Have You Heard of Hidden Beach in Bali?

Hidden Beach Bali


Hidden Beach.




Genuinely, a hidden beach. You need to ride about 5-10 minutes off of the beaten Jimbaran path to find the place.


We heard about Hidden Beach from a local of course. Our friend noted how we needed to see a beach known mainly to….you guessed it….locals.


This was the spot where I proposed to Kelli. I am a private guy. Makes sense that I’d choose Hidden Beach.


Hidden Beach Bali


Hidden Beach is located about 10 minutes up the road from the popular tourist spot of Jimbaran.


How you get there: drive south on the beach road – away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta and the like – until you reach a fork in the road. Turn/veer right.


After the road curves a few times you will see the entrance to the monstrously large Ayana Resort. Hook a sharp right before you reach the resort.


Mosey on down about 5 minutes. You will see the Indian Ocean to your left as the road ends at a temple. Park wherever you want. Ample space is available.


Swimming Beach?


Hell no.


This is a postcard picture perfect beach. But not a swimming beach.


Kelli and I on Hidden Beach Bali


Impossibly large, imposing rocks and rough ass surf makes for a lethal combo. You may find a few dingbats who cheat death but most sentient, sane beings avoid the water, as should you.


The beach itself requires a hike along a fairly vertical path. Take your time. The way is well traveled but a little slip and you could bust your tail.


Hidden Beach Bali

At low tide you can actually walk onto the beach. At high tide you have little wriggle room.


The Cliffs


The real stars of Hidden Beach are the mammoth cliffs.


Kelli and I enjoyed the most stunning views of the Indian Ocean from these imposing slabs.


Imagine the surf pounding savagely into limestone cliffs, feeling the thunder of the ferocious beatings as the earth shakes under your feet.


Look north to see peaceful Jimbaran Bay. Look sea-side to see the mighty Indian Ocean. Look south to see the cliffs of the Bukit.


Hidden Beach Bali


Hidden Beach is in a dry, arid area on the Bukit.


You probably do not relate the words “dry and arid” with Bali but this region gets super duper thirsty during the high season, with little rain and hot temperatures.


This is farm country.  Cattle dot the grounds.


We even saw an inquisitive cow wondering who these booles were.


Cow Hidden Beach Bali


We wandered around the more remote spots, well away from the sunset worshipers who congregate by an open area.


Bring your long pants folks; burrs do their best to tear at your skin and this is tick country, too. Getting a bit lost in the thickets brought us to the spectacular viewpoint where Kelli snapped me, the ocean, a massive cliff and a random motorbike, as the featured image of this post.


Hidden Beach Facts


  • Hidden Beach is located due south of Jimbaran, about a 10 minute motorbike ride from the popular fishing village and beachfront dining area
  • This is not a swimming beach; it is Instagram worthy though
  • If you get lost ask a local how to get to Hidden Beach; they should hook you up
  • Beware cow paddies as you navigate your motorbike around these monumental mounds on the road (see the motorbike dude below)


Hidden Beach Bali