Have You Outgrown Your Current Blogging Strategy?

December 6, 2018
Skating rink inside of mall in Doha, Qatar. We observed a semi-pro hockey game going down. I am talking official-sized hockey rink here. In the middle of a mall. Ice tends to melt in 140 temperatures. Or above freezing.
Skating rink inside of mall in Doha, Qatar. We observed a semi-pro hockey game going down. I am talking official-sized hockey rink here. In the middle of a mall. Ice tends to melt in 140 temperatures. Or above freezing.


Be consistent and persistent in following what you value.


Be flexible and open concerning how you honor those values.


7 years ago I gave most of my energy to blog commenting. A few years later I gave most of my energy to guest posting. A few years later I gave most of my energy to both creating live videos and blog posts.


Today I give most of my energy to:


  • creating posts for Blogging From Paradise
  • creating live or recorded videos for Facebook and YouTube
  • networking by sharing other blogger’s content and by commenting on other blogger’s blogs




7 Paragraph Comments Had to Go


Given what I loved doing at the time, I published 7 paragraph comments on top blogs 5-7 years ago. I tired of this though because commenting in such fashion felt heavy; I outgrew it. So I let it go.


I advise new bloggers and struggling bloggers publish in-depth comments on top blogs from their niche to grow their friend network. But I know we all outgrow certain blogging strategies sometimes.


Of course, most bloggers cling desperately to strategies long outgrown for a few reasons:


  • said blogger identifies deeply with the blogging strategy: guest posting, blog commenting, video marketing
  • said blogger built their brand on a specific blogging strategy, making the blogging technique a chief part of their blogging brand, including it in their tagline
  • said blogger fears readers will vanish if the individual lets go the technique and moves in a different direction


The blog-o-sphere is littered with skilled, talented, dedicated bloggers who desperately clung to old, worn out blogging strategies best released. Many of these bloggers fail for months or years after seeing success or burn out and quit blogging due to losing their passion, a passion that could be rekindled by exploring new, refreshing, fun ways to spread your word.


I remained true to:


  • blogging mainly for fun
  • blogging mainly to help people


because each value means everything to me. Remain true to your values. Always.




…..I have worked and released a steady stream of strategies for blogging over the years because we are fluid, flexible beings living in a world of change.


After letting go blog commenting I went on a guest posting blitz, having fun and helping people. After letting go guest posting I went on a video blitz, having fun and helping people. I currently work BFP posting, video marketing, and networking through social media and blog commenting but am subject to change because….life is change, and if you flow with the change you outgrow certain strategies, to make room for new, fulfilling strategies.


You Are Not Growing if you Outgrow Nothing


No highly successful blogger does today what she/he did 10 years ago because growing involves remaining true to your values but being flexible in your approach to honoring those values. If I still published 12 paragraph comments on top blogs for the past 3 years I’d have been burned out, disgusted, and I’d have struggled horribly. Growth would have ended because I would have been clinging to what I outgrew.


But since I let go in-depth blog commenting I continued to grow like a weed because I dove into guest posting for over a year. I then released guest posting to make room for video marketing, becoming a dynamo in that area.


I let go posting daily on Blogging Tips months ago but hopped in to publish a handful more posts recently. Yesterday I fully realized I may be done guest posting on the site. Good run. Maybe I publish an odd post here and there, but I instantly felt 10 times better, lighter and energized to let it go.


I never say never but know when I will pull back from a blogging strategy for months, for years, or forever.


3 Important Distinctions


Firstly, if you chose network marketing, avoid opportunity hopping from one company to the next every few months, or yearly. Doing so guarantees you lose your credibility.


Secondly, give one blogging strategy some time before moving on to a new strategy. I prefer devoting 1 year to a strategy that feels fun, freeing and fulfilling before I decide to move on. You cannot outgrow what you never grew into, in the first place.


Thirdly, in most cases, 1 fundamental blogging strategy remains true over many years, aka, the entirety of your blogging career: writing and publishing posts to your blog. If you get sick of that, being totally fed up, you either chose a niche you don’t feel passionate about or should consider quitting blogging.


Wrap Up


Guys; let go what you outgrow. Feeling bored, listless, and like blogging is a complete drag indicates it’s time to move in a new direction strategy-wise.


Experience increasing success through your fun-love. Boost your energy. Be passionate, patient and persistent, holding what you value near and dear to your heart.


Ensure you keep growing as a blogger to let go what you outgrow.


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