Have You Broken Free of the Employee Mindset?

  November 21, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

From my 1 month trip to Cyprus.


Are you ready to leave your 9-5 job?


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In Chapter 1, I discuss how to start your journey, providing you with tips for retiring. One tip – which may or may not be in the eBook – is to stop thinking and acting like an employee and start thinking and acting like an entrepreneur.  Making this shift feels uncomfortable because fear surfaces in the moment you think like a business owner and stop thinking like an employee who works for someone else.


I developed initiative to become a professional blogger. Being forward thinking, flexible and intent on growing business felt like a quantum leap from my employee days of someone telling me what to do.


My jobs removed any concept of initiative from my consciousness. I had to do what I was told and no more. Doing more seemed silly to my old co-workers. Why in God’s name would you do more than you were paid for? Letting go this mindset was a big block for me because for years as a blogger, I thought like an employee, carefully and stingily metering out work, observing if I received financial return for my work.


Employees usually work for a set time, get paid, then completely forget about work. Entrepreneurs love their ventures and rarely need to take their mind off of work because the work is the reward. Work feels fun because being truly helpful is the reward. Focused entrepreneurs take work breaks but dive back into work quickly because work is fun for themselves and others versus being toil for a paycheck.


Money Outcomes


Employee level thinking logically equates 40 hours per week of work to a set amount of money flowing to them every pay day. But being a blogging entrepreneur means working for free – for a long time – to gain skills, exposure and credibility in order to go pro. Work for free. Earn trust. Prosper. Prospering never comes before the work, nor does prospering occur weekly during your early blogging career.


Think beyond today. Think beyond the paycheck. Entrepreneurs generously help people, have fun rendering service, and the money does come, eventually. Plus the money comes with increasing ease as you generously help people daily for years because you will be:


  • skilled
  • seen all over your niche
  • perceived to be credible


because of the 10,000 to 15,000 blogging work hours you execute.


Practical Tips for Shifting from Employee to Entrepreneur


  • blog mainly for fun
  • blog mainly for freedom
  • make the blogging work of helping people be your primary reward
  • surround yourself with thriving professional bloggers
  • let go struggling bloggers from your friend network
  • develop an abundant mindset
  • invest in resources to go from employee to entrepreneur
  • focus heavily on the process of creating and connecting
  • become comfortable with giving yourself orders by developing an ambitious streak
  • never look for permission to succeed
  • develop your emotional intelligence
  • slow down and calm down


Being an entrepreneur demands you to let go employee level thinking. Stop waiting around for a weekly paycheck. Develop a vision for your dream life. See what you work toward to let go any need for instant gratification. Every entrepreneur you ever worked for did not net a steady profit for a long time during the building phase. Build a rock solid foundation for your blogging business. The money can and will arrive if you put in the time and work now to thrive down the road.


Think like an entrepreneur. Leave employee thinking behind. Prosper.

  1. Navin Rao says:
    at 6:16 am

    Great read Ryan, certainly something is stopping me to become a full time blogger. Need to figure that out and get rid of it.

    Although, I work a lot even being a part time blogger. But, still need to think about it.


  2. Mudassir says:
    at 3:09 am

    Indeed, an inspiring blog post for aspiring full-time bloggers. After cover blogging skills, it goes beyond the money; connecting with lovely people, having fun, loving what we do, learning new things, etc.

    Sometimes, the subconscious limits the thinking, we have to work on it and extend our thinking levels to see ourselves grow.

    I am working on it, Ryan.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:32 am

      Working on this too here Mudassir 😉 Our employee patterns have a strong hold on us folks who have or currently work jobs.

  3. Daniel says:
    at 2:20 am

    Good read. Sometimes it is very hard to change the employee mindset to entrepreneur mindset, especially if you already have been an employee for a long time.

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