How Blogging Success Goes

  November 9, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Inle Lake Myanmar


Do you want to understand how to become a successful blogger?


Do simple things generously for a long time.


Imagining taking 10 million tiny steps over years to succeed versus attempting to take 1 BIG STEP over 1 day to succeed. Most bloggers fail because most want to hit a grand slam in a day to succeed fast versus hitting singles daily for the next 3 years. Trying to succeed quickly by taking one big swing results in failure and quitting 100% of the time. Making contact daily by hitting persistently singles over years leads to success.


Logically, everyone reading this post knows it takes practice executed over years to succeed online. Emotionally, fear in the mind tries to convince you that:


  • writing one viral post
  • publishing one viral video
  • working 18 hour days for 1 week


leads to quick, easy blogging success.


But fear is an illusion. Illusions are not real. Fear scares you into failing and quitting because:


  • 1 viral post
  • 1 viral video
  • 7 days of 18 hour blogging-work days


does not precede stunning success. Each fear-based activity leads to failure and quitting……because…..


successful blogging is taking millions of tiny baby steps spanning years of your life.


successful blogging is taking millions of tiny baby steps spanning years of your life.Click To Tweet


Every little:


  • blog post
  • guest post
  • genuine blog comment
  • @reply on Twitter
  • Message on Facebook
  • retweet
  • Facebook Share
  • eBook tweet


slowly, steadily and sure adds to your blogging success. Tiny, simple actions grow into something special after 5,000, 7,000 then 10,000 blogging work hours because a viral online presence evolves out of each simple, tiny, basic action.


Look at this image:



Google Ryan Biddulph


530,000 search results appear.


530,000 search results is 15,000 blogging work-hours since 2007 doing tiny, simple, basic things. Most of those things were easy to do physically but some seemed scary to do, emotionally. I just kept:


  • writing and publishing blog posts
  • writing and placing guest posts
  • tweeting
  • responding to @replies on Twitter
  • commenting genuinely on blogs
  • promoting my blog posts
  • promoting my eBooks
  • promoting my courses


for 15,000 hours since 2007.  530,000 search results NOW is 15,000 hours of blogging work doing simple things since 2007.




I recorded this video to remind you:


How Blogging Success Goes


If fear dominates your mind, you become completely blind to this truth. Fear cannot see reality. Fear believes that you can do in 1 day what I needed 15,000s in 14 years to do. Fear deludes you. I practiced for a long time doing simple things to be the blogger I am today. You will need to practice a long time doing simple things to become a successful blogger.


Do simple, basic things for a long time. Take tiny steps. Take baby steps. Publish a text-only update related to your blogging niche on:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


today, then tomorrow, then for the next 365 days. Do this simple, basic, easy thing even when fear in your mind tries to make doing this simple, basic thing feel uncomfortable, unpleasant or difficult. At the end of 1 year, you will have published 1,095 valuable, text-only updates related to your blogging niche. Imagine how much success you will experience after 10 years and 10,000 updates on social media. After 1000, 5000 then 10,000 updates, blogging success will accelerate exponentially but only because you took tiny baby steps daily over a long time.


Do simple things for a long time.


Take baby steps for a long time.


Becoming a successful blogger involves taking many blogging baby steps executed over many years.


Do not fear taking many little baby steps. Be patient. Create a vision for your blogging life. Give yourself time to see how you intend things to be. Getting a clearer vision gives you patience in baby-stepping your way toward success. If you know where you are headed and feel confident in arriving why would you panic about taking baby steps? Knowing that you will arrive gives you clarity in baby-stepping your way toward your blogging goals.

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