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But before we dive into the chedda savings I want to dive into the problem solved by this by signing up for this helpful service to find inexpensive flights.


The Problem


The problem you may be facing is 2 pronged:


  • you believe all flights going to places like Fiji and Bali, Iceland and other popular tourist spots are expensive, so you settle for expensive flights, eating into your travel budget (or you skip traveling all together, believing you cannot afford to fly)
  • you have no clue in Hades how to hack flights, so even though you know cheap flights abound, you have not the skills, experience and patience to persistently


Enter the Dollar Flight Club.


This service outsources the cheap flight finding process to skilled experts.


Finding these flights is an art form. Kelli is damn good at it but she can only devote so much time and energy to the process, being a full time online entrepreneur.


The Dollar Flight Club has ample resources to sift through, find and seize hot flight deals immediately.


Me in Jimbaran Bali


The folks at this rocking club know exactly where to look to find the cheapest flight prices to the places where you want to travel.


Your only requirement is to sign up and choose a package which fits your travel needs.


Time Issue and Skill Issue and Money Issue


You are a busy bee. Whether you work a 9-5 job or are a full time travel blogger you don’t have much time to spend on finding cheap flight deals.


Even if you had ample time to hunt for these rocking deals, the skill issue arises. Do you know where to look, or how to look, for the best flight prices? Kelli is a seasoned pro and a high volume of the cheapest flights get by her, even with her setting some time aside to find these bargain basement prices.


The skilled pros at the Dollar Flight Club know where to look and when to look for cheap flight prices. They have a full staff that catches the best prices quickly. And yep, they need to hop on these deals fast because rocking, dirt cheap prices often vanish in seconds, if not minutes.


Instead of depending on having perfect timing to nail down hundreds or thousands of dollars in saving you just select a package and let the experts do the work. The pros who spend their entire work day putting their experience and skills to the task, for you.


Then….there’s the money issue.


If you pay $1500 for a flight instead of $750 you just burned through a huge part of your travel budget. Signing up for these cheap flights could make the difference between taking 2 trips per year versus 1 trip. Or maybe the hundreds of dollars you save means a dream trip to Bali instead of your annual trip to the Caribbean.


You can stash away the savings. Or stay in a 5 star resort for a few days. The choice is yours, but it all starts with you using a premium service to boost your savings for you.


This is exactly why I’m promoting the Dollar Flight Club. I want to help you get the cheapest flights conveniently.


Kelli and I have saved thousands of dollars on flights but she also put in literally over 100 hours plus to get those savings. She ain’t getting that time back. But you can save your chedda while not spending a minute doing the leg work of finding the best flight deals.


The Benefits


  • save hundreds to thousands of dollars on flights over the short and long haul
  • outsource the process of finding cheap flights to skilled professionals
  • sign up, pick a package, and let the specialists handle everything else for you
  • get cheap flight alerts sent conveniently to you


The chief benefit of this service: save significant time and money by paying someone a small fee to find cheap flights.


Simple. Powerful.


If I have learned anything over the years; you don’t get back time. You don’t get back time. Paying some dough to save time and a good deal of money is a fun, freeing way to be able to see the world and its brilliant sites. And sights.


Me with a friend in Savusavu Fiji


The Deal


Kelli and I see so many aspiring travelers write off flying or traveling all together, believing that flying across the world costs thousands of dollars.


Not only is this entirely untrue, it is sad. Masses of folks make expensive assumptions.


Stop assuming. Start getting inexpensive flight alerts sent to you.


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