Do You GIVE Blogging Business or Try to GET Blogging Business?

  April 17, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA


90% or more of folks I meet on social media who run businesses try to GET blogging business from me.


Bloggers tend to pitch me their business before we have formally met. Some copy and paste 5 paragraphs explaining in clear detail their business services, along with a query asking me if I need their services. None of these people endorse me. None promote me. None buy my blogging manuals. None purchase my blogging courses.


Checking my:


  • inbox
  • profile
  • spam queue
  • trash queue


reflects how 9 out of 10 people have no interest in giving blogging business.


Roughly 10% of folks I see try to:


  • build my blogging business
  • grow my blogging business
  • promote me
  • buy my blogging manuals
  • buy my blogging courses
  • endorse me
  • co-create with me


Of course, this 10% becomes:


  • wildly successful bloggers
  • pro bloggers
  • happy bloggers
  • serene bloggers
  • detached bloggers
  • trusting bloggers
  • clear bloggers
  • leading bloggers


Giving blogging business grows your blogging business to professional levels. Helping bloggers to grow their business grows your business through the mirror effect of life.


Whatever you give freely and clearly you *gradually* get freely and clearly.


If you want to succeed help people become successful by serving them with no strings attached.


If you want to fail try to GET business by SHOVING YOUR BLOGGING BUSINESS DOWN PEOPLE’S THROATS from a heavy, attached, desperate, frenzied energy.


Everything reflects your mind back to you.


Panicked bloggers spam people to fail permanently.


Frenzied bloggers pitch people their business for hours daily to fail permanently.


Trying to get blogging business guarantees that you never get blogging business. People avoid desperate bloggers. Folks skip out on frenzied bloggers. Selfish bloggers make no money. How can you make money if you never prove to people that you care about them? How can you care about and help people if you attempt to shove your business services down their throat without listening to them and observing their problems?


Give business. Buy products. Hire bloggers. Endorse bloggers. Promote bloggers. Everything you do to help grow a fellow blogger’s business grows your business through the mirror effect of blogging. Being generous increases your skills, credibility and exposure to professional levels.


For example, SharlaAnn Matyjanka comes to mind as a generous, genuine blogger who helps give business to other bloggers. She purchased one of my eBooks that I am aware of. SharlaAnn shares my posts on Twitter. She comments genuinely on my blog. She is blogging the right way.


The more you help people for free the more people you help for pay over the long haul. The more you help bloggers freely the more supportive blogging buddies you befriend. Bloggers with large, loyal blogging buddy networks slowly but steadily observe increased:


  • traffic
  • profits
  • business


through the efforts of their blogging buddy network.


Practical Example

Check out this post:


On Facebook, the post generated:




without me:


  • paying 1 cent for advertising
  • using manipulative marketing methods


You will notice that most bloggers get 0 Likes and 0 comments per post. Facebook seems to be a ghost town for most bloggers. However, I replaced those blogging tumbleweeds with a bustling blogging metropolis.




I genuinely, patiently and persistently built my blogging friend network. My blogging buddies:


  • promote me
  • endorse me
  • spread the Blogging From Paradise word
  • amplify my blogging success


Without a strong blogger friend network on Facebook you will only receive zero to one or two Likes per post. Patiently building your network increases the Likes to 5, 10 or even 50 plus for some posts. Receiving more post Likes increases post visibility. Boosting post visibility positions you to increase blog traffic and blogging business.


Everything begins the moment you give blogging business.


I patiently helped my blogging friends grow their businesses for a long time. My blogging friends have helped grow my business.


Genuinely, this is a simple process. But you need to face your fears to put the needs of other bloggers above your own needs.


Give business!

  1. SharlaAnn Matyjanka says:
    at 8:15 pm

    Thanks so much for the shout out Ryan. It gets frustrating sometimes dealing with the email and DM pitches from people you have never heard of before for services or guest posts etc.

    If new bloggers took the time to build genuine relationships with pro bloggers they would learn so much about the business. They would start to understand that success doesn’t happen over night and would be able to let go of the desperation that causes them to follow through with such nonsense.

    Thank you for continually and generously showing us how it’s done.


  2. Martin Pavey says:
    at 4:06 am

    Happy and Serene bloggers are indeed rare but that’s what you should aim for!

    Most never reverse-engineer the process – if you want people to comment, share, etc. on your way, it is vital you do that for other people.
    Otherwise, it’s hypocritical and egotistical.

    Most also miss the vitally important aspect of online business building – the establishment and nourishment of RELATIONSHIPS.

    There’s nothing wrong with enlightened self-interest but it has to start with you.

    Thank you Ryan, it’s an honour and a pleasure to have discovered your work. I’ve already learnt so much from you.

  3. Tanish Shrivastava says:
    at 1:40 pm

    I try to give a platform to the rising bloggers, who have just started in a year or two. Of course, I’m not limited to those bloggers specificly, but they are the majority.

    This worked out well for me, for people enjoyed reading their interviews, and these articles are the most popular on my blog. I see it as a win / win for both of us. They get to talk about their craft, and I get more readers.

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