Blogging For Business: 5 Steps

  June 5, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 9 minutes read
Allaire State Park, NJ, USA

Allaire State Park, NJ, USA


Blogging for business is quite unlike blogging as an amateur.


Developing the proper skillset to go pro requires a different frame of mind unknown to amateur bloggers.


Thinking and blogging the right way for a bit positions you to build a successful blogging business.


Before we proceed I wanted to share a personal experience to explain how to not grow your blogging business.


Someone commented on one of my guest posts recently.


He congratulated me on my guest post. He proceeded to promote his business via a lengthy comment. I applaud his business. I appreciate his hustle. But he went about growing his business the wrong way. He tried to grow his blogging business by promoting his business in the wrong spot.


Blog comments need to relate to blog post topics. Comments off topic seem to be spam to virtually all bloggers. Business-themed comments not related to blog post topics seem to be spam 100% of the time.


Do you understand how to grow your blogging business?


Resist the error of trying to promote your business opportunity in the wrong spots. Help people for free through your valuable content. Earn their trust. Trusted bloggers organically grow their business because readers who see you as credible hire you and buy your eBooks, courses or whatever you offer professionally.


Follow this basic primer:


  • help people for free through your content
  • persist
  • be patient
  • increase your skills, exposure and credibility
  • grow your blogging business the right way


1: Help People for Free through Your Content


Publish in-depth, detailed blog posts to help people for free through your content.


Optimize posts for SEO to drive Google traffic.


Helping people for free through blog content convinces individuals to trust you. Trusting readers buy your products and hire you to expand your blogging business.


Stop promoting your blogging business with all social media updates. Resist the urge to turn your blog into a running commercial for your products and services. Share value to become valuable.


Be generous. Spend 3-4 hours or longer writing, editing and publishing a detailed blog post. Even though short form content can build trust long form posts seem most attractive to readers and Google. Sharing what you know in great detail convinces readers to follow your blog diligently. Loyal followers help to build your business venture.


Embody this mindset: give all to all.


Give it all away on the content creation front. Charge for business products and services of course but publish deeply detailed resources for blog posts to grow your business slowly but steadily.


Publish 1500 word or longer blog posts. Build each post around a long tail keyword for your blogging niche. Add headers to make for easy scanning. Create short, punchy sentences divided between short paragraphs to improve user experience.


Link internally to relevant posts from your blog. Link externally to relevant posts published to authority blogs from your niche.


Share blog posts to targeted blogging communities like:



Add appropriate hashtags to blog posts on Twitter. For example, blogging tips bloggers may add the #blog, #blogging and #bloggingcommunity tags to target readers. Targeting readers grows your blogging business by drawing interested people to your blog.


2: Persist


Persistently publish detailed content.


Business does not grow on one viral post alone in most cases. In incredibly rare cases, one viral post can lead to big blogging profits but even in these rare scenarios the blogger persistently created content to develop skills.


Bloggers gain trust by persistently honing their craft. People trust skilled bloggers. Skilled bloggers patiently practice writing and publishing in-depth content spanning 1000’s of hours over years of their life to grow a thriving blogging business.


2 Howler monkeys who hung around the house/hut/haha shack in the jungles by Bribri, Costa Rica. I preserved 'em via a photo. But neither belonged to the guilt pee pee party. Capuchin monkeys in a different part of la selva used me as a Simian Toilet, their fine urine mist cascading gently onto my dome as I hiked into town.

Buena Vista, Costa Rica


For example, I spend roughly 2 hours writing and publishing a 1500 word, SEO-optimizing blog post now. But I only have this ability because I persistently wrote and published millions of words on my blog since 2008.


Grow your business by being the model of persistence. Intend to publish 1 in-depth blog post weekly or every 2 weeks. Be seen. Stay in the stream. Google ranks blog resources brimming with helpful content. Never attach to one blog post. Move on to creating the next blog post.


Prospering blogging businesses grow on the fully body of content work.


3: Be Patient


Top bloggers are the most patient bloggers on earth.


Being patient grows business because a lag time exists between creation and blogging business.


For example, Google favors aged domains. Ranking on page 1 involves patiently publishing detailed content for a long time until Google algorithms judge your blog domain to be reputable. Google demands that you put in work and time to earn your search engine stripes.


Time serves as a critical element in building your blogging business. Being immensely patient is the only way to make it through the necessary time stretch without:


  • panicking
  • freaking out
  • bailing on a proven system too early


As a rule, almost all bloggers bail on proven strategies too early because 8 out of 10 bloggers struggle, fail and quit. If anything, this number appears to have increased since the original stat hit the wires in 2012 because instant gratification infects society at greater levels today.


People seem as impatient as ever because:


  • the internet
  • phones
  • technology in general


appears to give people what they want as quickly as ever.


Of course, desiring what you want fast as an aspiring kills your patience, damages your reputation and destroys your blogging business potential. Blogging does not work like getting information instantly on your phone. Getting targeted traffic and profits requires 1000’s of work hours executed over years, quite unlike getting something through your phone after a split second query yields instant results.


Getting targeted traffic and profits requires 1000's of work hours executed over years, quite unlike getting something through your phone after a split second query yields instant results. #blogging Click To Tweet


Be patient. Relax. Train your mind. Face your fears. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Being patient conditions you to never expect overnight success. Being patient also reveals how good things take time combined with generous service.


Blogging business takes time to grow because no human possesses full:


  • confidence
  • clarity
  • posture


to begin blogging with a fully-developed skillset.


Every blogger needs to practice blogging to reach professional levels of credibility.


Be patient to build your blogging business on a rock solid foundation.


Going pro takes time in order to practice enough to be really good at various aspects of blogging.


Video: Do Not Be So Quick to Give Up on Blogging


4: Increase Your Skills. Exposure and Credibility


Skilled, credible bloggers seen in many spots grow thriving blogging businesses.


Money flows to skilled bloggers who gain exposure and credibility in the process.


For example, if someone purchases a blogger’s online course the blogger had to persistently, patiently and generously publish in-depth content to be:


  • seen
  • heard
  • trusted


Skills do pay the blogging bills but only if enough highly targeted people see the skilled blogger and deem the blogger as being credible.


People need to trust you to buy your products. Readers need to trust you to click on your embedded ads. Followers need to find your content for the first time before reading your blog for a long time. Becoming skilled, seen and trusted is not an easy task but if you keep at blogging you can become skilled, seen and credible enough to become a professional.


Why would a fellow blogger help you grow your blogging business by endorsing your blogging eBook?


Pedasi, Panama

Pedasi, Panama


The fellow blogger trusts you as being a credible blogging resource. Without a doubt, the blogger only found you because you worked patiently and persistently to gain both skills and exposure. Eventually, when the blogger promotes you to their loyal, targeted following, some of their readers buy your eBook to grow your blogging business.


I recall when a high profile blogger endorsed my first blogging eBook to her readership. My sales increased almost ten fold compared to normal daily sales because she perceived me as being skilled and credible. I also gained enough blogging exposure to be seen by her.


Practical Tips for Gaining Skills, Exposure and Credibility


  • publish detailed content to your blog
  • comment genuinely on blogs from your niche
  • guest post on blogs from your niche
  • promote bloggers from your niche through social media and your blog to build your friend network


Put in the work and time now to profit now or later.


The process is simple but the work becomes challenging sometimes.


Remember why you blog. Tie the reason to fun and freedom. See the blogging journey through to grow a prospering business.


5: Grow Your Blogging Business the Right Way


Observe this blog post. Readers digest the post. Some readers trust me after reading the post. Other readers buy a blogging course or eBook from Blogging From Paradise.


I help you for free. I help you for pay. People trust me based on helpful free content I publish. People see me as being credible. People buy eBooks and courses from credible bloggers.


Build your blogging business based on attraction. This is the right way to grow your blogging business.


Practice. Develop skills. Help people through content. Be patient. Be persistent. Earn trust. Increase profits to boost your blogging business.


What Is the Challenge?


Generously, patiently and persistently creating content consumes 1000’s of hours spanning years of your life. I see this as a challenge. People want results yesterday. Bloggers desire overnight success. Spamming follows. Quitting follows.


Observe the spammer whose comment I deleted a few moments ago. Spammers do not want to develop the skills necessary to build your blogging business the right way. Time is precious; impatient, desperate, greedy bloggers convince themselves spamming is a time-saving strategy to boost blogging profits. But spammers struggle for their entire spamming run. Either spammers learn their lesson and stop spamming or keep spamming and struggle forever.


Blogging the right way purges fears on your journey. I faced, felt and released deep money fears building my blogging business the right way. No one avoids facing fears blogging the right way because every human doubts themselves sometimes before money shows up.


Imagine blogging for 6-12 months without earning a penny. Imagine earning $500 after a year of publishing 1-3 blog posts daily. Both seem to be clear possibilities because pro bloggers report each scenario.


Good things take time and generous service. Money flows in slowly, responding to increasing skills, exposure and credibility. Either embrace the discomfort to eventually go pro or quit. Everything depends on your willingness to see the journey through. Everything rests on your full commitment to doing things the right way for a long time to grow your blogging business.


Either do it the right way to grow something special or do things the wrong way to struggle, fail and eventually quit.


Blogging itself cares not because blogging simply gives you what you give blogging. Blogging is the ultimate mirror. Watch blogging reflect back to you whatever you give to blogging from an energy and time perspective.


Help people for free through your content. Imagine if the spamming blogger wrote a collection of helpful blog posts. People would buy his stuff and hire him based on the quality of his content. Attraction marketing increases blogging business passively. People buy your stuff or hire you based on the quality of your content.


Doesn’t that sound more effective than spamming bloggers?




Be generous, patient and persistent.


You can and will succeed online but growing a thriving blogging business takes time, work and trust in self and the blogging process.


See the journey through.


Go pro and be a shining blogging example too.

  1. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 2:29 pm

    Spammers spend so much time dropping comments on blogs only to get block. And even the comments that do slip through and viewed with skepticism from readers. I’ve never once read a spammy blog comment and thought, “I need to click that link and see what it’s all about.” Sometimes dropping a link into a comment makes sense – when it adds extra value and isn’t spammy or overly promotional. That’s a rare case though.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:32 pm

      As I check your comment I see 7 fresh, new spam comments from when I last checked comments 30 minutes ago. No one reads these. Odd how people do not seem to learn.

  2. Janice Wald says:
    at 11:49 am

    Hi Ryan,
    In addition to continuing to grow my blog, I am now trying to grow my YouTube Channel. I read and learn but keep meeting stumbling blocks although I think I’m following all the tips I’ve read and heard. I know when I met similar blogging challenges, I overcame them, so I am hopeful I can do the same with YouTube growth.

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