Do You Follow Your Blogging Intuition?

  September 7, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

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Trusting your blogging gut leads you in directions logic cannot follow.


Do you trust your blogging intuition? Or do you do things solely based on blogging logic? Logic has its place but humans are beings. Humans are not mindless doings. Knowing this basic truth gives you inner nudges towards honoring the small, still voice goading bloggers to greater freedom.


For example, I felt an intuitive nudge to update and re-publish this old blog post despite logical opposition. I do not intend to email the post to my list since I already emailed my subscriber this morning. Minus light social media promotion, updating and re-publishing the post makes little logical sense. But intuition tells me in its quiet voice how more helpful content helps everyone. Google loves helpful content. Re-publishing a former video-link-only post gives Google a clear signal; this blog updates frequently. Publishing frequent posts appeals to the Google algorithm.


Readers enjoy fresh content. Some find posts through social media. Others bookmark my blog to check updates daily or weekly. But even if Google and readers never noted the re-published post I simply write the sucker because following the intuition leads to increased freedom.


The intuition knows the way through struggle to success because the small voice originates from perfection. Logic sports serious flows, being grounded in limits, fear, raw thought and general fear-delusion. Intuitive nudges step through logical limits into the realm of pure potential, unlimited emotions and endless opportunity. Be forewarned; logic cannot understand intuition. Each speaks a different language. Logic is cold, robotic and lifeless. Intuition is warm, fluid and freeing. Human egos usually operate solely from logic to live in an outcomes-based world rarely outside of survival mode. Wise minds tap into intuition to enter the realm of thriving mode.


No one knows where intuition clearly leads because the source does not tend to reveal the specific outcome, being a process-based inner hunch. But intuitive bloggers often cut their learning curve dramatically by not thinking outside of the box, but doing away with the thinking, the box and any concept in time, space and limits. Logically, I could never effectively promote 100 plus eBooks in one human lifetime with a constant barrage of blitzes. Intuitively, I wrote 100 plus eBooks to honor my gut pull. Everything continues to come together; I am just getting started insomuch as expanding my presence, allowing my eBooks to gain exposure organically.


Largely, my life makes little sense to most because I let intuition guide me toward expanded freedom. Humanity tends to follow a dry, logical path toward comfort, subjugation and a general malaise. Obviously, my intuitive blogging nudges make little sense to logic-driven bloggers but my blog and life have been enjoyable ventures, albeit a bit challenging to experience, at times.


Trusting your gut feels uncomfortable because following your intuition rarely if ever makes sense to your rational self. Following the intuition feels unsafe in most instances. Why would you do something against the grain? How would you go about doing something completely out of a traditional blogging school of thought? In these moments, fear beckons you to scramble back into your comfort zone. Love, freedom and expansion begs you to trust your gut.




I recorded a video a while back.


Check it out here:


Follow Your Intuition

  1. Alicia Thompson says:
    at 7:39 am

    Hi Ryan, oh this post is really good and got me thinking… I think I like to follow blog logic as much as possible but I know sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan. Really good topic to get the discussion going. Alicia

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