How Do Bloggers Make Money?

  December 30, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read

Bagan, Myanmar


Most new bloggers ask:


How do bloggers make money?


Financial gain does tend to pop up in mind as one blogging driver. This makes sense for anyone living a worldly life.


Bloggers make money through all types of delicious channels.


Monetizing possibilities are genuinely endless.


Let’s tackle this question in a few different ways.


Bloggers make money through various income streams.


Bloggers make money by adopting a certain energy.


Bloggers make money by doing certain things.


Income Streams


People seek ways to profit.


Of course, bloggers seek income stream ideas for profiting.


how blogging makes money

From one of my many trips to Thailand.


Possible blogging income streams:


  • affiliate marketing revenue
  • online course revenue
  • consulting revenue
  • coaching revenue
  • sponsored post revenue
  • eBook revenue
  • advertising revenue
  • Google Adsense revenue
  • paperback revenue
  • audio book revenue


Income streams serve as receiving channels. So, income streams are just ways to actually receive money, through payment processors like Paypal or direct deposit to your bank account.


Sabina at World of Freelancers prospers by teaching people how to profit through freelancing. Janice at Mostly Blogging prospers through various channels.


I make money through multiple streams of income. Bloggers tend to open many income streams to maximize their income potential. But whether you open a single or multiple income channels, focus on creating and connecting to lay the foundation for a prospering blogging campaign.




Scouring Blogging From Paradise reveals multiple streams of income. Courses, eBooks and a Paypal donate link grace this blog.


Someone may invest in my course. Another reader invests in my eBook. Other readers send me money via Paypal.


Opening multiple streams of blogging cash flow gives you increased opportunities for prospering but also detaches you from any single stream. If you do not worry about trying to force income through one specific channel you blog generously, patiently and persistently. Blogging with this abundance mindset allows you to prosper.




Money flows to you based on your energy related to money.


From one of my trips to Costa Rica.


All profits – in life – begin building on an energetic level.


Money is energy.


Develop a harmonious relationship with the money. Of course you make oodles of money when in harmony with money.


Successful bloggers visualize riches, feel wealthy and make a full time income through blogging.




As within, so without.


Your predominant mental picture and feeling backing the picture simply comes true on the physical plane.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to feeling rich. Riches flow to you through your blog and various other channels.


Recently I profited through a series of familiar and unexpected channels. Money found me because I affirmed how money loves me, and how I am a magnet to money. I affirmed until I believed the statement to be true, and it came true as money reached me via multiple channels.


Observe a Top Pro


Observe John Chow.


His energy created the wealth. Of course, his energy concerning money manifested as profitable ideas he executed from a calm, confident, chill vibe. I listened to 7 and 8 figure bloggers speak at Affiliate Summit East; including John. Every blogger on stage noted blogging from a relaxed, chill vibe, blogging for the fun of blogging. Massive wealth found these folks because they vibed a prospering, abundant energy offline, and online, while blogging.


Top bloggers cultivate a prosperity consciousness.


Harmonize with money. Feel rich in mind. Focus on financial wins through your blog, and offline.


Make money blogging by focusing on wealth and by feeling wealthy. Money will keep finding you in increasing amounts.


Money actually takes care of itself if you care for people. Focus on the process. Allow outcomes to manifest. Get lost in helping people freely. Skills, exposure and credibility gained position you to increase blogging income through multiple channels.




Taking certain actions from a calm, confident, abundant, chill, casual, detached feeling, certainly leads to blogging profits.


From my 3 month trip to New Zealand.


Bloggers make money by maintaining a certain vibe and moving into calm, clear, relaxed, specific actions.


Create and Connect


Creating and connecting are 2 core activities consistent with profitable blogging.


Create content to share your knowledge with the world. Readers buy your stuff, hire you or click your ads based on valuable knowledge you share through creations like:


  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • videos
  • podcasts


Pro blogger Corey Hinde frequently educates his followers by publishing helpful blog posts, videos and tweets. He prospers because he is a generous teacher. Pro blogger Vishwajeet Kumar prospers by teaching readers through his multiple blogs. Pro blogger Sayem Ibn Kashem shares his knowledge freely across multiple channels. Helping people forms a rock solid foundation for any professional blogging campaign.


Inspire your readers. Uplift them. Focus on success. Keep things positive.


Remember; your energy dictates your riches. Create from a chill, confident, knowing energy, and you will profit.


Connect with the top bloggers in your niche. Read their posts, invest in their blogging courses, hire them to coach you and promote top blogging pros.


Top Pros


Top pros:


  • teach you
  • inspire you
  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • hire you


all leading to increased blogging profits.


How Bloggers Live their Dreams


I have lived in exotic spots like Bali, Fiji, Thailand and Costa Rica for months at a time.


From my 1 month trip to Qatar.


My energy is the sole factor in living my dreams because:


  • the properly energized, specific actions I took helped me become a full time blogger
  • the hours I spend daily offline relaxing and chilling out emit an abundant, prospering vibe that increases my blogging income
  • the income streams I chose – based on my energy – helped me become a pro blogger.


See Yourself in a Successful Light


Did you know that I just re-created and re-released my blogging course?


How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs


Check it out if you want a guide on how to get featured on sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur.


In the course, I stress how mindset plays a chief role in landing features on top blogs. Seeing yourself as successful in your mind precedes success in your physical experience.


Bloggers make money by seeing themselves – in mind – making money. First, you imagine yourself profiting. Then, you feel free as you picture yourself prospering. Then, the free-feelings of profiting influence you to take action. Listen to these action prompts. Take action. Position yourself to profit.


Action prompts vary for everyone. My intuition guided me recently to:


  • delete all of my eBooks from Amazon
  • upload all of my eBooks to Selz and Gumroad
  • re-create and re-publish my blogging course on Gumroad


among other nudges.


Each idea and action prospers me because taking each step is part of my blogging journey. Perhaps your journey feels different. But if you honor intuitive nudges on seeing yourself prospering – in your imagination – you will also be guided to profit through simple yet sometimes uncomfortable actions.


Pro blogger Hassaan Khan carved out a prospering niche for himself by becoming a highly-skilled ESL blogger. He has published a few posts on how to become successful blogging-wise if English is your second language. Pro blogger Donna Merrill noted recently how after a super challenging year that she emailed her list to keep them in the loop. She saw a strong response because her intuition guided her to not only build a responsive, loyal list but to wade through discomfort to maintain contact with her subscribers.


High level, iconic entrepreneurs often note acting on:


  • intuitive hunches
  • inner guidance
  • their gut


even if the hunch seems illogical in terms of logical business sense. THESE gut urges are where the:


  • money
  • freedom
  • expansion
  • fulfillment
  • service


is because the money is actually in your consciousness.


Money appears to be out there but it is really in your:


  • generosity
  • patience
  • persistence
  • mind


….then simply mirrors back to you, via blogging profits accumulated through various channels.


It is like every body out there is a puppet or mannequin, mirroring your beliefs back to you, behaving based on your mindset.


Profit by strengthening your mind. Evolve from a poverty consciousness to a prosperity consciousness.




I hope you enjoyed this little guide on how bloggers make money.


Feel free to share your thoughts below.

  1. P V Ariel says:
    at 2:44 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    What an amazing and informative share।
    Well explained the different methods to make money blogging। I too wrote an article on similar lines, under the title “Can we make money blogging?” On my website pvariel dot com।
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Janice Wald says:
    at 5:27 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    How exciting to find myself included here; thank you! You gave a comprehensive overview of all the ways bloggers make money. With this wide array of opportunities, there is something here for everyone. Great job and a great way to round out 2021. Off to share!

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