From Planning to Publishing – How to Accelerate Content Marketing with Wrike

February 20, 2018

This sponsored post is coming at an excellent time because content marketing is all the rage these days. For good reason…..


Whether you are a content writer crafting blog posts regularly for freelance contracts, an agency team managing content for a number of clients or an in-house marketer charged with building a company’s content resources, a multi-feature, collaborative project management tool like Wrike can prove a valuable asset.


Managing the production of blog posts across multiple departments or clients can prove a tough enough challenge and the demand for content can regularly require the creation of several posts per week.


Blog posts are a key element of maintaining an active online presence and provide great value in achieving greater search and social visibility. However, companies are not just required to post a high quantity of blog posts, but each post must be written to a high standard of quality too.




A great read takes a great effort


Few people realise just how much work goes into crafting, publishing and syndicating a well-written blog post. It’s estimated that more than 2 million blog posts are published every single day. And if that isn’t enough to compete with, the stats say that 55% of readers will spend 15 seconds or less reading a blog post. Tough crowd – and standing out with your blog post among that crowd is a difficult task.


As this infographic detailing the anatomy of the “perfect” blog post will attest, each article requires the selection/creation of high impact imagery as well as screenshots or video content to maximise visual appeal.


The post needs to be action-packed delivering stats, facts and examples, as well as content pull-outs and takeaways to keep readers engaged, topped off with an attention-grabbing headline.


How can you produce this quality of article again and again multiple times each week? You need a well-managed content production process.


Perfecting your content marketing process


The power of a proven process can never be underestimated. Getting blog posts from planning to publish efficiently and effectively requires the establishment of a proven process with a set of 5 steps that are simply repeated again and again.


Content marketing teams have found great success in embedding this key 5-step process outlined below and utilising Wrike to streamline content creation each step of the way.


1: Brainstorm ideas




Coming up with new blog post ideas is the first but often the most difficult element of the blog post creation process. Even with this useful guide of content ideas to follow, nailing down engaging blog post topics is a tough task, so try and make it a collaborative one – encourage clients and internal teams to contribute their ideas.


Each member of the team – from sales to technical to management – can contribute new and intriguing insights into potential blog topics. After all, they are the ones involved in product or technology development and they are the ones attending industry events or on the ground talking to prospects and customers.


You’ll be surprised how may ideas your team can contribute, and these are ideas that you might never have come up with yourself.


Use Wrike to get the whole team involved in topic brainstorming. Create a folder for Content Brainstorming where team members or clients can dump content ideas for specified personas as they spring to mind.


Set reminders to send team members to contribute ideas and alerts for when new ideas are added. You too, as the content marketer, can also use this folder to dump in ideas as you come across trending industry news articles, interesting competitor posts etc.


2: Get posts quickly into production


Having a folder full of content ideas is wonderful but for many content marketers, great content ideas can often stay lying in those same folders. As soon as intriguing content ideas come in, mark them as a topic you intend to use and get moving that post into production.


Immediately move content topics out of your ideas folder and into an Editorial Calendar in Wrike with project timelines and completion dates. Set specific tasks and completion dates for scoping out the post content, creating a first draft, completing a final draft etc.


3: Visual assets




How much time do you put into planning which visual assets you intend to use in each blog post? For most content marketers, gathering visual assets is a last minute task attempted right before blog post publish, and one which garners little consideration. However, the visual assets featured can have a significant role to play in the level of visitor engagement to a blog post so this needs to be a considered step in your content.


Use Wrike to liaise with designers or design teams on visual asset creation for your blog posts. Set up a mini project to have designers create social graphics, stat graphics or explainer videos and, if applicable, get them to source quality stock graphics for each post.


Create a folder for Blog post Assets and dump in any intriguing videos, images, graphics, company photography that you come across on your travels which can then be included in future posts. This is also a folder which clients and internal teams can contribute to – make everyone feel involved in the final product.


4: Secure approval


Blog post written, visual assets all ready to go, you just need sign off from senior management or your client. Unfortunately, that sign off can be difficult to secure!


Reviewing and signing off on blog posts is not going to be top priority in the schedule of senior management whether internally or at a client company. More often than not, content marketers find themselves spending a lot of time chasing approval to publish blog posts and that’s how some articles fall off the radar and never get published.


Securing approval for publish needs to be a task that you integrate within Wrike. You can set reminders to relevant personnel that posts are due for follow up and enable them to provide their comments or edits on each post document directly within Wrike.


With Wrike, you spend less time chasing and senior management can easily approve, edit and review posts in a timelier manner.


5: Syndicate, syndicate, syndicate


To maximise value from each blog post publish, you need to repurpose and re-syndicate across all relevant channels again and again over a lengthy time period. Simply publishing the post and sending out one post across social channels doesn’t cut it.


To deliver the greatest possible ROI from your content marketing efforts, you need to make syndication of all blog posts published a recurring task.


Once a blog post is published, it’s time to go back intro Wrike and schedule tasks for syndicating the post up to 4 times across each channel – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, newsletters,, Reddit etc. – over the next 6 months.


This ensures full cycle content marketing and will help to produce greater results from a company’s investment in blog posts, which will certainly please clients and management teams.


Accelerate Content Marketing ROI in 2018


Embedding this proven 5-step process to producing quality content can transform your content marketing efforts in 2018.


Integrating Wrike in each step of the process will help you to establish the process much quicker and introduce a solid collaborative approach to blog post creation and syndication that delivers the results your clients or company have always dreamed of.

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  1. Will do Hardeep. Thanks bro.

  2. Thanks much for checking out the post Lisa. Wrike has a powerful solution here. We are loving it so far; since we’ve spent almost 3 of the last 7 years in Thailand we are adjusted to the Thai food. Never go too spicy though. How are things in RI? Any more snow?

  3. Thanks for checking out Wrike Michael.

  4. Thanks much Israel. Wrike has a powerhouse solution for bloggers out there, team managers and all content marketers.

  5. Hello Ryan,

    Thanks for introducing content brainstorming ideas and for suggesting the use of Wrike to get the whole team of experts in topic brainstorming! It’s amazing that they have a free trial.

    Kudos for suggesting creation of a folder for content brainstorming through which team members can dump content ideas from time to time for specific topics as they resonate with the mind!

    The most interesting part is where you mentioned that all blog posts published must be syndicated first to make the most out of content marketing efforts or, perhaps, to deliver the greatest possible ROI from content marketing efforts.

    I’m equally amazed you said I have to return to Wrike each time I publish a blog post and schedule tasks for syndicating that post up to 4 times across each social channel for the next 6 months.

    Thanks for the informative post, Ryan! I must acknowledge that Wrike is totally strange to me and I’m seeing blogging in a new dimension here.

    Wish you much more success,
    Israel Olatunji

  6. Michael R Says:

    Sounds like a good organizing tool. They even have a free version. I bookmarked it and I’ll further look into it when I have a chance.
    Thanks Ryan for a well written and useful post.

  7. Hi Ryan I have not heard of this one. It sounds like a great tool, but I noticed they don’t show the price. You can get a FREE trial and then a demo.
    I love the post you linked here with the 40 ideas for blog posts. I’m bookmarking that one. Thank you!
    It sure looks like you guys are having fun riding around the island, have a great day! Are you used to the food there yet?

  8. Hi,
    I am a newbie in this field and I’ve gone through your some articles. The way you write is really nice and your content is also in very easy language. I didn’t know about Wrike before reading your article. After reading your article I think, Wrike should be tried at least once.
    Keep sharing this type of useful information.

  9. Good question Janet. My design team aka 1 man show is reachable via link on this blog. Thanks for checking out what Wrike has to offer.

  10. Janet Lake Says:

    “Use Wrike to liaise with designers or design teams. . .” What designers or design teams? Where do I get one of those?

    Nice use of ‘liaise,’ by the way.

  11. SaraBeth Says:

    Hi, Ryan. Having a team to collaborate and write blog posts is a blessing. I’m sure many bloggers wish to have a fine-tuned system like the one you just shared.
    I admit to slacking when it comes to visuals. I know it’s important but I’m often too quick to hit that publish button to satisfy some crazy urge to tick off DONE on my to-do list.