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What’s in My Suitcase? How a Digital Nomad Packs to Travel the World (Amazon eBook)


So….what’s ya packing for your next trip?


I am probably packing 2 week’s worth of clothes. In a medium sized suitcase.


Toss in a Chromebook, smart phone, backpack and few other items and I am good to go.


But sometimes going bare bones when you are a newly minted digital nomad feels tough. Nobody likes to let go. We all have our attachments.


This is exactly why I wrote an eBook; to help you tackle the difficult packing situations that all long term travelers face, when deciding what to keep, and what to let go.


Grab the eBook here guys:


What’s in My Suitcase? How a Digital Nomad Packs to Travel the World (Amazon eBook)



How Reading the eBook Helps You


Anybody traveling for months or even years at a time learns the ultimate lesson. Letting go helps you grow. Letting go also helps you become sane. Letting go lightens the energetic and physical load.


Good deal all around.


But we adults do a terrible job letting go in most regards. We attach to stuff. We love our tech. We love having enough clothes to wear through the month, just in case laundromats are scarce in the region where we are traveling.


You love your favorite shirt. Or your favorite 15 shirts.

Hue Vietnam

But 6 months into your trip, when you are beyond disgusted lugging around your 50 pound, monstrously-sized, massive piece of luggage, plus your overstocked backpack, you are ready to quit traveling.


Your attachments literally weigh you down physically and energetically.


I wrote this eBook to help you pack appropriately for a long term journey. Long term meaning some 6 to 12 months or more.


You will get tips for packing the right amount of clothing, as well as the work stuff and money stuff you want to keep in mind before you prep a long haul trip.


Let’s take a look at the chapters.





1: Clothes Stuff

2: Money Stuff

3: Work Stuff

4: Passport Stuff

5: Essentials (Maybe?)


The clothes stuff. What you should take, based on the climate of the destination. Volume, laundry frequency, and all that good stuff to keep in mind before you hit the road.


This is an important chapter guys; I recall going bonkers carrying around a refrigerator sized suitcase at the beginning of our trip filled with enough clothing to last a nuclear winter. The thing literally burst at the seams; I carried around a broken piece of luggage for a trip or 2 before I could find a decent store to buy an even more decent suitcase.


Past the clothes stuff, you have to keep your money packing in mind. It’s not all about value. I share what you should do to prep your finances pre-trip.


Aha, the work stuff. A biggie for digital nomads. This chapter is about preparing for any work-related items to pack for your long term journey. You may need to leave some tech behind based on your travel destination and your willingness – or lack thereof – concerning carrying around some major league hardware or other tech on your globe trotting journey.


I wrap up with the final 2 chapters; passport stuff and the…..essentials?


The eBook


I packed as much as I know about packing – hehehe – as a digital nomad into this Kindle to help you prep for your journeys around the world.


It ain’t easy being a long term traveler, with all the ups and downs of hitting the road for months or years. Your luggage situation can either make or break your trip…..and back.


If you know what to pack – a lot less than you initially think – you travel with grace, ease and peace from airport to airport, from bus station to bus station, and from country to country.


Grab the eBook, all you aspiring or current day digital nomads.


Get your packing game in order to enjoy your long term world travels.


What’s in My Suitcase? How a Digital Nomad Packs to Travel the World