How to Find Your Blogging Voice

April 11, 2016

How to Find Your Writing Voice

I was South of the Border.


In Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Strange combo. Because how could you be in Mexico and Thailand simultaneously?


Check that.


I *SAW* South of the Border. Or, below the belt.


His spring peeper stared me dead in the eye.


Twig and berries waving in the breeze.


In Thailand.


To add more zest to this other-worldly scene, the man displaying his wares wore a cape.


A man wearing a cape. And nothing else.


He lazed on the bed sideways. Like a pin-up.


Make no mistake about it; this was no run of the mill, Patong pervert.


I had stopped by his room to chat spirituality. And fitness.


The cape-wearing, junk in the wind flapping, colorful character had suffered a horrific wound some 40 years prior. He made a miraculous recovery.


Sometimes though, he wasn’t bothered by stuff us folks obsessed with social protocols may bat an eyelash at. That, and he did still suffer from a bit of brain damage.


After I got a wink at the wanker I decided to creative an invisible barrier below my eyes, looking over a imagined ledge, like Wilson from Home Improvement fame.


Had to do it. To have a clear, focused discussion with the Peter North of super heroes.


Out of the 200 Million Plus Blogs Online….


.you will never read another story like this. Ever. At least on a blogging tips blog.


Not because of the experience itself. Although I gander few have spiritual discussions with a man wearing a cape and nothing else.


Nope; you’ll not read another story like this because I write – and blog – in my own voice.


I could be blogging about how I broke up fights behind Coptic Christian Egyptians at my prior job. Or how I methodically scraped gum from desks during my summer job as a janitor.


The experience matters not. How I paint the picture, or tell the story, makes me stand out from the hundreds of millions of blogs online.


The question remains; how in the Hades can you write in YOUR unique blogging voice? How can you weave authentic, colorful tales? How can you stand out in a crowded blogging niche?


How can you have loads of fun, inspire your readers and kill it, blogging business wise?


Ya gotta find your blogging voice.


Are You Sick of Blogging for Crickets?


If you get no/little:


  • traffic

  • comments

  • blogging cash flow


…chances are, you’re having a tough time making the shift. The shift from being one of the blogging sheeple to being a blogging dynamo.


The type of gal or guy who blogs in their own voice.


From Pain to Pleasure


God I know how much it hurts to *not* blog in your voice. Regurgitating stuff like a parrot feels pretty fake. About as authentic as an imitation sweet treat in SE Asia. (Yes, I once enjoyed a package of “Stereos” branded to bite off of “Oreos.”)


Struggles. No blogging dough. No readers. Because peeps can get the same experience by reading any 1 of the hundreds of millions of plain Jane, 3rd person speaking, average blogs online.


But if you can make the shift from this imitating, parroting pain to blogging in your own voice, wow does this journey become pleasurable.


The outside success rocks. Increased income. Rabidly loyal community of minions. Whole 9 yards. But even better, you’ll be comfortable in your own blogging shoes, because you’ll be at peace with blogging like only how you can blog.



And Now the eBook


If you want your readers to finish reading your blog posts and say:


Damn this blogger is awesome!”


.I wrote an eBook to help you cut through the head games, the limiting beliefs, the mental blocks, the fear of criticism, the fear of failure and any negative energies that prevent you from blogging in your own authentic, one in a billion voice.


So far it’s received 36 five star reviews on Amazon.


Readers are loving the fact that this eBook gives them permission to become a hyper successful blogger – or author – even if they’re writing in their raw and uncut, unpolished, REAL voice.


I know how much it sucks to be an unknown blogger, an automon following a herd of average blogging sheeple.


I also know how to find your one of a kind writing voice, so you can be featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, Forbes, and so you can speak about blogging at prestigious NYU.


I jammed a slew of practical tips into this eBook to assist you in snagging your writing voice and never letting it go.


Why Grab the eBook?


  • B*tch slap one of your biggest writing fears; the fear of criticism

  • Identify and use your one of a kind writing voice in days or weeks; versus years, like old dummy me

  • Boost your blogging income

  • Increase your eBook sales

  • Use the practical tips I stuffed in the eBook to shine so brightly that you’ll become a recognized, trusted voice in your blogging or writing niche


If you’re beyond excited to express yourself fully through your blog and if you’re ready to have loads of fun blogging from your heart:


Download How to Find Your Writing Voice


How to Find Your Writing Voice


Share this eBook with all of your friends and if you liked it leave a 5 star review on Amazon.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Hi Zaria,

    I think that down time drives most writers mad.

    Like they think they should be writing continually, to hammer out their writing voice thru action. Nope. Some part action/writing, some, contemplation.

    I’m sure your journey opened you up to who you really are, as you found clarity and lined up your intent.

    Thanks for the comment!


  2. Psychic Nest Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    When I started my website, I knew that I had to fight a big battle about the content of it. After taking a pause for a couple years to reevaluate my life and my work, I came back stronger. Those years, it was time for contemplation and lots of personal work.

    So I can definitely relate to your words. It is hard to find your own voice in the blogging world. The harder is to make it stand out. Be ready to fight. Be ready to win.

    Have a fantastic day and thank you for this gem post of yours!


  3. Ashvin Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Excellent article bro.I Really enjoyed your writing style while Reading this article.Thanks for sharing this superb article with us.

  4. Hi Ravi,

    Thank you so much for reading.


  5. Ravi sharma Says:

    Amazing article Ryan bro.I Really enjoyed while Reading this article.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi James,

    The mental block was EXACTLY what I clung to for 5 years online.

    I didn’t bother because my silly ego convinced me, nobody cared. Then I dwelt on the snowflake analogy. No 2 are alike. Like, no 2 people are alike.

    124 eBooks later I’m happy I thought of snowflakes.

    Sounds like an awesome trip. Enjoy 🙂


  7. Hi Naveed,

    Oh yes. I have taken that road.

    Our voice separates us from billions. When we write in that voice, we are limitless. We are unstoppable. Like a freight train barreling out of control.

    In a good way 😉

    Thanks bro!


  8. Naveed Ayub Says:

    Excellent post!!
    It is really quiet difficult to write in your own voice, in the beginning i usually try to copy some poets and explain their thoughts but that was simply awful!!!
    It is very difficult work to find your own voice but once you achieve it, you will be unstopable 😉

  9. It’s funny, I’ve been planning a trip to do the Camino de Santiago in Spain throughout May, June and July. And, I wanted to write a book about it.

    I was doing some research and thinking, “Man, there are so many books and blogs on this, who gives a crap what I have to say?”

    Then I remembered that, damn, nobody has seen that walk through my eyes and walked it on my legs. That’s enough for a book and story all in itself.

    Easy to forget sometimes.

  10. Hi James,

    I super vibe with your letting go point. That’s the turning point.

    When I let go, I felt scared. I felt critics lining up to smack me around.

    Opposite day happened. Fans found me. Friends connected with me.

    Authenticity is a wonderful thing.

    Thanks much for your comment.


  11. Hi Jennifer,

    Good for you!

    As for feedback, I usually just do what I do from a fun space. Because if I’m having fun I am set. Whole and complete. And I feel no urge to check for feedback; already got it with my fun feelings.

    Natural wins, works and it’ll take you to places you never imagined. Honestly, me being me led to some spectacular features for me on world renowned blogs.

    I stood out because I use Crest in my hair, I sport a Triceratops fade (at times) and totally freestyle videos and posts.

    You’re on the same path Jennifer.

    Rock on!


  12. Love this post!

    When I first started writing it was awful to try and write in my own voice. I’d read books and posts and articles from writers I respected and always thought, “Man, why don’t I sound like that?”

    Hell, I remember I used to copy chapters of Neil Gaiman books to try and get a style more like his.

    But, once I let go and started writing in my voice and connecting with people my way, that’s when then clients and readers and shares started to come.

    Thanks for the little reminder,


  13. Hey Ryan,
    I think this is pretty much one of my first visits to your blog. You crack me up and I love your truth. You are being who you are and I think a lot of people try to be something else in order to fit in. But although fitting in works for some time it is not satisfying and sustainable…’s just downright boring.
    I do a lot of Vlogging and I love it and often I ask for people’s feedback. I have been told that at times looking away from the camera and rolling my eyes a lot is something I need to work on. But I like natural so I am not changing and the same people tell me that they feel like I am talking directly to them and that is my goal.
    I so love your attitude and love what you say in your video.
    People do get caught up in trying harder without realizing if they could just work with where they are…..that is enough.
    I love that you are so genuine and you are so on the mark with being who you are and sharing that with people.-Just keeps me want to come back for more.
    Thanks Ryan-Jennifer

  14. Hi Lewis,

    I am actually crying here, I’m laughing so hard at the “Peter North 8 roper” line. Ha!

    You summed it up so well. We find our voice as we grow. And then, we discover it was always there. All we do is progress, observe, watch, and become more comfortable with being our authentic self.

    I was terrified to make a Mr. North reference in the past. Then more comfy with it. Then, I found a topic where I could work him in freely and easily. No pun intended of course. Not with him.

    Anyway, it’s another example of how we progress and get comfy writing how we really are.

    Your comment is sensational. I treasure every single one you post here Lewis.

    Thank you 🙂


  15. I saw the Peter North reference and it reminded me of how I’ll forever be grateful to Tucker Max for coining the term – “Peter North eight-roper” in his “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” book. 🙂

    That’s the kind of thing that people with a unique voice do. They say cool, useful, and brilliant stuff that sticks with you long after you’ve read their words.

    If you’re new to this concept of letting your unique voice shine, you just have to being highly conscious of being okay with your voice as it is.

    Your voice might not be Vaynerchuk-strong, or Tim Ferriss sharp, or Biddulph exotic. It might take some time to find Level 11 of your unique voice.

    Everything is a function of type. Not everyone is the same.

    Each of us is a type and each type comes with certain strengths and weaknesses.

    The challenge is when we make comparisons when trying to learn to use our unique voice. In a learning mode certain comparisons can help you and certain comparisons can harm you.

    You don’t want to compare yourself to experts or teachers because you end up feeling like shit when you do so.

    And an even worse comparison is comparing yourself to your ideal type, a person you idolize because you always lose.

    The other reason you don’t want to compare yourself to other people is because other people learn in different ways. They do things you can’t do, but you do things they can’t do.

    The only comparison you should make is looking back and seeing how far you’ve come.

    The name of the game is progress; not perfection.

    So when you can look back and see that you’re getting better and better at making an impact on people, that’s going to be the pure rocket fuel you can use to keep writing and evolving forward.

    No dangling dong necessary. Unless of course, you’re unique voice and experience has you showing up with a topper to Ryan’s story because not only was the guy butt-booty nekked donning a cape… but he also had his wang wearing a cape as well. 🙂

  16. Hi Manidipa,

    That challenge is a biggie, and also, a call to be our unique selves.

    Once we do this, we truly are golden. Because we will write how we write and stand out.

    Tackling self consciousness is the block. I do it by styling my hair with toothpaste and writing how I speak 😉

    You too!


  17. Hey Ryan,

    Finding one’s own voice in this blogging world is truly challenging. Everyone is in the rat race and want to replicate the successful bloggers as soon as possible to achieve success online.

    But it is a crucial point to remember that, our audience come to read what we can present in our own wordings, not someone else’s. The topic to discuss need not to be unique, but how one presents that makes it distinctive.

    Loved the way you presented the article. Thanks for sharing. Take care and have a great week ahead 🙂

  18. Hi Andrew and Emily,

    Much appreciated 😉


  19. Great post Ryan!

  20. Kim Lavigne Says:

    I have long enjoyed your blog, and the fact that you are authentic. Recently I have started my blog, and making sure I am true to myself and speaking in my own voice, is something that I have found gets a lot more attention! Be real, be authentic and not only is there a lot of freedom in that, but those who are your target market naturally get attracted to you! How cool is that!?? Keep up the great work Ryan!

  21. Hi Ravi,

    Likewise 🙂

    I hope you receive some sweet benefits too. All well on the traveling front. In NYC now.

    Much appreciated buddy, and you too.


  22. Hi Mark,

    Great to see you again.

    Go ahead and grab that sucker 😉 This fear is tough to knife through, but following a few tips can inspire you to write in your unique voice.

    Thanks much Mark.


  23. Mark Says:


    Its been a while, well I’ve been working on my blogs since 4 years now but still I have writing fear or may its because I feel lazy while writing.

    Seems like I’m gonna buy a copy soon.


  24. Hi Ryan,
    Nice to meet you.. 🙂

    Hope you are well and happy in your travelling life. Here you have shared an awesome and unique post which is really great interesting and therefore, I just couldn’t hold myself to tweet this twitter. I think every blogger wait your new post which they will like and read and then comment. Anyway I like your writing style which is different and exciting.

    I really love to have your important ebook which is how to find your writing voice. I hope reading this book will be great beneficial for me.

    Thanks for sharing..
    Keep writing..

    Have a nice day..
    – Ravi.

  25. Hi Don,

    Man is that connecting factor critical.

    You can’t fake it either.

    Blog in your own voice. With your experiences in town. Your readers will love you for it.

    Blog from an authentic space. Your business will love you for it.

    Silence meets the faker, for sure 😉

    Thanks Don!


  26. Hi Matthew,

    Awesome-sauce man.

    Sounds neat to me; always wanted to check out Mizzou land because it intrigues me.

    CR is amazing. Quick flight from where you are too; maybe 4 hours, tops.

    You too Matthew, thanks so much.


  27. Hey Ryan,

    I’m going to pick up a copy of your eBook here so I’ll know what I’m recommend to new bloggers. I’m pretty confident the book will be stellar because your blog posts are so unique.

    I enjoy your tales from Paradise a lot because I’m like Mark Twain..I spend most of my time in Missouri and rarely travel outside the U.S. I’ve wanted to visit Costa Rica for years.

    I’ll make a note to do a review on the eBook down the road.

    Rock on, Ryan


  28. Don Purdum Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    If we’re not speaking in our own voice, we are speaking in someone else’s. There really is nothing original, but there is original ways to share that are uniquely us.

    We have to connect with our experiences, problems we are passionate about solving, and then connect them with relevance, authenticity and genuinely.

    That is why mastering our ideas and craft is so important.

    You can’t fake your experiences, knowledge or communication.

    Blog readers feel it, sense it, and know when it isn’t us and they respond appropriately with silence.

    Fantastic post Ryan!

    I love your original voice, style and especially your message!!!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

  29. Hi Cori, LOL on the image thing 😉 You’re doing awesome on your end as far as blogging in your voice. Keep at it, keep on writing and your star will shine brighter and brighter. Thanks much and you too! Ryan

  30. Corina Ramos Says:

    You are awesome to share your secrets and tips with us in your ebook Ryan. You are the first person that comes to mind when I think of a blogger is rocks at using a unique blogging voice.

    I know I’d like to bitch-slap my fear. I’ve put this on my things to get!

    P.S. thanks for NOT sharing a pic of the guy wearing only the cape. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great week!


  31. Hi David, Donna and I go back like spinal chords LOL. Well not that far back; online-wise, we’ve seen quite a bit. I see that again and again; for me twas trashing 3400 posts and my old blog and brand. What a blessing! For you it was being hacked to give you clarity, so now you’re enjoying the ride again. Haha, that’s Donna. Thanks for the comment David. Ryan

  32. I do my best Gaurav. I figure, if you blog, make it fun. I will dude. Thanks for commenting. Ryan

  33. Gaurav Kumar Says:

    There is no doubt that you create exceptional topics and write awesome stories that attract me to read your blog again and again. You are definitely doing great in blogging.

    Keep sharing more good stuff.

  34. Hello Ryan Biddulph,

    Its a matter of pride to visit your blog every time.
    Such an inspiration you are for the newbies like us. Every time you came up by some
    stories, that totally different from the track and help us to gain some thing new.

    This would help many of them out in the world, who are posting some of the dull post
    and stories. They feel trouble in writing down in their own voice.
    This e-book would act like a booster for them.

    WOW! 36 five stars, that’s something really great5 to hear about.
    Keep rocking it dude.
    Thank you.
    Have a great time ahead.
    Shantanu sinha

  35. David Rhodes Says:

    Hello,splendor post
    Any time Donna Merill recommends I know it will be worth while to take a look and to expect to learn. My previous blogging site was hacked and i am starting over. So your fantastic post which does make me want to say “Damn this is an awesome blogger”. Really it was a blessing in diguse when I was hacked. I need some improvement with my blog. A lot of improvement finding my voice. So my friend you have a customer. Shame on Donna wanting a pic of the guy in his cap. Haha

  36. Hi Ahmad, That’s super good to know, appreciate it.

  37. Hi Donna, Nope no photos 😉 It twas a wild scene. But we talked calmly. Me looking up high, away from the Danger Zone. Bingo on the data bit. We find it where it is, then get back to sitting down, chatting, getting key points/fundamentals down and enjoying the process. I did dry and straight for so many years, just had to color things up. Ditto on the eBook Donna; why create an eye-glazing post when it can be eye-popping 😉 Thanks much.

  38. Hi Ryan,

    If there is one person I can choose to be the poster boy of writing in their own voice it would be YOU! You always bring us in with a delightful story…something that grabs attention. Well this has to be the best one yet! Although I would like to hear how you scraped gum off desks as a janitor and what went through your mind lol.

    Good to see this book out because so many have trouble writing in their own voice. It may be fear, or self consciousness…I don’t know. But this is needed for those who keep writing those dull and boring posts with data that has this percent and that percent of what I don’t know…my eyes glaze over that stuff.

    If I want data I’ll look for it. If I’m blog hopping I want not only information, but its like sitting down with someone and just shooting the breeze. Like we can do here.

    You my friend are always the guy from Paradise..the guy that can take a subject and have the wheels spinning in my head because you tell it like it is.


    P.S. Any pictures of the guy in his cape? Just kidding……..

  39. Fantastic Ryan bro 🙂
    The title is amazing, buddy!
    Sharing it on Twitter right now. 😉
    ~ Ahmad