Was I looking for hot hotel deals in Granada, Nicaragua? I think so…..

Get Exclusive Hotel Discounts Sent to Your Messenger with Waylo


Have you noticed the neat little ad on my sidebar?


If you are on your phone, scroll down and give it a click.


Laptop users, look to your right.


Do you see the Get Private Hotel Deals banner?


Here it is, for your reference:


Exclusive Hotel Discounts available only on Messenger


This is a brilliant little app developed by the rocking folks at Waylo that sends private hotel deals directly to your Messenger.


I baby-stepped myself through the easy, seamless process to find sweet hotel deals.


It’s 1-2-3 easy.


First though, let’s discuss the benefits of using this neat little, fun app.


The Benefits of Using the App


Save money.


Seriously, this is A1.


By using the service you save money on booking hotels.


This does not suck.


Every dollar or 10 bucks or even $100 saved adds up over the long term. Especially when you are seasoned, dyed in the wool, long term digital nomads like Kelli and I are.


Click the banner. Check your Messenger. Within a split second you receive a message that looks just like the screen share below:


Waylo message in Messenger


Of course, I cannot guarantee that your Facebook feed will be graced by my handsome mug, but you get the picture. Literally.


I even left a black border below the image to underscore this point (aka I format terribly).


Anyway, you can click the How it Works link to better understand how the process works or you dive right in, clicking the Search Hotels link, check for hotels in certain cities, enter your information and you are walked through the process, step by step, easily, simply and seamlessly (there goes that word again).


Choose the City


You start by typing in a city with dates of your intended stay and receive simple, clear cues to state your preferences.


I find it brilliant because I avoid tech like a vegan avoids Brazilian steakhouses. I generally hate tech. I specifically did not buy a phone for years – one reason why I wrote 126 eBooks – because I am tech allergic.


But I promise you, if I can easily glide through the process of finding the best hotel deals through Messenger with the Waylo service – which feels like a quicker, more intuitive process versus doing it through a webpage – then virtually anybody can do this.


This Is a Price Prediction and Tracking App


The Waylo app is a thing-a-ma-jig that predicts and tracks hotel price drops so you can get in and book these suckers quickly, enjoying a hefty discount on some fabulous hotels all over the globe.


I dig the private nature of the service. Versus cruising the web, hopping from site to site, or simply going through the search process on a single site, everything is set up for you through your personal, for your eyes only, Messenger.


I could bargain hunt without prying eyes looking over my cyber shoulder, or without feeling that other folks were beating me to book sweet deals. Good feeling.


This is also a super duper quick way to find the best deals, no fuss, no muss, because the rapid fire, Wild West style of Messenger texting pulls along the process at a lightning fast speed, depending on your ease of typing.


You enter your parameters. The Waylo app responds immediately.


The Verdict


Give the Waylo app a whirl today.


It is a quick, easy, private way to save a substantial amount of money on hotel bookings.


Click the link below to get hotel deals via your Messenger.


Exclusive Hotel Discounts available only on Messenger