Cameron Highlands Malaysia


Guide to Cameron Highlands for Digital Nomads


The Cameron Highlands, in Malaysia, are well known for their cool climes, hiking and above all tea products. The region allows one to take a break from the hectic city life, close to nature in a fresh and clear environment, in order to regain control of their mind, body and soul, all in one go.


Cameron Highlands, today, is dominated by the lush green forests, an abundance of hiking routes, plenty of waterfalls and a diverse population of budding digital nomads. So stash away your camera and baggage, bring out your laptop and head to this idyllic hill resort of Malaysia.


Cameron Highlands is located about 150 km from Kuala Lumpur, and 20 km east of Ipoh and roughly a 4.5 hours drive away. There are good bus services to the Tanah Rata bus terminal from Kuala Lumpur. A small walk from the bus stop will take you most of the guesthouses in the vicinity. Cameron Highlands is also easily accessible from Penang, which is roughly 3.5 hours by road, both by bus, taxi and car rental. All information can be found on Traveloka Malaysia website and various ways to travel within the islands.


The Cameron Highlands have tremendous potential as a hub for entrepreneurs and digital nomads to work in an extremely tranquil environment. Compared to other neighbouring countries, like Thailand for example, the visa restrictions in Malaysia are much more relaxed. Visitors are allowed to stay here for 90 days in a stretch as opposed to 30 days in Thailand.


Cameron Highlands Malaysia


The life of any digital nomad is exhausting, as it involves a never ending struggle to get good coffee and an equally good Wifi connection. Here in Cameron, things are improving and coworking spaces for digital nomads provide an ideal platform to exchange ideas and offer friendship over new network connections. For a small fee, these unique workspaces offer the professional digital drifter a chance to do business in a profitable setting.


The Arundina Cameron Highlands is strategically located at Tanah Rata, the largest township here, near to the bus station, banks and eating outlets. The Wifi is first rate, and the rooms simple and clean. Another highly recommended place is the Nova Highlands and Residence in Tanah Rata. The rooms are moderately priced at 40$ for two, and are within walking distance of the main attractions of the city. Comforts, such as, TV and good Wifi are included.


Cameron has plenty of staying options, with hotels and apartments in Tanah Rata and Brinchang being ideally located. For larger groups the apartments are clean, comfortable and extremely affordable. Wifi connectivity is reasonable in most places and excellent in all the large hotels. Many guesthouses have dormitories, which charge as less as RM 15 per night. Some of the popular ones are Father’s Guesthouse and Gerard’s Place. Its recommended to book cameron highlands hotel online for the best deals.


As far as attractions are concerned, the countryside here resembles England quite a bit. The tea plantations and the colonial architecture are reminiscent of an English vacation. Another exciting  draw for visitors is the strawberry gardens, which can prevail only in these rare weather conditions found nowhere else in Malaysia. The traditional culture of the English is still found intact in the tea and scones which can be savored only here.



During weekends, the night market is very popular, as a perfect place to buy fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.


Hiking is very popular in Cameron Highlands, with numerous nature trails starting from the town itself. There are two good trails up to Mount Jasar and the Parit waterfall.


There is much to explore here, but for the budding digital entrepreneur, nothing could compare more than a satisfying cup of tea, while doing business overlooking the endless horizon.