High Strangeness in the Adirondacks

  September 21, 2020 travel posts 🕑 3 minutes read

Shaker Mountain Wild Forest, Adirondacks, New York State USA.


*High Strangeness in the Adirondacks*


Kelli and I just got home from a hike in a fairly remote area of the Adirondacks right before dusk, as darkness slowly crept in. Minus a few cabins on a gravel-dirt road – and the Beagle and Hare Club – no humans within miles of this 40,000 acre park, adjacent to other parks up to 100,000 plus acres. We were the only people (human) on the trail too, no others parked at the trail head.


As I was walking up a small hill, I heard a commotion ensue as leaves were rustled and tossed around, like a bunch of squirrels were dancing on the forest floor. But then a large animal took a few big steps with heavy footfalls, and I got the clear feeling: “Heads up; big animal near the top of the hill.” I also heard light grunts, like something big and breathing heavily, was foraging.


When I reached the clearing 5 seconds later, *I saw nothing*. But I could feel someone big was there. Like when you are in a room and cannot see someone in the next room but just know they are there. Can’t see them with your eyes but feel their presence type stuff.


A racket unfolded in the trees. Acorns and bark were tossed here and there. I kept walking. I still felt like something big was right there but I couldn’t see ’em.


Kelli slowly walked through, trailing me by about 10 yards. She stopped. As she stopped she felt like *someone* was right next to her, but like me, could not see anything at all. She then heard a loud, gorilla-like grunt right beside her, clear as day. I heard it too. The grunt sound was right there, right with us, but we saw nothing with our eyes.


Shaker Mountain Wild Forest, Adirondacks, New York State USA.


A foot-long piece of bark then landed a few feet away from her. Stripped from a tree and dropped to land beside her.


I could see nothing in the canopy because these are incredibly thick, deep woods. Once you peer past 40 feet it’s just a sea of green.


We stuck around. Good vibes. Curious vibes. Something invited us to relax and observe. I cannot explain it. You needed to be there.


A few moments later, we heard a series of loud, clear wood knocks no more than 40 yards away, behind the tree line. These continued on and off for about 5 minutes and could not be mistaken for anything else. Large pieces of wood being banged on trees 40 yards away. Imagine someone taking a baseball bat and beating a big pine tree. Whomever did the knocking even changed the cadence a few times, letting us know, “Yeah, these are wood knocks, not a pterodactyl-sized woodpecker”. I tried to record with the camera-audio but the knocks stopped….until 5 seconds after I shut the camera off, and they began knocking again.


Shaker Mountain Wild Forest, Adirondacks, New York State, USA.


After sticking around for 10 minutes everything settled down.


Note; Sasquatch have been routinely sighted in the area and a dude who lived close-by had running interactions with a few forest people for years. Gifting, a few quick glimpses, calls, the whole shebang.


Kelli and I never once felt scared, threatened or intimidated. We were fascinated, curious and grateful that these guys decided to give us a little display.

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