How Much Do You Fear Asking for a Follow Up Sale?

July 3, 2018
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A few years ago I’d have crapped my pants asking you twice to buy something of mine. Calling for a follow up sale annoys the hell out of folks. Or so I believed. I feared asking people to buy what I offered once, let alone twice, because I feared losing money. I had so many terrible limiting beliefs concerning money that getting clear on my money issues felt impossible.


But I did get clear. Clear enough to where I boosted my blogging income and actually enjoyed the ride.




I genuinely felt the follow up fear plaguing so many bloggers.


Follow Up Fear


“Here….buy this. And buy this too.”


Does that sound horrible to you? If so, you will have a hellish time making money blogging. If you fear receiving money or resist receiving money you will have a tough time making money. But if you feel clear, comfortable, relaxed and detached by making consecutive calls to buy your stuff you make more money. Simple as pie.


Poorer Circles


I chilled in poorer blogging circles many years ago. Literally. Poor bloggers who had trouble making money all agreed; nothing was worse than sales-ey bloggers who kept asking you to buy stuff. Many deemed persistent pitchers desperate, annoying souls destined to fail. All nodded. Agreed. Right into the poor house.


I nodded and agreed right into the poor house too. I feared following up through my email newsletter. I feared following up with multiple buy calls in a single post. I feared dropping buy reminders on social media. Adding this resistant, negative charge to money ensured money resisted me. Or, that I went flat broke.


Hugging the Shit


I decided to hug shitty, resistant, unpleasant, uncomfortable feelings I associated with a neutral means of exchange called money. Such hugging sessions sucked. Never feels good to embrace worthless, terrified feelings. But purging these putrid money beliefs helped me see money for what it is: an illusion. Money is an illusory means of exchange. Money means nothing until you add stories or positive charges or negative charges or no charges to money.


I adopted the attitude of it is just money and outsourced money making to the Universe or God or All There Is.


Something cool happened; I asked people to buy stuff without feeling awkward or scared or uncomfortable, and more people bought it. I asked folks to buy my eBook, then in the same email, I’d ask them to buy my course, and they would buy both without thinking twice.


The buys and increased income reflected back to me my energy/feelings concerning money, and my detachment concerning money. I did not make money a god. Nor did I view it as a demon. It was just an exchange to me, with no story.


Taking this attitude is one key to becoming a full time blogger. Focusing almost exclusively on having fun helping folks and making money an afterthought because it is no big deal and the Universe handles it, well, heck; this energy fuels stunning, eye-popping, glorious, fun blogging success.


The starting point; be honest about how you feel asking for a follow up sale. Both through consecutive buy emails, and also calling readers to buy one product or eBook, then another, via a single blog post or email. From there, you lay the foundation for a thriving blogging business by persistently following up on buy calls to action.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


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