Great Responsibility Comes BEFORE the Power

January 15, 2019
On Amazon. The eBooks. Not the cat. Linked to my eBooks of course. Meaning if you click on this photo, you can shop. My responsibility to do so.


I read this post from icon Seth Godin at Positively Positive:


The Spiderman Paradox


Brilliant. I am a fellow contributor on Positively Positive. My post just went live. You can dig for it. I shine the spotlight on Seth. How did I gain the platform to reach millions of human beings? I spent years taking on the great responsibility of helping people, serving people, loving people and solving problems BEFORE I gained the power, when I was a seeming nobody.


Do you think it is easy to publish posts persistently when 3 people visit your blog daily? That was me 10 years ago. Not comfy, but I took on greater and greater responsibility, before I:


  • made a dime
  • got 10 people to visit my blog a day
  • landed a customer or client
  • created income streams
  • saw any hint of success


Guys; you can take on as much responsibility now, as you would like. Your choice. Your decision. With great responsibility, taken on years and years and years, eventually, after years of generous service, comes immense blogging power. First, you help tons of people for free. That is pleasure. You follow your blogging passion, right? The work is the reward. I teach you this in my eBook. 


Then, as you keep helping people, your power increases, two-fold:


  1. you develop powerful skills through practice, over years
  2. you develop a powerful network of friends, by serving them, said friend network leveraging your presence and expanding your reach far and wide


Example; I generate substantial traffic through guest posting, blog commenting and publishing post here. I drive a wee bit of traffic on Soundcloud, though. Top podcast yielded like 60 listens or someone. But I built my friend network, by helping people, befriended Alonzo, he invited me to chat on his podcast, and now I see the most listened to chat with my name attached registered 58,934 plays, here:


How to Connect with Online Influencers


The 58,000 plays is 20 years of responsibility, generous service, clarity and detachment. The power happens after you choose to take on great responsibility, when no one appears to be listening, and you do not make a dime, blogging for the joy of blogging.


The power only increased and platform grew only after Alonzo and I took on great responsibility for many years of our lives. No pay day for a while, either. Powerful people help people for free, for a long time. Everybody else looks for the quick buck blogging, or quits, and works a job.


My Young Blogging Padawans; today, you can promote 10 people on your blog. Increased responsibility. Increased service. Choose to publish a blog post, or 2 videos. Everybody thinks responsibility is:


  • getting paid more
  • boosting your income or salary
  • working longer hours


Nope. Increased responsibility is:


  • helping more people 1 to 1, for free
  • helping more people through bigger platforms, for free
  • helping more people for free, for months, then years, NOT panicking and shrinking from responsibility if the money or traffic ain’t flowing in freely


You are not Spider Man. No radioactive bug bites you, giving you instant, super hero powers. Follow your passion now. Make your work, the reward. Taking on extra responsibility is a blessing, not a burden, if you blog your passion.


Taking on extra responsibility is a blessing, not a burden, if you blog your passion. Click To Tweet


Promote people on your blog.  Promote people on social media. Grow your skills. Grow your friend network. Grow your power. Be generous. Janice is incredibly generous and works a full-time job to boot. Follow the lead of generous, helpful, authentic bloggers like Enstine who always seems to be promoting me, who allowed me to write a ton of guest posts on his blog and who wrote a few gems for our Blogging From Paradise community too.


Now THAT is power; persistent generosity, increased responsibility and dogged persistence.

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