7 Tips to Land High End House Sits

  July 24, 2018 travel posts 🕑 5 minutes read

Berkeley County, South Carolina


A $5 million apartment on New York City’s prestigious Upper East Side.


An apartment 1 block from world famous Central Park West.


A Bali villa with property bigger than a football field.


A bay front home in jaw-dropping Savusavu, Fiji.


A villa mansion in Qatar.


A posh apartment in Cyprus.


Homes with mind-blowing ocean views in New Zealand.


Kelli and I have landed some of the best house sitting jobs in the world.




Luck has nothing to do with it.


Nor does having glowing references. We landed the Fiji sit from 200 applicants without having a single reference. First job.


If you are excited to land some high end house sits of your own follow these tips.


1: Get Incredibly Clear on Your Perfect Sit


We only accept jobs aligned with our perfect house sits. The tropics, or exotic areas, or lovely NYC sits when we are back home in New Jersey. No sense applying to any sit not aligned with our preferences; we have too much posture to do that. Plus we have no interest in doing average sits.


Getting clear on high end sits helps those house sitting jobs make a beeline for you. Not taking average sits also frees your schedule for doing high end sits.


I speak to sitters stunned at how we land these desired sits. Meanwhile, said sitters continue to gobble up average, ho hum sits, never creating a vacuum for luxury, in-demand sits.


Let go the average. Only apply to the best sits on earth. You will begin landing these sits based on your clarity, and on following these tips.


2: Create an Attractive and Transparent Profile


Kelli crafted an enticing, honest and transparent profile on Trusted House Sitters and other sites for us. She lays out in fun, playful fashion who we are and how we can shower your pets with love and care for your home, treating both like our personal possessions.


Homeowners handing you the keys to their $5 million apartment in a posh Manhattan neighborhood need to know you and feel like you’re a compassionate, mindful, pro house sitter. We share plenty of happy selfies, a video and ample links to our blogs and social media profiles to be transparent and trustworthy.


3: Join House Sitting Sites


Join these sites:






We get most work through Trusted. Must join site. But consider joining local sites in your country of house sit, or, in your home country. We landed all types of job opportunities by joining a Kiwi sitting site in New Zealand.


Gotta be in it to win it, guys. Join sitting sites. Pay the inexpensive yearly fee. Line yourself up to receive sits.


4: Maintain an Active Social Media Presence Doing High Energy Stuff


Kelli and I love to have fun offline. We are also serious business owners.


I betcha the 3 homeowners whom we sat for living in gorgeous spots in New Zealand preferred seeing I was a fun-loving business owner via my Facebook profile versus seeing me holding a Budweiser. Feel free to do some partying. But know that moving up in house sitting circles requires you to act like a professional.


People with luxury homes don’t want to worry about sitters having all night parties at their cribs. Knowing that Kelli and I are homebodies with successful home based businesses positions us beautifully to land the best house sits on earth.


5: Be Prompt


Kelli responds to homeowners who reach out to us within minutes usually and almost always within the hour.


Show that you are prompt. Be trustworthy. If a homeowner needs to contact you during the sit they want to know you’ll respond in timely fashion.


6: Be Professional, Personal and Polite


My house sitting secretary aka Kelli responds to homeowner emails in professional fashion. She addresses the homeowner by name and politely invites them to ask any questions they might have and to set up a call to chat whenever they want, if they want to talk to us via a 2nd response. She also addresses individual concerns of each homeowner via the message that she discerned from their profile, using pet names. No worries with Billy sleeping on the bed, or with carrying Fitzy up stairs nightly since he is getting up in the years.


Her messages instantly set a warm, genuine, peaceful tone. Perfect for landing high end sits because all the folks we have house sat for were warm, genuine, peaceful and thoughtful people.


On the flip side, you cannot talk asshole and expect to land any sit, let alone a high end sit. One luxury homeowner we house sat for noted how an applicant once responded with a 1 line message: “Will you have dog food?”


I am not kidding. Instead of warmly addressing the homeowner by name and inviting them to ask any questions and chat, this douchebag wanted to know if dog food would be supplied. Not exactly the way to impress a professional with a high end property.


7: Love Pets and Show Yourself Spreading the Love


Every high end property we cared for had a beloved pet. Or….most of these homeowners care for their homes but adore their pets.


Kinda makes sense you’d need to love pets and show pictures of yourself caring for pets to appeal to luxury homeowners and pet lovers, eh?


Plaster a slew of pictures on your house sitting profile of you showing the love with pets. Hugs. Walks. Cuddles.


Folks want to know their pets will be loved and cared for as the homeowner loves and cares for their pets.


The Wrap Up


You can land high end house sitting jobs even before you get a single referral. Follow these tips and hey; maybe I’ll see you in paradise.

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