Got a Good Blogging Idea? Jog with It

January 12, 2019
Bahla Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Oman.


I enjoy jogging nightly here in Nizwa, Oman. Runs morphed into jogs. For a good reason.


I can jog virtually daily, if desired, because I go slowly. I go slowly so I keep going. Energy flows, I become more muscular, overall wellness expanding. Walks? Yep; do ’em too. But jogging benefits me because I keep going, nice and slowly, creating energetic momentum.


Running would be a bit much. Of course one can run daily – many do – but the amount of resting, toil, bodily wear and tear one deals with running daily….screw that. Been there, done that, 20 years as a bodybuilding-fitness type. Nope. I jog. Immensely enjoyable. Plus I keep going.


Do you have a good blogging idea? Jog with it. Snag it, but go slowly. Calmly. Patiently. Generously. Persistently. I mean, the actual actions themselves. Build stunning success momentum long haul by jogging slowly, short haul.


Example; a few weeks ago I nabbed a sweet blogging idea; promote my blogging buddies frequently on my blog and publish more posts. Rather than fear-drive myself with sprinting toward ridiculous goals, like posting 30 times daily or mentioning 30 friends per post…..I jogged. No sprinting with the idea because blogging/working speedily and frantically is fear. Running is fear too, blogging-wise. If you hurry, you fear. No sense horse-shitting yourself about inspired action; inspired action is love, and love is slow, steady, peaceful, patient and persistent. Like a drip-drop.


Swords at Nizwa Fort. Different than Bahla Fort. Many forts in Oman.


Excitement is fear. Feels happy, and feels good, but excitement blows its wad quicker than deli meat roasts on the street here in the deserts of Oman. When is the last time you got a good blogging idea then worked like a mad blogger in a panicked, hurried, mad frenzy, rushing, hustling, going faster and faster, sprinting, running, then crashing and burning and getting frustrated and angry and hopeless, because the inspiration was really fear and the service was really self-service and you mucked up a good, prospering idea by invenomating it with fear-hurry-panic-force versus slowly nurturing it with love-calm-peace-power?


I go slowly. But I keep going. Follow my blog. See how much content I publish? See how many eBooks I promote? Love-calm-generosity-jogging here. I blog super slowly now so I appear to be 40 billion miles ahead of most bloggers 3 years down the road. Slow down your work. Calm down your mind. Freaking jog. Even walk, if you must. Blog with love, compassion, and a fun-feeling spirit that readers love.


We need more joggers in the blog-o-sphere.


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