Blogging as a Career: 7 Ways to Profit

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Pedasi, Panama


(Updated 6/9/2022)


Most people start blogging as a career with professional aspirations.


Wanting to make money through blogging is OK but most bloggers begin their online campaign without a sound strategy to follow.


I flopped like a fish out of water for years because I did not blog like a business person from day 1 of my online career.


After struggling horribly for a bit I slowly learned how to boost profits through my blog.


I want to share a few tips to help you begin a profitable blogging career. Mixing practical blogging tips with mindset advice offers you two missing links completely ignored by most bloggers.


Glancing at blogging statistics reveals that more bloggers than ever seem to be diving in to the online game. Why do so many bloggers fail to go pro? Most wing it. Some follow smart advice for a bit before quitting blogging. A select few amateurs follow sound blogging advice for a long time to become professional bloggers.


Follow these tips to begin blogging from a profitable mindset.


Learn from Professional Bloggers


Learn how to blog successfully from pro bloggers.


Pros know how to blog. Follow their lead. Learn from them. Let go all other blogging advice because most tend to offer mediocre or failing advice. Since the failure rate for bloggers appears to be high simply accept how most bloggers offer less than helpful advice.


Professional bloggers teach you how to go pro. Follow their strategies. Put their tips into action. For example, I Googled “blogging tips” yesterday to sift through page 1 results for timely blogging tips from professionals. Scanning posts yielded gems for me to seize and use.


Continue to learn from pros. No one blogger knows it all. Wise bloggers become perpetual learners. Learn from pros to begin blogging the right way.


One lesson pros teach is to help people with free content.


Check out this video for an important reminder:


Help People with Free Content


Buy Your Domain and Hosting


Purchase your domain and hosting.


Invest in your blogging business.


Buying your domain and hosting purchases some credibility for you before you write and publish a single word through your blog. Observing a branded domain name gives readers confidence before feasting on your blog content. Owning your domain proves that you have serious blogging intentions. Investing in premium hosting improves the user experience. Premium hosting solutions serve fast-loading blogs to make for seamless reading.


Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru


Running a profitable blog begins with blogging intelligently from the first day of your career. Invest in credibility. Earn reader trust. Buy your domain and hosting.




BFP 526: Why You Should Never Use a Free Blogging Platform


Train Your Mind on a Daily Basis


I wish someone shared this blogging tip with me 15 years ago.


I would have avoided financial headaches suffered through my blogging campaign.


Money is in consciousness. Beginning a profitable blogging career on the right foot means:


  • thinking
  • feeling
  • acting




Training your mind goads you to think, feel and act abundantly.


For example, an abundant blogger invests money in their domain and hosting. However, a poverty conscious blogger uses a free hosting solution to give blogging a shot. Abundant bloggers position themselves to build a profitable blogging business. Poverty conscious bloggers barely make a penny because if you make poverty-driven blogging decisions you make little to no money online.


Train your mind. Meditate. Do yoga. Observe your mind as it is. Read and do the lessons. Experiment with these tactics. Find what resonates with you.


Begin blogging abundantly. Set a rock solid foundation for a prospering blogging campaign. Train your mind on a daily basis.


Never Burn Bridges Save Calamitous Situations


Frequently, I made money blogging *after* running into blogging resistance. One time, I flipped out, became angry, got nasty with a client, and wrote him off. I literally fired him. But he apologized to me. He wished to work with me. I immediately apologized for acting like a jerk to him. We bonded. I worked for him again. I had a blast prospering while working with him.


NEVER write anyone off for good unless the individual has turned vicious, nasty or hate-filled, for a sustained period of time. We are human. We have moments. Never write anyone off unless you two simply do not vibe with each other. This happens.


Some blogging friendships feel seamless and effortless. All flows easily. No disagreeing. No discord. All good. But some blogging friendships encounter disagreements, and maybe even a little fighting or bickering. For some odd reason, these moments of non-resonance seem to yield sweet blogging profits for me. I learn lessons like: be compassionate, be forgiving, be relaxed, and suspend judgment, if someone disagrees with me or even criticizes me.


Be Open-Minded


Be open-minded. People can expand your mindset, alerting you to a new, more profitable, way. Or people simply test your clarity.


Some people simply will never be matches for your products and services. Listen to your intuition. Let them go gracefully. But some people are good matches, yet, you need to display more confidence, compassion and kindness, to yield sweet fruit for both parties. Intuitively, you’ll know who needs a kinder, gentler, more deft, touch, for developing profitable blogging bonds. No set rule exists for releasing folks or for working with folks. Trust your gut.


I write this post to simply alert you; never run and hide if a client or customer offers negative feedback. Never write someone off if their guest posting rules seem different from your writing style. Perhaps you eventually find a profitable meeting ground. Or maybe a blogger bends their guest posting rules for you, based on trust, friendship, and mutual understanding.


I think back to eBook sales, course sales and freelancing profits I earned by working WITH and not AGAINST people who I did not align with 100% as far as blogging styles.


Do not fight or judge people who share a different strategy than you.  If they have a good heart, and if they are kind, see if you can work with them by finding a meeting ground. Perhaps you change your style a little bit, and maybe they change their style a little bit, and you both work together, to profit.


Find a middle ground. Be flexible. Being open to change – to benefit both parties – proves to be a prospering venture. Never see things solely through your vantage point. Work with clients and customers. If things get a little bumpy roll with it. Be patient, persistent and most of all, be open to a new way of doing things.


Exit Your Comfort Zone


Leave your comfort zone. I felt incredibly uncomfortable working with folks who nudged me out of my way of blogging, based on their rules or desires or strategies. But working with these folks – even though I felt super uncomfortable doing so – helped me profit online.


All growth occurs outside of your comfort zone.


For example, I set aside 30 minutes to update and re-publish this blog post even though doing so feels uncomfortable to me. The ego tried to scare me into ignoring the post (nobody will read it anyway, why waste your time?, etc….) but I edged into discomfort, felt these fears and go the job done, anyway.


Doha, Qatar


Scanning page 1 results on Google reveals how in-depth posts with numbered titles grab most blog traffic through the search giant. Adding details to this post to increase its depth along with crafting a search engine friendly title increases the odds of ranking this on Google. But even if the post does not rank it drives more people to Blogging From Paradise because every popular post here follows this basic recipe:


  • publish an in-depth, detailed post filled with practical tips
  • hit 1200 to 1500 words or longer
  • create a clear title based on a how-to post or list post


The money you seek sits outside of your comfort zone. Reach out of comfort to collect your blogging paycheck.


Follow These Practical Blogging Steps


Think Like an Entrepreneur


Think like an entrepreneur.


Treat blogging as a career path by thinking like a business person.


Thinking like an entrepreneur immediately sheds the amateur blogger label from your mind even if you appear to be an amateur. Most think of themselves as just being a blogger. But no one can make blogging a career by downing the activity as being insignificant.


Entrepreneurial bloggers make smart career moves. For example, an entrepreneur who blogs buys their domain and hosting, bonds with pros and follows pro advice because they realize the career potential of blogging.


Think, feel and act like an entrepreneur who blogs. Adopt the right frame of mind to make blogging a career.




3 Tips to Sprint from Employee to Entrepreneur


Publish SEO-Optimized Content


Publish SEO-optimized content to:


  • increase passive, targeted Google traffic
  • boost credibility
  • attract organic blog traffic


Position yourself as a leader in your blogging niche. Make blogging your career by doing a smash up job with every blog post that you publish.


Long-form blog content establishes credibility. Publishing detailed content proves that you know your niche well.


Going pro becomes easier if you focus on quality over quantity. Publishing one in-depth, 1500 word post topping Google makes a greater impact than publishing 20 thin posts not optimized for SEO.


Do a fabulous job with each post to lay the foundation for a prospering blogging career.


Engage in Genuine Blogger Outreach


Engage in genuine blogger outreach to become a professional blogger.


Connected bloggers slowly rise to the top of their niche because blogging friends amplify your reach exponentially.


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka


For example, after publishing a blog post your blogger friend network:


  • reads the post to increase your blog time spent onsite (this metric affects SEO)
  • publishes genuine blog comments to add blog content and to improve engagement
  • tweets the post
  • shares the post on Facebook
  • drops links to the blog post


Connected bloggers become career bloggers if they monetize their blogs intelligently. 10, 20 or 30 blogging friends do amazing things working together to co-create success for all. One blogger can only do little by themselves.


Practical Tips


  • comment genuinely on blogs from your niche
  • promote bloggers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • drop backlinks to helpful blog posts via your blog
  • email bloggers from your niche asking how you can help them


Help bloggers. Ask for nothing in return. Get connected. Increase your blogging success by building your friend network.


Monetize through Multiple Income Streams


Open multiple blogging income channels to become a professional blogger.


Pros who blog as a career tend to receive money through multiple income streams.


Opening multiple streams of income:


  • boosts blogging income
  • safeguards you from income channels closing down


Consider these profit streams:


  • engage in affiliate marketing
  • write and self-publish eBooks
  • create online courses
  • offer coaching services
  • offer consulting services
  • be a freelance writer
  • sell ad space
  • publish sponsored posts




Establish a granite-like foundation for your professional blogging career.


Enjoy the sweet freedom of becoming a professional blogger.


Blogging as a career choice requires a different line of thinking.


Think like a pro blogger thinks now even if you are an amateur.


Step toward a prospering blogging career.

  1. Morris Grand says:
    at 7:22 pm

    Hi Ryan, you’ve cut right through the chase here: Learn from the PRO’s because they’ve figured out what works! It sounds so simple but when we truly internalize this perspective, it changes how we learn blogging. My coach always says: “My secret to success is getting the best help I can get.” That’s exactly it: Get help from a pro, a person who’s figured it out, and then implement what they teach.

  2. Ayush Mishra says:
    at 12:35 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    You’ve shared the most accurate tips that actually help beginners or anyone who wants to make his blogging career profitable. It is important to leave your comfort zone and start thinking like an entrepreneur because blogging is a serious business. Publishing original SEO-optimised articles are also very important and monetize with multiple options like Affiliate, Ads, and many more. Thanks Ryan for this guide.

    Your Buddy
    Ayush Mishra

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