How to Get Water in Thailand

How to get water in Thailand.

How to get water in Thailand.


Presto chang-o today.


I do a gazillion Facebook Live Broadcasts for the blogging tips niche.


Or like 500.


But today I changed things up.


I thought it’d be fun to show how I nab water in a sleepy Thai village.


At least this Thai village.


One can shop at convenience stores or grocery spots for bottled water. But I’d rather not lug a bunch of hydro – or hydration – miles on the motorbike.


A clever business person dreamed up a convenient idea.


Bring the water to the locals.


Watch the video as I explain how I get my water – and Kelli’s water – for a few days here in a Thai village outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand:



Easy peasy, right?


The biggest challenge; balancing the filled jug of water on the motorbike while navigating narrow village roads. Said roads being a little bumpy and chock full of soi dogs and chickens at times.


Zero traffic situation here. Basically. So no need to rush.


I found the balance; just allow for some right pulling by driving slightly left and you find your momentum without feeling like a farang weeble wobble.


Cost of Water


Filling the entire water cooler sized jug costs about 9 Baht.


As of this publishing date, 9 Baht if 28 cents USD.


Not terribly expensive to have your water supply for 3-4 days complements of 28 cents.


The water is micro filtered or some ray thingee but it is clean. I have not died after drinking it yet.


Water machines like this dot the communities in and around Chiang Mai. Methinks the developer makes a killing because getting water on the cheap in convenient fashion sure beats schlepping to 7-11 to buy smaller bottles daily, or to buy entire cartons of water to be delivered, or to transport via your own steam.


Give me my fresh, clean water via village machine any day of the week.