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  November 30, 2016 travel posts 🕑 3 minutes read
Me. Flexing. Overlooking the bay from the back porch in Koh Lanta, Thailand.

Me. Flexing. Overlooking the bay from the back porch in Koh Lanta, Thailand.


A roach got affectionate with Kelli’s toothbrush.


Bats dive-bombed my dome at odd hours of the evening.


We snapped some of the more jaw-dropping sunsets…like…..ever.


Koh Lanta was good to us.


Kelli and I lazed in Koh Lanta, Thailand in 2014.


After a quick flight from Bangkok to Krabi we were hustled via mini-van to the ferry connecting us with Koh Lanta. Or, the 2 ferries. Thanks Air Asia.


When we were dropped off at a not too noteworthy spot way too far from the docks, we were a bit lost. No thanks, Air Asia.


Kelli. With less hair. Inside 'da crib.

Kelli. With less hair. Inside ‘da crib. A bit blurry with the old skool laptop camera.


Anyway, eventually KC and I made our way to the house on stilts. Or, the Thai style home built on the bay in charming Old Town.


The home was 5 times longer than it was tall. Imagine a wooden crib (home) built on pylons to weather the high tides of the bay.


I fell asleep to a late evening high tide lapping at the pylons.


I woke to brilliant sunsets, tantalizing our senses, every morning, in this lovely spot.


The Animals


A 3 inch cockroach named Hector amorously engaged Kelli’s toothbrush on a nightly basis. I did not inform her of this wonderful fact until last week. Or until a few months ago.


Not much light in the bathroom of a traditional Thai home. But Hector the Cockroach will still warm your cockles. On Kelli's lil' black bag. Note toothbrushes in the background.

Not much light in the bathroom of a traditional Thai home. But Hector the Cockroach will still warm your cockles. On Kelli’s lil’ black bag. Note toothbrushes in the background.


Bats flew in through a back porch before we sealed the doors shut for the night.


Crabs often climbed up the pylons onto the deck. Or, at night, into the living room.


A 3 foot long monitor lizard was often spotted foraging for prey – and carrion – across the street, in the dense underbrush.


We saw a few monstrously large, almost Komodo dragon-sized monitor lizards across the island by the rubber plantations.


Primitive mud skippers hopped to and fro, competitively chirping at one another as the tide rolled in.


The Dock/Deck


Visualize a back deck/dock/porch some 20 feet above the bed of the bay.


The home office in Koh Lanta, Thailand.

The home office in Koh Lanta, Thailand.


During low tide everything dried out, with Thai long tail boats resting on the rocky, muddy bed. The aforementioned mud skippers, crabs and shore birds did a deadly dance. Local Thai mined the muck for shellfish.


As the tide gently flowed in, the complexion of the environment changed dramatically.


Fisherman hopped into their long tail boats, cruising out for the day’s catch. The water lapped at the pylons, reaching up to a point only a few feet below the back porch.


I lazed on the back porch during both high and low tide, soaking up the sun, digesting a breathtaking view of the kohs – islands – in the distance along with the beautiful homes reaching out into the bay.


The Storm


A wicked thunderstorm blew through when we visited during low season.


Hurricane force winds howled through the back door.


Water blew 10 feet inside of the home.


Palm trees swayed to and fro, snapping as the wind assaulted the ever flexible flora.


Your Turn


Have you visited Koh Lanta?


    • Shakir says:
      at 11:54 pm

      Hi Ryan,
      I’ve never been in Thailand. Hope to visit it someday 😉
      Pictures that you’ve inserted in this article show that Koh Lanta, Thailand is an AMAZING place to visit.
      You had a good time there?
      Best Regards|
      ~Shakir Hassan

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 9:57 am

        Hi Shakir,

        I think you’d love it brother. And it is really close to Pakistan too. Probably get a cheap flight….a gift from the parents maybe? Just do a lot of dishes and be really nice it worked well for me when I was in my teens LOL. Yeah we had a super fun time there. Gorgeous place, fun folks, lots of nature, so relaxing.


      • Shakir Hassan says:
        at 10:07 am

        Hi again,

        Thanks for the funny tip. LOL. 😀
        Best Regards


  1. Sue Bride says:
    at 5:59 pm

    We cancelled our planned stay in Thailand 5 years ago (couple of nights in Bangkok + a week on the islands) because of bombs going off in Bangkok. Instead we spent that time in Devon and Cornwall but that was lovely too.

    A house right on the water is my idea of heaven but I’d settle for a beach box. I’d be a little worried about tidal waves in Thailand though!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:53 pm

      Hi Sue,

      I do recall that stretch when BKK was doing the bombing bit. Red Shirt vs Yellow Shirts I think. Gorgeous spot to live in and yep, Lanta did get walloped during the Boxer Day Tsunami. Many of these homes were wiped out. Including the one we stayed in. She had to rebuild it entirely.


  2. Sab says:
    at 12:35 pm

    What a beautiful view you had from the terrace… I gotta find this place! Looks fantastic!

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