Getting over the Fear of Big Bugs in the Tropics

  April 7, 2019 travel posts 🕑 3 minutes read

All about the Benjamins baby. In Pong Noi, Thailand.


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I just met a massive cockroach named Benjamin. He is a nice guy.


He scampered to my right as I did dishes here in Pong Noi, Thailand. He may be the biggest cockroach I have seen. Saying something. I have seen hundreds during 8 years of circling the globe. Most times, in the tropics.


He is a good 2-3 inches. He is thick. He is friendly, polite and engaging. I do not fear him. Shit; I do not find his disgusting. Seeing a roach of his length and girth is like seeing a squirrel cross my front lawn in New Jersey. OK; maybe not exactly the same, but ho-hum, no big deal.


Most humanoids feel terrified or repulsed to see such big bugs. I released that deep, pulsating, horrifying fear of big bugs that most humanity clings to. Especially Westerners. Yeah; you Westerners rarely see these big bugs unless you live in the Deep South or maybe the Gulf region, from Texas on east.


Here is what I did to release the fear so I can calmly wash dishes and write posts with Benjamin watching me. Yes; he is still watching me.


1: Face the Fear Again and Again


I have seen hundreds of roaches during my travels. After you face a fear hundreds of times you almost have to be insane to scream and cry, for you have already faced the fear so much. Shit becomes routine. Ho-hum stuff.


I recall seeing my first roach in Bali. Wow. I did not see anything like that in New Jersey. Plus the sucker moved fast. Plus I noted roaches flying in spots like Cambodia. Wow. Double wow.


Being around roaches so much I simply accepted the fact that small or big roaches live with me in the tropics. Either you stop traveling, or you get used to roaches after being around roaches hundreds of times.


2: Face DEEP FEARS Aligned with Big Bugs


What fear horrifies most humans? Being touched by a big roach. Or having a roach crawl on you.


OK; happened to me twice. Once I tossed out trash in Hoi An, Vietnam when a roach sprinted from the trash up my arm to my shoulder. Once in Pak Nam Pran, Thailand, a roach tap danced on my head and chest, waking me from a sound sleep. Slightly terrifying, I woke on the defensive, grabbed a broom and tried to sweep him out of the room. He found a haven beneath a dresser.


Facing deep, genuinely horrifying, big bug, worst case scenario fears proves; you live. You live after roaches tap dance on you. Little-big thingee walking on you. Nothing more or less.


3: Take on the Genuinely Dangerous Bugs


I have evicted (without harming the critters):


  • an 8 inch long centipede
  • a scorpion
  • a Thai bird eating tarantula


from the home where we house sat the 2 years prior in Pong Noi, Thailand. Each genuinely can hurt you. The centipede specifically can fuck you up; I only felt more nervous around a spitting cobra I encountered in Bali. Centipedes are primal, tough customers that feel incredibly dangerous when you see one, up close and personal. Intimidating, formidable being.


Facing each and forcing ’em out of the house liberated me from deep fears concerning each. I felt particularly confident after kicking the monster centipede out of the house. I feared facing this prehistoric presence before our meeting but calmly ejecting him into the garden made me confident I could handle all big bugs.


Hit the road and enjoy the bug show, guys!


They ain’t so scary.



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