Why Should You Follow Your Blogging Strategy?

  November 4, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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Is your blogging strategy really your blogging strategy?


I tried to drive search traffic for years. Nothing seemed to come together with Google traffic. I also tried to build a large, responsive email list. Nothing seemed to come together for me through email marketing.


What was my problem?


I tried to follow other blogging strategies preached by bloggers who experienced success with these strategies instead of:


  • doing what worked for me
  • doing what felt fun to me
  • doing what felt right to me
  • doing what worked for my readers
  • doing what my readers enjoyed


I enjoy:



My readers enjoy:


  • my blog posts
  • my guest posts
  • my genuine blog comments
  • my live broadcasts
  • my recorded and uploaded videos


Since both me and my readers enjoy working and consuming content through the above channels I worked each because my blogging strategy works for me and my readers. However, few bloggers get clear and confident enough in following their unique strategy for fear of:


  • stepping away from the herd
  • deviating from blogging strategies taught by most top bloggers
  • triggering self-conscious limiting beliefs related to following your passion versus following the blogging crowd


Do you follow a blogging strategy that feels fun to execute? Or do you soul-less-ly, robotically and mindlessly follow strategies taught by top bloggers solely because pros advise doing specific things to succeed? Blogging is passion. Either follow your fun to succeed or lack passion and fail. Everything depends on your personal blogging decision.


Following your passion positions you to succeed because passionate bloggers working a strategy that feels right to them become:


  • generous
  • patient
  • persistent
  • trusting
  • detached from traffic and money outcomes


Generous, patient, persistent, trusting, detached bloggers prosper. Bloggers who embody those qualities succeed. But adopting these qualities means feeling good about following your unique blogging strategy even if some tactics deviate from traditional blogging schools of though.


Passion Beats Robots


Most bloggers struggle because most robotically follow blogging advice from pros without feeling the advice through personal experience. Does list building feel good, fun and freeing to you? Do it. Follow your passion. Success awaits through the strategy. Does list building feel bad to you? Don’t do it. Stop robotically following list-building tips because robots fail. Let go list building. Find strategies to work that you feel passionate about to succeed online.


How you feel while you work dictates if you succeed or fail blogging-wise. What you do without passion is similar to doing nothing at all because the Universe is in feelings, not doings.


How you feel while you work dictates if you succeed or fail blogging-wise. What you do without passion is similar to doing nothing at all because the Universe is in feelings, not doings.Click To Tweet


Have you noticed how some bloggers work their tail off but spin their wheels? Do you see bloggers who work diligently for years but never seem to go anywhere? Each of these bloggers mindlessly, robotically and fear-fully follows blogging strategies not resonant with their passion but completely resonant with popular convention. They are doing a lot but their feelings projected to the Universe scream:


  • fear
  • lack
  • poverty
  • force
  • strain


mirroring blogging failure back to them.


As you may know by now, the Universe does not tally your doing but definitely senses your feelings.


Meanwhile, passionate bloggers who follow their genuine strategy break some traditional blogging rules and succeed quite nicely.


Do something you love doing. Blog for the joy of blogging. Fall in love with the process. Succeed.


Embrace your unique blogging strategy. Let go tactics that feel heavy, old or worn out. Let go dispassionate blogging to make room for passionate blogging.


Even though you will likely follow mainstream blogging advice in some regards be prepared to deviate from the norm to both follow your passion and to best serve readers who enjoy your blogging style. Traditional blogging rules that I break by following my passion resonate with the needs of my readers. Finding the mix between following my unique blogging strategy and meeting your needs is always paramount in my mind.


Stop mindlessly doing what pro bloggers tell you to do. Follow your blogging passion first and foremost or else you will bury yourself in the blogging graveyard of failure.


Your readers will be happiest when you are the happiest blogger you can be. Following your genuine blogging strategy gives you the greatest blogging happiness. Being happy also helps you:


  • spot reader problems
  • solve reader problems through your content


since feeling good cultivates:


  • compassion
  • mindfulness
  • generous service


in your being.


Follow your blogging strategy to thrive online.




I recorded a video reminder a while back.


Check it out here:


Follow Your Blogging Strategy

  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 4:31 pm

    Hi Ryan, interesting as Google now counts originality in content as a big signal. That’s so much better than all the technical tactics of the past. Some still count but things are changing 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:49 pm

      Fascinating Lisa. I did not know this. But I do have an advantage since I never tried to copy or mimic anyone style-wise. The technical stuff was so confusing. I much prefer a straighter approach.

  2. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 10:40 am

    The content on your blog is so important, and so is the SEO time and effort you put into it. That said, people connect with more than just the content. They connect with the person behind the content. This is great advice, Ryan. You’ve built an excellent personal brand, and I think it resonates with a lot of people. Plus, being passionate about your subject matter fuels you to drive toward success, even when times get tough. Excellent article.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:32 am

      Thanks much Anthony. Content serves as the foundation upon which successful blogs are built. Everything begins there.

  3. Sushma says:
    at 10:13 pm

    HI Ryan, what a fantastic article! You are 100% right about blogging what you are passionate about. It also brings out the originality one has to share. As a new blogger I am still struggling to get traffic to my website since there are so many established bloggers who have similar content. But I think my passion to share my interest is what keeps it going!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:23 am

      Being passionate does give you an original angle Sushma. So glad you shared this. Our love for blogging allows us to shine in an authentic way. Thanks my friend.

  4. Ash says:
    at 11:32 pm

    Passion. It truly beats fancy tricks, the bots, and everything else out of the park.

    Loved this so much, Ryan. It’s absolutely true. So many bloggers (and businesses of all kinds) get so caught up with the whole spiel, tricks, and tips that the basic premise is long forgotten.

    Generosity, persistence, consistency, value, and the need to step away from “expectations” is critical to success.

    Linked this post to one of my recent posts. Thank you for this.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:04 am

      The cool thing is Ash, when we follow our passion we succeed through many different strategies….giving us similarities in following our passion but contrast in the approaches. Thanks my friend 🙂

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