1 Secret to Blogging And Life Happiness

April 19, 2018



Bye bye, Facebook Live. For a bit at least.


I seem to be happy most of the time – and am happy most of the time – because I am really good of letting go stuff that doesn’t feel loving, fun and fulfilling almost instantly.


I’ve no problems energetically stopping on a dime.


Watch this video from The Shire in Opotiki New Zealand to be happier, healthier and more prospering.


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Please do drop the link in the comment here Tom; let’s spread the word on it. Explain it in detail. Do not hold back, so we understand it clearly. I’d love for you to do so; this benefits our full community. Thanks man!

  2. Tom Watts Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I know you’re busy, and to be clear, I wouldn’t expect a full on review, any promotion from you or collaboration with BFP – unless you express an interest for that in the future. For that reason alone, I haven’t mentioned the name of the service, or the URL, publicly on your blog, and wouldn’t do so without your permission.

    What I’d like, if your schedule allows for it, is for you to just spend a few minutes checking it out, as you would any other new service, and then give me a quick, private, objective opinion on it. If you’re schedule still doesn’t allow for that, then I completely understand and I’ll drop the topic. I just wanted to make sure that what I was saying was clear in terms of me not wishing to use you or your brand in any way to promote the service, and purely that what I’m looking for is someone whose opinion I trust to provide a little feedback on something that’s relevant to them.

    As I said, I fully understand if you don’t have time, and the topic can certainly die here; there are never any hard feelings.

    Also, forgot to say it last time, but stay safe on those roads! Those cars are doing way over 50…


  3. So happy you’re excited about it Tom! I cannot review it now – sked a bit busy buddy – but I guarantee you’ll succeed. Hands down. Why? Your energy makes it impossible not to succeed. Thanks man!

  4. Tom Watts Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    This was a great video. Again, doing things for happiness as opposed to pleasing others is something that really when I think about it, I also learned from you. It’s not worth spending time and effort working on something that you’re not enjoying, because at some point you’re going to break and stop doing it. Since learning it and reinforcing it with myself a few years ago, it’s something today that I apply to most things I do.

    Man, you touched on something at about 6 minutes in, and again at the end of the video, that gets me super excited. You mentioned that readers/watchers should be following you on the blog itself (because social media doesn’t always show the right information at the right times). You should always be following bloggers on their blogs primarily for the best content. This is an issue I discovered almost 3 years ago, when I was working on growing my own blog. Not only was I having a hard time telling my readers about new content, it was seriously difficult getting new readers to find me. I wasn’t enjoying it for that very reason – except, in this case I didn’t stop doing it completely, and instead I decided to make a solution to the problem.

    What you said specifically gets me very excited, because I have spent the last 2 years building something that combines social media and blogs in a way that no other service currently does. I’m just a few days and some bug fixes away from screaming from the rooftops about it, and I really would like your opinion on it.

    This project is extremely important to me, it’s my baby, and I couldn’t begin to tell you the time, effort and problem solving that has gone into it so far. But, what really matters to me are the people I want to help with the service, and the people that I hope will enjoy using it. So, if you’re open to giving it a try and if possible giving some feedback I’d love to have the opportunity to talk to you more about it.

    Thanks Ryan,

  5. Me too Julie; former small time hoarder here but letting go is so freeing. What views indeed my friend!

  6. I haven’t been feeling Some things in my DMO and I used to be a hoarder but I am learning to let go now. I will miss your Fun FB Lives but I feel you. And what a gorgeous view! 🙂

    Much Love


  7. Thanks Donna 😉

  8. Hi Ryan,

    Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! If you are not feeling it indeed you can drop it on a dime. That’s why we love following you. I must admit I’ll miss you on FB but will be following you wherever you go.

  9. Thanks brother!

  10. Hassaan Khan Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I agree with you. We must let go of things that aren’t fun anymore. I like that instinctive decision-making and going all in. Already left a comment on YouTube and subscribed to the channel.

  11. Will do and thanks BG 🙂

  12. I think the key is to get super clear on your intent – whether blog or Facebook – then your audience flows to you there Monna. Definitely gotta follow our fun for sure. Thanks!

  13. Thanks Lyna! Great to see you here.

  14. LYNA DOLL Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Making choice and let go the feelings!
    Missing the Live video on Facebook, Ryan…. okay,I’m learning…and learning from you here.😀

    Much love from me too,

  15. Hi Ryan,

    A bit of sadness that you will not be on FB live everyday but I totally agree with you about if it’s not feeling right for you, then don’t do it. Isn’t that why we do what we do in the first place?

    I think the FB lives, for anyone keeps people away from the blogs. If we can watch on FB and I’m ashamed to admit it but why go to the blog?

    I know you’ll still be around, sharing as you always do.

  16. BG Jenkins Says:

    This is great advice. Thank you so much for your time. We do know where you are. Have a hood day.