How Comfortable Do You Feel Around Blogging Success?

  March 5, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Sunset, Playa Potrero, Costa Rica

Sunset, Playa Potrero, Costa Rica


I recall a few things from earlier blogging days.




  • felt completely surprised when I made money blogging
  • felt highly uncomfortable being around, chatting with and observing highly successful, professional bloggers
  • felt highly uncomfortable being around successful people in any field


Point blank; I feared success. I felt highly uncomfortable, awkward or even embarrassed about success because I:


  • believed I did not deserve to be successful
  • had been conditioned to put rich, powerful people on a pedestal many levels above me
  • felt ashamed that other people seemed freed by success and I felt bound by depression, poverty and failure.


Of course, since I feared success I naturally self-sabotaged at every possible turn. Blogging became one big struggle not because I did not care about blogging, or did not commit to blogging. I worked quite hard. But I worked from a scared, poverty conscious energy and did things broke people do. I simply failed terribly solely because I feared the blogging success I falsely believed I wanted. I did not want to be a pro blogger at all from that energy; it was the last thing I wanted.


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I faced many deep fears, felt the fears and proceeded not to crave success but to BE as successful bloggers BE before going pro. I had fun generously creating and connecting. I monetized through multiple income streams. Everything seemed to come together more easily for me but only because I:


  • owned
  • faced
  • embraced
  • felt
  • released


my deep fear of blogging success.




Do you fear blogging success? How do you feel if someone buys your eBook? Shocked? Ashamed or embarrassed because you fear the customer will be disappointed by your work and will publish a negative review? Do you feel awkward around wealthy, highly successful bloggers in offline and online settings? Do you feel uncomfortable around wealthy, highly successful people in any field? Own those feelings as clear markers; you fear success. Success scares you in some way because if this were not the case you would feel comfortable, relaxed, calm, clear, confident and prospering around wealthy, successful people and any time you made money online or experienced increased success.


Feel Humble and Grateful Not Uncomfortable and Shocked


The next time blogging success knocks on your door, feel humble and grateful for the success, not uncomfortable and shocked. Address any uncomfortable, surprised, non-deserving emotions. Did you ever feel shocked on receiving your paycheck at a 9-5 job? Heck no. Nor should you feel shocked at increased blogging profits and business; you generously worked so you deserve to receive money. Feeling humble allows you to realize how freeing, good-feeling success flows to generous servants. Feeling grateful allows greater blogging success to flow to you. Everything depends on your take of the world, through the prism of your mind.


Clear fears around success by assessing who taught you to fear success. Little kids readily gobble up whatever they can get their hands out. But parents, brothers, sisters, extended family, friends and society impress insane ideas like:


  • money is the root of all evil
  • rich people are dishonest
  • poor people are the only honest people
  • successful people are gods, or a different species than everybody else


onto the minds of little kids, poisoning their consciousness, programming them to fear success as they grew up.


I had to rid myself of these false, limiting ideas to be free to succeed.


Prepare yourself to do the same if you fear blogging success.


Go Back in Your Mind


One uncomfortable but freeing strategy involves going back deep into your mind to reveal discomfort surrounding success.


For example, going back into my mind revealed people I grew up around putting successful people on a pedestal. I seemed conditioned with the asinine idea that success was for this lofty lot but not little old, piss ant, worthless me. Even though none of these moronic ideas ring true I had to access each form of madness in my mind to face, feel and release these limiters in order to feel clearer and more comfortable around blogging success.


Digging deep into the mind does not feel like a picnic sometimes. But since you cannot outwork your limiting beliefs you need to trigger, own and release these unpleasant ideas to feel good about succeeding versus believing your success is accidental, or dumb luck.


Everything is in your mind.



  1. Tanish Shrivastava says:
    at 11:50 am

    It might be arrogant, but I don’t feel fear from successfull. Each time someone comments on my blog, or even leaves a criticism, a thrill of excitement goes through my body, since I often think “Oh, what would they have to say? What kind of things would they suggest me to improve myself?”

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