What Does it Feel Like to Be a Digital Nomad?


My yoga spot in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Incredibly fun.


Freeing too.




And in some moments, uncomfortable.


As I type these words from a sleepy village in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I’m staring at a water cooler I filled before for 26 cents.


Kelli and I are doing laundry now. 66 cents for a full load at the local laundromat.


The cost of living to quality of life in Chiang Mai is far and away the best on earth from places I have visited. Off the charts.


We will enjoy delicious Buddhist vegetarian fare in a little bit.


Pong Noi is a peaceful, serene village. We are by a national park. Birds chirping. Lizard chasing little bugs. And big bugs.


Peace and quiet as I work with a dazzling home office view.


Being a digital nomad is a fun, freeing life.


But you need to dive into your fears to engineer such a life and to enjoy life on the road.


No way around that one.


If the journey to being a full time digital nomad were comfortable, almost everybody would be a digital nomad. For a little bit.


Even home bodies would see the world, not being burdened by the fear of the unknown.


But few live the digital nomad lifestyle because they choose comfort and fear over some discomfort, freedom and fun.


What Does it Feel Like Really?




I am my boss. I call the shots. I work when I want to, where I want to.


Can you imagine what this feels like? If not, if it seems so outlandish for you, I have been in your spot.


I worked the 9-5 gig for a few years. I worked as a security guard after that, putting in serious hours to make overtime.


Seeing someone traveling the world as a digital nomad seemed so impossible for me I literally could not conceive the idea. But here I am. Living the fun, freeing dream.




Blogging From Paradise Travel Page


I made clear, bold, fun, freeing and sometimes, frightening decisions to become a full time, pro blogger who circles the globe.


Most people turn around when fear looks ’em in the eye.


As a digital nomad, you stare fear dead in the eye and move forward, being led by your love of having fun and inspiring other travel trail blazers along the way.


My #1 Piece of Advice for Aspiring Digital Nomads


Build an online business around some topic you feel incredibly passionate about. Grow your blogging business from an energy of love. Then when you feel fear, along the journey, love-fun-passion pulls you through the fear.


This is my #1 piece of advice; when you love what you do, you work with a smile, you persistently create helpful content and connect with influencers, and you eventually succeed to where you circle the globe as a full time traveler.


The traveling part is easy. Everything is at your finger tips. In little time you can book an around the world trip from your phone.


Or you can become a house sitter to live rent free in dazzling spots like Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand.


Dive into your love. Render useful service. Feel your passion vibrate through your being.


Learn how to build a thriving blogging business. Practice writing. Create. Connect.


As for a life of travel, the feeling of being a full time digital nomad is sick guys. Amazingly inspired emotion. You will pinch yourself. Trust me. I do daily.


You have this life at your finger tips. But you need to:


  • follow your passion
  • follow your freedom
  • build an online business with love
  • be patient
  • be persistent
  • learn blogging
  • create helpful content
  • serve leaders by assisting them


and most of all, you need to dive into your fears habitually to become a digital nomad.


I know you’re up to it.


I believe in you.




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If you have any questions about being a digital nomad email me: rbbidd@gmail.com