Do Your Blogging Goals and Blogging Skills Match?

  March 21, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
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Ambition proves to be a strong prod….


…..up to the point where it creates delusion.


Do your blogging goals and blogging skills match?


Do you set realistic goals based on your current skillset?


For example, imagine being a new blogger who sets an ambitious goal to publish one blog post daily. Do your blogging skills match that goal? Do you write 600 to 1000 words like you breathe? Or does writing one post daily sit well outside of your blogging skillset?


Beginner bloggers tend to fail for allowing ambition to delude the mind. The ego wants big success but has not the skills to execute effectively to mine that level of success.


Success is progressive.


Success flows to bloggers slowly, steadily and patiently in response to the appropriate skills increase.


Overreaching leads to burnout, failure and quitting.


Stop trying to get rich quickly. Let go wild ambitions. Be realistic. Appreciate the organic nature of blogging. Patiently develop your blogging skills. Write 500 words daily offline to gain confidence and clarity. Allow your writing skills to flourish gradually.


As your writing confidence and clarity increases you will have the ability to write and publish one blog post daily. But just because you develop this ability does not mean that you should publish posts daily. Trust your intuition on this one. Listen to your blogging gut.


Trade Expectations for Working the Process


A hefty majority of new bloggers harbor some blogging expectations. Some crave quick riches. Others desire enough money to cover bills.


But all bloggers holding clear expectations tend to struggle because you cannot succeed while being weighed down by these energetic anchors.


For example, the only way to succeed as a blogger is to patiently practice writing.


Becoming a clear and confident writer:


  • drives blog traffic
  • increases blogging profits


Working the process of creating problem-solving content yields success.


However, heavily expecting any traffic or profits from each piece of content you create robs you of:


  • blogging practice
  • being generous
  • being patient
  • being persistent
  • being detached


In essence, expectations destroy blogging campaigns because giving precedes success and if you worry about getting you do not give freely for a long time.


How can you practice writing for hours daily if you spend hours worrying about your blogging results?


Generous, patient and persistent bloggers succeed. Everyone else fails.


Match Your Goals and Skills


Match your blogging goals and skills.


Align your blogging goals with whatever skills you seem to possess.


Publish one post weekly as a new blogger. Match your goals with your new blogger skills. Consider increasing blog post frequency only if you practice writing diligently. Each goal upgrade needs to partner with a skills upgrade, courtesy of your patient practice.


Matching goals with skills promotes organic blogging growth. Gradually increasing your skills through diligent practice gradually increases your blogging goals. Imagine blogging success behaving like a slow, steady drip. Become a little more skilled. Expand your goals. Experience a little more success.


Beware Overreaching


I wrote 10,000 words daily during a prolific stretch of my blogging career. I eventually needed to network more freely to accelerate my blogging success. Naturally, trying to write 10K words daily while networking freely would have been a serious overreaching.


I possess some writing and networking skills but cannot write 10K words daily and network for hours without burning out.


Beware overreaching as your blogging skills increase in different areas. Keep doing one thing exceedingly well. Add a few things here and there to round out your blogging campaign.


Good Things Take Time and Practice


Observe professionals in any walk of life.


Pros patiently practiced during amateur days in order to go pro. Each amateur matched their skills with goals to be patient.


For example, when I first observed Lebron James play as a high school sophomore he flashed amazing skills for a young kid but he never could have become the top player on earth based on his 16 YO skills. Even though he was perhaps the most skilled 16 YO baller ever he patiently practiced for years to round out his game. Patiently practicing for years allowed him to become the best player in the world while winning multiple NBA championships.


Lebron may have set long term goals but he organically saw his goals materialize only because he patiently practiced to perfect his craft.


Good things take time and patient practice.


Take Your Time


Take your time to blog the right way.


Allow your skills to develop organically through your persistent practice. Become a little more skilled each day. Increase your confidence. Get clearer.


Baby step your way to blogging success.


No blogger succeeds via one massive quantum leap.


Skills grow slowly through diligent practice.


Blogging goals expand slowly based solely on your skills development.



  1. John Jo says:
    at 10:53 am

    Thank you for these really helpful tips, we have been updating all our blog posts and you made some really interesting points!

  2. Sabina says:
    at 3:15 pm

    Another awesome post, Ryan. 🙂 All of your advice here is great. You’re the most prolific blogger I know of. I would love to be prolific as well but accept that I am not. I love this line: “If you worry about getting, you do not give freely for a long time.” That is true not only of blogging but of everything in life. Your posts always ring so true about not just blogging but life. Also, absolutely stop trying to get rich quickly. Ain’t gonna happen. 🙂

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